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Reason I can't read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I just can't, #1:

There is no way to translate Scorpius into words. No, really. How do you translate the awkward, gangly, baby-fawn of a boy* from the stage? How do you get the scenes where his voice cracks, or pitches badly (he would go up in pitch really endearingly awkwardly at times) or that squeak when he goes up to Draco for a hug and then backs down when he realizes what he was doing and Draco is like "we can, uh, hug?"

Not to mention the moment Scorpius pulls out the time turner from under his pillow and is like "NEW ME CAN DO ANYTHING!"

Basically, Scorpius was perfect and I'm afraid to read how he was written.

*His costuming! They put him in skinny jeans (or at least that's what it looked like) for most of the show and instead of making him hip, it just made him look too tall for himself, like a total teenager.

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