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I just recommended the DC Animated Universe to some friends over the weekend and then I turn on my computer to see that The Killing Joke animated movie actually made the story worse???



DC, your animated movie slate is frankly disappointing. You give us this drek instead of a potential Batgirl: Year One film? And frankly, I'll believe the Judas Contract movie is coming when I see it. I have been waiting, gosh, since the second NYCC when it was first announced?

Luckily, I think nothing will dampen my wild and irrational enthusiasm for the Wonder Woman movie. Note the irrationality. *clings*
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Dear DC Comics,

You don't need the Justice League to sell me a Teen Titans movie. Really. I will give you money anyway. I have been waiting A DECADE to give you that money.

But, if that's what it takes?. I will pay for Justice League vs. Teen Titans. I will only puzzle over Damien and Jaime for a few minutes. (DAMIEN WAS, LIKE, FIVE DURING THE NEW TEEN TITANS ERA. WHAAAAAAT.)

I will even forgive you not putting Dick in the disco-suit. Because we, the fans, DESERVE Dick in the disco-suit. Complete with those yellow feathers. DO YOU HEAR ME, DC?

Anyway, I haven't been paying an awful lot of attention to the DC animated movies, even though they have historically been some of the best DC media outside of comics. So it's nice to hear the news I'll get some Teen Titans.

Make a Legion of Superheroes movie and we're even.

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Actually, I'm a little behind on my Doctor-watching. I'm not enjoying this season all that much and I suspect at least some of that of that is the state of mind I'm in these days. A lot of things are just sour, and I've decided to take a break from new episodes. I'll come back later when I feel more up to it.

It means I won't be joining tumblr after the LSATs, though, because tumblr is a cesspit of spoilers. That's ok. I want to clean up all my comment fics to post and finally start working on new stories again. I might write a fic with chapters. Crazy, I know. Plus, real life. It never stops, does it?

So I'm just going to be avoiding posts and conversation for a bit. Unless River shows up, then just let me know so I won't work on a fic or two until I catch up. (I might also want to squee a bit. River!)

(Instead I'm using my allotted Who time to watch the Legion episode of Justice League Unlimited. It's like EVERYTHING I LOVE in a single episode! HI CHUCK. HI BRAINY.)
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Dear Barbara,


(Guys, these shorts are the only reason I regret not having a TV. I've already watched this one three times.)
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And Supergirl (Kara, probably) and burrito-craving Batgirl/Barbara.


And they have personalities and they are all ridiculous and I love them all. ♥

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