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Guys, it is snowing so pretty outside. There are a million reasons this is a bad thing, I know I know, but really I just want to go outside and twirl around in the completely unplowed street (I'm in a corner-ey area) and belt "LET IT GOOOOOO" and pretend no one can hear my voice crack.

spiraling in frozen fractals all aroooooouuuuuuund

Snow: Not quite as instantly glorious as large bodies of water, but it'll do.

Also, all the stuff I wanted to finish this weekend…didn't finish. So, unless you all are interested in some quarter-life-crisis-freakout posts and also my massive internal debate of "should I apply to Northwestern law" which is basically just a distraction from filling out some other apps and having a breakdown, I might have to postopone my fandom-intropsection-and-meta stuff for when I make up days later.
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List of top ten musical songs? Well, this is a terrible question to ask me, because I'm very much a person who listens to a handful of albums over and over and over again for a year or so, nonstop. An overall top list is nearly impossible. Right now I'm listening to Frozen, Matilda the Musical and The Great Gatsby soundtrack all the time, so I'm not going to choose those songs.

So…this is more like the first ten songs could think of (that aren't from only Broadway.) BUT I DO LIKE THEM ALL. ALSO LOTS OF SONGS NOT ON THIS LIST. SO MANY SONGS. )

Honorable mentions to so many Disney movies, Don Bluth movies, old musicals, Buffy and Doctor Horrible. GAH. SO MANY SONGS.

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I saw Frozen in theaters on Thanksgiving, and while it had flaws, I have already heavily recommended it to a few people.

I think I might have said this before? Dashed hopes. )

This movie, however, won me over in three scenes:

Spoilers! )
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Listening to Hank Green Harry Potter songs and re-reading MGK's "Why I Should Write the Legion" series.

/yearns for some (more) decent LSH fanfic.

ETA: Finishing off the day by watching Lilo & Stitch with roommate while we split a pint of Americone Dream.

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