Oct. 6th, 2016

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Thing the first: It's Yuletide letter season, or that one time a year when people suddenly re-active their livejournals. It's been fun. I should get popcorn.

Thing the second: So, apparently, when I was younger and capable, I wrote this massive Torchwood meta essay. And then, like a complete fail, apparently failed to respond to any comments? Wondering if I should do that now. Because I'm creaking back into fandom life.

But I digress.

There are a few legitimate comments on that page. And then, and I don't think you can see them, there are SIX AND A HALF PAGES OF SPAM.

I get emails every few days with another spam post. And it's GROSS STUFF. Weird transphobic porn advertisements. CONSTANTLY. D:

I finally logged in to turn off anonymous commenting. Let's see if that stops it? I can turn off commenting altogether, but I hate doing that. I was also tempted to fix some horrific grammar mistakes but I resisted. Let it live in all its mistaken glory.

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