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The law school library (in one of their many [futile] efforts to get us involved) has a little poster board up with a border made of pictures of famous lawyers from various movies and tv shows and they ask "Who is your favorite fictional lawyer?"

We get to write our answers on post it notes and stick it to the poster. One wrote "This one!" with an arrow pointing to James Spader from Boston Legal.

I passed it today, stopped, pulled one of the post-its and wrote "KATE SPENCER" in giant letters and stuck it to the board. No one knows who she is but I'm not letting Marvel get all the comic book lawyers on that board. (Someone had put She-Hulk. I didn't notice a Matt Murdoch.)

Also, today I finally figured out where I can go online to find D*Con news and discussion, now that the official LJ has been dying along with the rest of the platform. Reddit.

I mean, I don't have a reddit account, but that's ok. The migration from LJ has basically turned me into a lurker anyway.

And how else would I have found video of all the EFF panels that I missed? HUH?

Lastly, I made the massive mistake of discovering the Hamilton soundtrack free online and also the Genius lyric commentary site so instead of doing homework, I'm listening to the whole soundtrack researching the legality of dueling in NJ.

So, you know, good things.
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Sorry I've been, well, off. I still have to ETA the last post, and gaaaaah. So much.

But! Posting because my room at Dragon*Con this year has one empty space. Putting the call out if you know anyone (preferably a woman) who is looking for a bed! We're all awesome fans and we are really respectful of personal space and preferences and I'm generally the one who goes to bed early and gets up early and I've had THE BEST TIME EVERY YEAR with this group.

Anyway, I'm eldarwannabe AT gmail DOT come if you know anyone, or comment here.

I love you, DW/LJ people. Tumblr won't have me.
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Once again, I reactivated my twitter account for Dragon*Con. I'll probably be updating sporadically and also using it to keep up with other people/events at con. (And watching Tom Hardy be adorable. Sometimes I think he really wants to be a RL badass, and then he hugs a puppy or something.)

My username on twitter is Eldarwannabe (because I am SO CREATIVE) and I have it set to text my phone, so that's the best way to get in touch with me until next week. (Email is the second-best option!)

If you're reading this and you're planning to come to Dragon*con, drop me a line! I'm always up for meeting new people. :D
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(Fair notice: I will probably be posting about Dragon*con nearly non-stop until after Labor Day. It's better than posting about unpacking, trust me.)

So, the D*C schedule has been posted.

And Blue Gillespie is performing Saturday morning at 1:30 in the morning.



(I knoooow I'm a boring-pants at cons, but I do prefer to go to sleep earlier [read: midnight] and wake up earlier so I can maximize my con time. ALSO SO I DO NOT GET SICK. THAT IS A MAJOR PRIORITY AT CONS.)

AND Burn Gorman is only doing TWO panels, one of which is Game of Thrones. I didn't even know he was in GoT.

Now I need to weight my crazy desire to see Burn Gorman against the fact that there is no way I'm interested in spending an hour at a Game of Thrones panel. (Although Red Wedding reactions are LOLarious, no lie.)
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It only took two days for this week to be in the absolute pits (Long story: In short, don't use AT&T or UPS. Ever.) and two posts from the Dragon*Con Brittrack to make everything aaaaaall better.

First, John and Scott got legally married! And now, depending on how the heck the federal government decides to standardize the Supreme Court ruling, they'll be able to enter the U.S. in the same line at immigration. Awwwwww.

Second, and actually more shocking (what? John and Scott have been not-legally-married for years):




*stops eating because if I want a picture with his skinny frame I need to not look like I could squish him*

…If Naoko ends up coming this year, it's going to be a complete Torchwood reunion. *can't handle the pressure*

HEY FLIST. Considering the massive amounts of Torchwood love this year, anyone interested in doing a meet-up at con? I was thinking Saturday night or Sunday. I can bring the unbridled enthusiasm!
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I mean, I know she was announced last year and she didn't end up coming but I AM HOLDING MY THUMBS FOR THIS YEAR EVE MYLES SQUEE.

She will complete the Torchwood Season 3 team (wow, I sound creepy) if I meet her, and then it's just Naoko and Burn who are virtually impossible to meet anyway. I really want to meet her and say nice things to her and maybe make spend a ludicrous amount of money to get a picture with her.

Gareth is coming (ALSO SQUEE) and James Marsters. I'm not holding my breath for more Torchwood people, but NGL, it would be awesome. (Oh, wait, and Jane Espenson is coming. She didn't list Torchwood in her credits so she didn't come up when I did Ctrl+F)

In other news, George Perez is due again (♥), Timothy Zahn (I will finish the Star Wars trilogy! I will!), Jim Butcher (don't read him, but I could make some friends really happy), Amanda Connor (!!!!), Ioan Gruffudd (WALES), and MIKE MCKONE. WHAT.

I'm sure there are other people I've missed. The list is very long.


As this is my last year for the foreseeable future, I really, really want to hang out with people more this time, so...

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Well, LOTS happened this year. I went to the George Perez panel. I met a ton of awesome online people. I went to the Nichelle Nichols panel! I got a picture of Haldir in a muscle shirt. I very nearly ran into Felicia Day. (Literally. I wasn't watching where I was going, she was rushing towards a panel.) I had a totally different sleep schedule than most of my room, but I had one fabulous night chatting with [personal profile] pocky_slash, [personal profile] pressdbtwnpages and [personal profile] chiasmus until I fell asleep. (I kept doing that. Oops.)
But, well, I very nearly cancelled this year until the Torchwood guests were announced, so it isn't hard to figure out which panels I planned my schedule around.

OVERALL it was amazing. Too short, too fast and slightly too sleep-deprived, but amazing. Already bought my ticket for next year. :)
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As a reward for myself for being somewhat-halfway-packed, here is my public call!

I'm going to Dragon*Con this year and while I'm going with a few non-LJ friends (and some awesome LJ people!) I love meeting fans and talking fandom and whatnot.

So I'm putting out a call to anyone interested! I'll be at every Torchwood panel, and probable a few LotR panels, the George Perez panel, and maybe some other stuff that I'm still figuring out. But I'm up for chatting with people before/after panels, at night, during lulls, in the dealer rooms or artist alley...all of it.

My tentative plan for Friday is to show up to the first Torchwood panel in a bright red Flash t-shirt. Feel free to stop and chat, or message me.

I'm also setting up my twitter on my phone for con because my data plan is paltry. So look me up on twitter as eldarwannabe for "live" D*Con coverage and to converse. :D
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I'm fiercely holding on until Dragon*Con. I'm even working my way through the Barrowman sibling YA novel in anticipation of getting JB to sign it. (I though I would ask him a question about the book to be clever. But instead I'm going to ask about his role on Arrow.)


Should I buy one of the audiobooks he read on CD? Or, um, ???

Also, I am packing. And while I don't think all women pack the same, THIS IS HOW I PACK:

Listen, if there is any weekend the Zombie Apocalypse is going to show up in Atlanta, it will be Dragon*Con weekend.
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Hello internet denziens. I'm sorry I haven't checked my flist/gotten back to you in a while, but life is crazy pants! So right now, a question.

Two friends of mine, independently of each other, contacted me and asked if they could come to Dragon*Con. Both of them need this break, for different reasons. Both are sweet, nice people involved in various geekeries.

At this point the absolutely wonderful people in my con room have said that it's ok for one of them to stay with us, which is above and beyond anything they had to do and I want to give a huge thank you to them.

But I badly want to get a room for my other friend. She's not been having a great time of it recently and she's trying really hard to piece together this trip for herself.

She's a big Doctor Who and steampunk fan as well as whole bunch of other things. She's an old hand at cons, and is totally fine sleeping on the floor/under the desk/other craziness. She won't bring a party to your room, and will be totally respectful of room rules. On top of that, she's enthusiastic and fun. She would prefer an all-women or mostly-women room.

So...yeah. Is there anyone looking for another roommate? Or do you know anyone who is? Or do you have any other ideas!? You can comment here, or message me, or email me at eldarwannabe AT gmail DOT com.
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Buying John Barrowman's YA fantasy novel from the Book Depository because it's not being released in the US officially until October. Which is a month too late to get him to sign it at Dragon*Con.

I really like having people sign things that mean something to them. [personal profile] ilizze probably remembers, but I asked GDL to sign his comic (or, really, Torchwood comic issues #2 and #3) and I'm planning to ask Barrowman to sign issue #1 (with a story he wrote) and his book. I'm mildly considering buying his second autobiography to have him sign that too. I do have the first one in ebook edition, but he can't exactly sign that. The first one was a welcome hilarious relief during a really bad time last semester, so I'm definitely planning on reading the second at some point.

I don't know if I want a picture with him, though. I imagine he's going to be charging plenty for both of these, and I still have to figure out pics/signatures/squee for Eve Myles and Kai Owen. Plus, time. I'm super awkward when meeting celebrities, so it's not something I'm dying to spend hours and hours waiting to do. I'd mostly rather have signatures than pictures. Overall I'm a much bigger fan of panels.

Too bad I can't get Kai to sign his twitter feed. Hey, he writes it! THAT would be hilarious.
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Still not dead. Just registered for Dragon*Con. Have decided that three more hours of D*Con are worth maybe missing an LSAT class. I'll just talk to [personal profile] firesnap instead. Sounds good to me!!

(Would anyone be interested in a Torchwood fan mini-meetup? At least two people on my flist are coming whom I have never met. I would be willing to supply cake and/or cookies!)

Sleeptiem nao. ♥
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Eve Myles and Kai Owen are both signed up for Dragon*Con

Weeeee! This is at least attempting to make up for missing the last Hub and the upcoming Greatest Show in the Galaxy which will have THE WHOLE CAST, but Dragon*Con has Patrick Stewart and James Marsters and Jim Sale, so that's something

Plus, if I get Todd McCaffrey to sign a Pern book, I will be the Best Niece Ever.

Eve! And Kai! *twirls happily*

(I still kinda want Gareth to come, but dude is doing a ton of cons this summer and Gemma HAS A BABY DUE. Stay home, man.)
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I'm going to have a more extended con report with all sorts of stuff, but I know what you REALLY WANT. You don't care about William Shatner or Wil Wheaton. You just want me to tell you that Gareth looked great and was hilarious. Right? I KNOW YOU DO. So here's the details on his panels. The bit about me meeting him will be in the longer write-up, probably.

Friday panel

My Flip ran out of battery a minute in, which is why there is an awkward break, but I got the vast majority of the panel. Vimeo limits uploads, so here's the first part now and I'll put up the second part when I can!

Gareth David-Lloyd at Dragon*Con '11 from Eldarwannabe on Vimeo.

Saturday panel

I hope someone else uploads a video or pics, because I've not got a thing from it. Link me if you see something?

Instead, highlights! )


This wasn't a typical panel, but rather a live audio commentary given by Gareth on Countrycide, which he has claimed as his favorite episode since forever. I'm not a bit horror fan, actually. I'm fairly neutral on the genre as a whole. *shrug*

I've got a few video clips on my camera which will be hopefully uploaded at some point after the rest of the Friday post. BUT I do have a complete audio file of the whole thing that I recorded to my phone. I'm not the first one, someone beat me to it, but I'm willing to figure out how to upload it if people still want me too?

(WARNINGS, guys, for anti-Gwen and anti-Jack comments. He even says something mildly disparaging about Tosh. It's fairly obvious Gareth's pandering to the crowd, but I was surprised at one or two things. (He compliments Burn Gorman at one point, though! Ha!) How did fandom's negativity about Gwen get prevalent enough for that? *is distressed*)

No matter how much Gareth makes fun of Wales in the commentary, I WANT TO GO TO THERE AGAIN. (Actually, now I want to drive out to some pub in the middle of nowhere and take off my shoes and curl up with a beer, which he talks about. And I think beer tastes like pee. Apparently I'm up for anything if someone talks about it fondly in a Welsh accent.)

Before he started, he auctioned off the defaced Children of Earth poster from Wizard World Chicago to raise money for his band's new CD, and I managed to record that as well. As he was planning to toss it, I think he might be surprised by how much it went for.

He ALSO mentioned that he'd love to bring the band over to the states, and specifically asked us to politely pressure Dragon*Con for next year.



IF THIS HAPPENS, WE'RE ALL GOING TO D*CON NEXT YEAR, OK? I can attempt to show that they are weirdly better in RL than they are in video, and [personal profile] pocky_slash can make fun of them anyway!


This post will be updated with the rest of the video for Friday, and possibly pictures at some point. If you want to link to any video/pics/etc. of the three panels that you find online, I'll link to them here for posterity. I like saving links. :)
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First, and foremost, I had the most AMAZING time sharing a room with [personal profile] pocky_slash [personal profile] dremiel and [personal profile] pressdbtwnpages. By Sunday we were all kinda doing different things, but I got to hang out with everyone at one point or another, and our room ROCKED.

The most important thing that happened is that I met George Perez and he gave me a hug. I very nearly didn't get to see him at all, so that was THE BIGGEST DEAL.

I also went to every Gareth David-Lloyd panel and managed to be pretty calm and normal when I spoke to him. It's totally weird, because I was totally "oh, yeah, I'll say hi" about it the whole con, and then I saw him in the Walk of Fame I had to keep walking because my adrenaline went up to HERE. And then I managed to swing back around and I told him everything [personal profile] ilizze and [personal profile] iceshade wanted me to say, and completely forgot everything I wanted to say. And I had a bunch of things. I figured it was better to not be the creepy fan, and I didn't go back. (Even though he had virtually no line when I passed him in the Walk and he was next to Marsters, who had a pretty significant line. Still. Not pushing my luck.)

In terms of the Walk of Fame, I did try to say hi to Felicia Day, but her line was ridiculous. So I didn't get to propose to her for [personal profile] 90scartoonman. Next time!

I only met a few people, all told. (Karl Kessel was fantastic. Really happy I got to chat with him! And I found Jen of Cake Wrecks. She signed my copy! :D) I'm more of a panels person, and I typically don't have questions so much as curiosity.

Ok, I'm going to stop typing now. I'm wiped from the trip back, and I have class tomorrow, not to mention unpacking and sorting my stuff and writing up my official post and finding out how to upload audio.

I know I wasn't really cut off from the internet, and it's not really a place per say, but as I haven't checked my flist and I have to catch up with all of you...I'm glad I'm back! *hugs*
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Dear Internet Service Provider,


Good think I have friends on campus so I can stay here and use their 'net. But, everything I meant to take care of before I left isn't happening. So remember everybody! I will probably miss the new Torchwood and Who this weekend! No spoilers until Tuesday!


I have a smartphone so I won't be totally out of the loop, but email is the best way to get in touch for the duration - eldarwannabe at gmail dot com.

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I'm packing for Dragon*Con now.

This should be so nerve-wracking! And yet it is! *bites nails*

So, um, this is my Dragon*Con post. I'm going. I'm excited about seeing Gareth David-Lloyd and George Perez. (I am bringing...six trades for Perez to sign. Is that ridiculous? Probably.)

I'm so unbelievably excited because meeting fans is the best thing ever. I mean, I've already met [personal profile] pocky_slash, but she's fantastic, and I'm going to meet [personal profile] dremiel!

I dunno if anyone else from my flish is going (*peers at you all all*) but if you, or anyone you know, is going, I would love to meet up! We can talk about Torchwood, or comics, or tons of stuff, really. We can even sit around with goofy smiles and and I'll offer you cookies.

So far my planned schedule is a MESS because I marked down every panel I am interested in ever, just in case. So for some time slots, I have four, five panels on my schedule. I will be narrowing it down!

I CAN tell you that I'm going to everything GDL is in, I want to go to at least one Shatner panel, and one James Marsters panel. And something comic book related. (There is going to be a DC Animated panel!) And see Felicia Day and tell her that she is perfect.

Otherwise, it's probably the Brittrack all the way. That's just where I am in fandom, I guess? Feel free to come over and talk to me. I'll be the one not in costume, in sneakers, possibly with steampunky goggles. (You can PM or email me to actually arrange something.)

Oh! And I have a twitter and will probably make stabs at updating it via text message because that is FAR EASIER than posting. But I love posting here more, so who knows?
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Read this article and decided that yes, I think I'm going to take a train to Dragon*Con. I have to figure out if I can find my International Student ID Card I bought for London to try and get a discount, but this is ridiculous.

And this would make me so much happier if I didn't know anything about our current supreme court. Because if this case makes it too far, it could end badly.

What the hell, America.

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