Jan. 12th, 2014

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(Apologies in advance for some of the upcoming posts, guys. This week is going to be very busy.)

There are lots of times I wish that fandom would explore serious platonic love more often in stories. Obviously this is a cultural thing in general, not unique to fandom. But I'd give lots of love to more "besties eating ice cream" fic alongside the 300 ~new~ ways two dudes can do it.

And I mean, the funny part is that I've been blessed with some lovely Ianto-frienship fic over the years. Possibly because ongoing ensemble casts with canon gay couples are less likely to break up the canon couples when they explore character relationships. And Inception fandom tends to have some fun ideas about Arthur's friendship with Dom (and/or Mal.)

But in the spirit of friendSHIPPING, I've started to draft some "Friendship kink meme requests." Feel free to add your own. :D

A and B are two characters in a show/movie/book/video game of your choice. )

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