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I know it's not AO3's fault that I haven't been able to load a page in three weeks without constantly refreshing, but it's certainly not endearing them to me. This may sound harsh, but if your site cannot handle the load, SLOW DOWN YOUR GROWTH. Limit how many fics a person can upload a day. Slow up on the invite codes. (Limit each person to two Avengers fics an hour/snark) They've said it's not a money issue, so they need to find other ways to limit traffic. *sigh*

So I'm back to browsing fic on LJ-only because if I get more than two 502 errors in a row, I give up. I just have no idea where the reams of sappy Coulon fix-its are outside of AO3. Lucky I've got a few hundred Torchwood fics saved in my rec list. *opens*

It's one of the reasons I keep cross-posting to LJ/DW and AO3, even though the Archive is much neater and prettier. I like it in so many ways, but ARGH. *headdesk*

(It is a good motivator for me to finally finish my master post! Should get on that.)
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Despite the fact that I plan to be incommunicado for the next 28 hours as I hit Crisis Panic Study Mode, I couldn't help but keep tabs on the Livejournal fallout because I'm addicted.

Anyway, after googling, binging and checking status.livejournal.com and the LJ twitter feed for a day or so, someone directed me to their facebook, where a lot of discussion is happing on their wall.

(The links do not lead to facebook, FYI.)

So, someone here seems to be translating from the press releases and information in Russian, and it looks like it's another DDoS attack (I'm still fuzzy on what that means) and it's actually pretty intense.

The fact that this information is being released in Russian, but not English is another sign that livejournal is not the place we should be, isn't it? My standard offer of a dreamwidth invite code to anyone who wants to move over here is still open, but it's so flipping quiet here. Most people have already made dreamwidth accounts for various reasons, but I seem the be the only one on my flist who just shrugged and said, "whelp, guess I'll just go hang out in dreamwidth now." Most of you seem to have just vanished instead. *peers at internet* (This does not count the three (?) people who already post over here anyway. I'm specifically talking about people who don't use dreamwidth as a fallback, for whatever reason.)

If LJ isn't back up by the time I'm back online tomorrow, I'm just going to start posting real content here. I've already found a Torchwood community, and I've been a member of [community profile] scans_daily since forever. I could be more active there.
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So...apparently livejournal is sort of up? For some people?

It was working somewhat ok for me yesterday, but it was hard for me to access other journals on my flist and I can't post. Instead I browsed dreamwidth and found a few more people, though! Not that many people post here. I'm going to have to work on my crossposting, for backup purposes if nothing else.

And I started a twitter! Which I haven't used! For various internship purposes, I'm currently working with four twitters, and logging in and out is a pain. But I spent an hour or so trying to claim the username I wanted (Eldabe) and found out that twitter apparently doesn't care if you want an unused username unless you have a copyright claim, which I most certainly do not. So instead I'm Eldarwannabe over there. I'm still fuzzy on having real conversations on twitter, but it's something to tinker with, at least.
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I don't really use dreamwidth, not because I don't like it. I actually love it - in concept, in execution, in name. (How wide are your dreams, huh?) But...very few people I want to watch are on it. Most of the communities I follow are on livejournal, most of the fics I want to read are on livejournal. In social networking sites, winning means you have the userbase.

Facebook, twitter and livejournal have the userbases.

But livejournal is down! Again. Try to load a page three or four times, and I'm going to pop over to this side to play. Put that on top of all the other problems I have with livejournal, and I decided to do some housekeeping. I friended a bunch of people I know on both sites (hi [personal profile] remuslives23!), even a few that aren't active.

Well, [personal profile] copperbadge is here, so I know that I'll be getting a few updates a day, at least. :D

I don't know if I'll set up cross-posting. On the one hand, I would like to, but I've been keeping my tags here pretty neat, and my livejournal ones are a mess. And livejournal has a bunch of useful smartphone apps, and dreamwidth doesn't. And I don't like my dreamwidth layout, but that is neither here nor there.


In all fairness, I'm only on dreamwidth because of a community - [community profile] scans_daily. I followed the great migration, and I still follow it pretty regularly, but I'm definitely a lurker. And ironically I don't follow them in my dreamwidth reading page. I follow them on my RSS feed, because it makes it easier to keep track of what I've read.

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