Jan. 23rd, 2016

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It took me forever to remember the name John Laurens. Like, between The Marquis de Lafayette (who I already knew about, thank you Louisa May Alcott) and HERCULES MULLIGAN, a name that started with "John" just wasn't going to cut it.

So for weeks I would be like "The third one, you know, the one who was probably gay, and who was sort of babysitting when his little brother died, and he was a total abolitionist before your history teachers want you to think that was a thing, and spoke fluent French, and was an aide to George Washington, and got French money and supplies in the middle of the war, and died in the war but after Yorktown because he was probably obsessed with dying with honor, and he was from South Carolina, and his father was a slaveowner, and he tried to create a black battalion and South Carolina was just too racist, and he studied in the UK, and he and Hamilton were definitely in love, and he always put a period after he signed his name?"

And friends would give me a blank look.

Meanwhile, I found out that Baron von Steuben was 100% gay, gay as all hell, Too Gay For Prussia, and I'm like "I WROTE TWO PAPERS ON THIS MAN IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WTF HISTORY BOOKS."

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