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So, my roommate, [personal profile] batyatoon and [personal profile] sdelmonte have all heard my excited rambles about how I would really love to run or help organize a fandom convention dedicated to the back-end of the fandom, i.e. fanworks, forums, fan discussion, fans etc.

And I haven't really seen anything like that* so I was super excited today when I heard about KudosCon, which is a fanworks convention. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(*Last year there was a idea floated about doing a fan-track at Dragon*con. I would have totally loved to help, but D*C shot it down. Boooo.)

Now, there is no way in heck I can make it to Bloomington, MN, especially considering I am blowing all of my con-energy this year into a last Dragon*con hurrah, but I'm hoping it starts a trend and it goes well and stuff gets recorded to put online. And I'll even scroll through tumblr for con reports when I feel up to it!

Lookit!. It's so shiny and fannish! Their "about" sidebar is all "and this person did THIS fannish thing!" :D Tickets start at $40, and you can purchase them on Kickstarter.

Addendum: They don't EXIST yet, and they already have some form of a diversity statement and a harassment policy. And a privacy policy! Which is SO SMART for a fanworks con.

Slightly negative thoughts BELOW the cut! )

All that junk said, I would seriously love to attend every. single. panel at this con. For serious. Gah, I want fandom meta.
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I'm going to have a more extended con report with all sorts of stuff, but I know what you REALLY WANT. You don't care about William Shatner or Wil Wheaton. You just want me to tell you that Gareth looked great and was hilarious. Right? I KNOW YOU DO. So here's the details on his panels. The bit about me meeting him will be in the longer write-up, probably.

Friday panel

My Flip ran out of battery a minute in, which is why there is an awkward break, but I got the vast majority of the panel. Vimeo limits uploads, so here's the first part now and I'll put up the second part when I can!

Gareth David-Lloyd at Dragon*Con '11 from Eldarwannabe on Vimeo.

Saturday panel

I hope someone else uploads a video or pics, because I've not got a thing from it. Link me if you see something?

Instead, highlights! )


This wasn't a typical panel, but rather a live audio commentary given by Gareth on Countrycide, which he has claimed as his favorite episode since forever. I'm not a bit horror fan, actually. I'm fairly neutral on the genre as a whole. *shrug*

I've got a few video clips on my camera which will be hopefully uploaded at some point after the rest of the Friday post. BUT I do have a complete audio file of the whole thing that I recorded to my phone. I'm not the first one, someone beat me to it, but I'm willing to figure out how to upload it if people still want me too?

(WARNINGS, guys, for anti-Gwen and anti-Jack comments. He even says something mildly disparaging about Tosh. It's fairly obvious Gareth's pandering to the crowd, but I was surprised at one or two things. (He compliments Burn Gorman at one point, though! Ha!) How did fandom's negativity about Gwen get prevalent enough for that? *is distressed*)

No matter how much Gareth makes fun of Wales in the commentary, I WANT TO GO TO THERE AGAIN. (Actually, now I want to drive out to some pub in the middle of nowhere and take off my shoes and curl up with a beer, which he talks about. And I think beer tastes like pee. Apparently I'm up for anything if someone talks about it fondly in a Welsh accent.)

Before he started, he auctioned off the defaced Children of Earth poster from Wizard World Chicago to raise money for his band's new CD, and I managed to record that as well. As he was planning to toss it, I think he might be surprised by how much it went for.

He ALSO mentioned that he'd love to bring the band over to the states, and specifically asked us to politely pressure Dragon*Con for next year.



IF THIS HAPPENS, WE'RE ALL GOING TO D*CON NEXT YEAR, OK? I can attempt to show that they are weirdly better in RL than they are in video, and [personal profile] pocky_slash can make fun of them anyway!


This post will be updated with the rest of the video for Friday, and possibly pictures at some point. If you want to link to any video/pics/etc. of the three panels that you find online, I'll link to them here for posterity. I like saving links. :)
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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D \o/


In other, slightly less fantastic news, the Brittrack at Dragon*Con put up their tentative 2011 schedule!! (They have separate tracks. Yes, it's that huge)Cut for an assessment of the Brittrack panels by likelihood of GDL attendance. )

Yes, I will have to work to go to things outside of this track. *glances through other tracks*

At a glance? I'm interested in American SF Media, Animation, Anime/Manga, Electronic Frontiers Forums, Independent Film Track, Kaleidoscope (shut up), Podcasting, Readings, Robotics, Science, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature, Silk Road: Asian Cinema and Culture, SPACE, Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Trek Track, Writer's Track, Young Adult Literature.

I hear sleep isn't a priority at these things anyway.

(One day I will figure filking out. I will. But it is not this day. FORTH EORLINGAS

For some reason, there isn't a comic book track, which puzzles me greatly. Considering some of their comic book guests (George Perez, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke, Karl Kesel...etc.), where do I go for information on panels and stuff? Confusing.

There is also an X-track. Every time I see it, I think, "Oooooh, an X-Men track!" And when it's not that, I think, "Oooookay...a bondage track?" Turns out it's an X-Files/paranormal sort of track. They don't mention Fringe, though, so I'm not sure I'm going to check up on them.

In preparation for this convention, I have decided to try and watch ALL of Stargate this summer. Hey, it's all free on Hulu! I spent a lot of time fretting about the watching order and the later movies and continuity, but I'm still only halfway through season one, so I'm not sure how good the odds are that I'm going to get to season seven anyway, and I'm choosing not to worry about it yet.

This will allow me to check out panels in the Star Gate: Multiverse track! WOOT! *adds to list*
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In that news, Comic-Con '11 announced that Torchwood would have a presence at the con.

I need to mention that announcing this sort of thing after tickets for Comic-Con are no longer available and haven't been for MONTHS is not OK. :(

Not that I would have been able to go, but I could have wildly scrambled to call my friend in LA and look up cheap flights and cross-country trains or something crazy before remembering that I'm going to Dragon*con as my major money-blow of the season and settled to watch it all unfold on twitter/youtube/etc.

On the other hand, the fact that big studios are NOT having a presence at the con is actually BRILLIANT. I personally hope attendance goes down from this. *hopes*

(One day I will go to Comic Con. Unless I end up in the industry in some capacity, it will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That place looks crazypants.)

*goes off to google more about SDCC '11 guests*

I'm on a Torchwood upswing right now. Probably a direct result of my desire to procrastinate and the lack of new fic.

Ho. Hum.
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NOTE: I wrote this up anticipating that I would have the videos of the Torchwood panel uploaded to my Vimeo account already. Unfortunately, I can't seem to split the video to upload without loosing the sound. So you can see the videos...but you can't hear anything. I'll update this post when I can finally get the videos uploaded properly, but for now I just typed up whole quotes for this post

To sum up: EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!! \o/ \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/

I'm not sure how else to fully articulate how awesome it was. But I'll try.

Cut for length and extensive rambling and abuse of exclamation points everywhere. )

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