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Saw Thor II!

…and y'all were right. I felt bad for Loki. Which is the closest I've really come to liking him, so that's something. (It is the first time I've ever been interested in Loki fic, so that's something EVEN MORE.)

Spoilers! )

The trailers were GLORIOUS. I spent most of the time flailing. Catching Fire! X-Men! Winter Soldier! Squee!
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Tom Hiddleston: "One of the most interesting conversations Chris [Hemsworth] and I kept having was, "What does Loki want in the end?" What does he want? I was unable to come up with a definitive answer."


Oh, it's not just me then? Ok, good.

(Haven't seen the movie yet, plan to, Darcy's in it!)
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First, read this story about cosplayers being awesome.



Ok, so it seems that the CW has cast an actress to play Sin in the Arrow series. My reaction to this news so far is mostly open-mouthed shock. They're casting an obscure POC female character for this series? Whoa. That was unexpected.

Obviously they're going to change the character around. (ROY HARPER, WHAT HAPPENED?) but I'm actually wildly curious where they're going to go with this. I'm hoping to catch up on Arrow in time for Dragon*con, but between some of the interesting stuff they're doing and the fact that my roommate is a big fan, I'll probably be watching it next season, at least.

On a related note, DC better step up its game or Marvel is going to take over movies AND TV, and then I'll never see a live-action Nightwing adaptation. AND THAT WOULD BE TRAGIC.
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Week II of tumbr! I have decided to use it in a non-traditional way to frustrate everyone including myself. Let's see if I can stand it! (Thank you, L, who suggested I try this. Sorry for ranting about my Hatred of The Tumblr to you for nearly nine days. I'm trying to stop. Really.)

This week's plan: Use it to inspire posts I actually want to make. Cross-post everything.


So, here is a gif-set that manages to neatly encapsulate why I don't like movie!Loki.

His motivation makes no sense. I mean, it was bad enough in Thor where they clearly thought if they throw in enough family angst and confusion we'll forget how much it doesn't make sense, but it's just awful in The Avengers. He's working for someone sometimes for something and maybe he's supposed to be making the Avengers work against each other except he ends up making them even more united and at some point he shoots Coulson?

I don't get it. I don't get it and I don't like it. Listen, finding villain motivations is surprisingly difficult. It's hard to wrap your mind around, and especially once you leave the Big Three of power, money and sex (I'm getting this from half-remembered research into cultists) there's not an awful lot left that makes enough sense to ring true to most watchers. I get it. I have a hard time writing bad guys with sensical motivations as well.

But watching Thor and The Avengers, Loki seems to motivate by nothing more than making the plot go forward. Which is unbelievably meta for a supervillain who shows no signs of awareness that he's in a fictional story.*

It's nonsensical and annoying. Tom Hiddleston's fandom seems to not like talking about it, which is fine. Far be it from me to criticize fans for irrational behavior.

I think it was [livejournal.com profile] rexluscus who gave the reason as simple malicious trickster games. Which is...an interesting motivation, at least. Although it doesn't quite jive with the aaaaangst of Thor, or even parts of Avengers. But it's rationale for the irrational, at least, which fits with everything he does in lack of clearness.

My last, smaller complaint about Loki is that we are told his great power is his speech, his ability to manipulate with words. In all of his appearances, it's an informed power, at best. The only time he tries to turn on the charm, Natasha walks all over him. It would be a million times more impressive if we ever saw him do it successfully.

It's a power that could have been amazing to see on screen vs. reading in a comic. Tom Hiddleston could have injected the inflection and body movement no static page can sell. Instead, well, he managed to distract from Loki's lack of direction extremely well, which was extremely impressive. As it stood, I had to explain to my friends why his mouth was covered in the end of the film.


*This would make an interesting fic, but I'm offering it to the world. I'm not going to write it.

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