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This new Doctor Who spin-off looks like some kind of Torchwood-inspired high school AU.

I expect cameos from the all the Sarah Jane kids. And some tributes to Elisabeth Sladen.
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Just came back from the 50th Anniversary 3-D-in-theaters special, and maybe it was the 3-D or maybe it was the crowd of cheering fans, but I adored it.

Frequent use of cut tags for spoilers is my favorite thing about livejournal. )

I would like to officially say that since "The Night of the Doctor" mini-episode, Paul McGann might be my favorite Doctor. Anyone got Expanded Universe recs?
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So…I'm behind on Doctor Who.

Not like I haven't seen the special from last night.

No, like since A Town Called Mercy, I've only watched the Christmas special. And let's be honest; I stopped halfway through Mercy.


There are a few different reasons for that, some that I can point to, some that are pure speculation as to how my mind works, some that are probably related to flist!shrink and other things that have NOTHING to actually do with Doctor Who, but there it is.

Except that L. and R. and I have tickets tomorrow to the 50th Anniversary even in theaters, so I'm going to get a rude spoilering unless I somehow manage to shove in a lot of episodes in a very short amount of time. Um.

After some discussion, L. recommended I just watch The Bells of Saint John and The Name of the Doctor and she'd catch me up after we watch the special. Most of the time I'm a fussy purist fan, but…I don't have time! Ahhh!
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Good Things About Moving:

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, becomes a "that what she/he said" joke.

"It won't fit!"

"Shove it in!"

"It's too small!"

Seriously. Much-needed LOLZ.

Because all other aspects were...difficult. And after our Epic Moving Disaster, we lost all the time we would have spent unpacking. So, we are living out of boxes. I can't find my headphones or my phone charger. *twitch*

Did I mention I have an English friend staying with me? She has been lovely, but I feel like the Worst Host In The World. I don't have food in the fridge. (She is NOT a Doctor Who fan, which has been HILARIOUS for her, because nearly all of my friends are these days.)

And all I want to do is curl up and talk about is WTF Doctor Who casting. I think part of my brain sort of shuts down when I try to think about it too much, because I'm not the only one who relates to Torchwood on an emotional level. I FEEL LIKE MOFFAT IS POKING US WITH STICKS, GUYS.

This week just started and I already want it to be over. *headdesk*
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Dear Doctor Who People,

ARGH. I had this WHOLE FIC all PLANNED OUT and now I find out that River Song's actual storyline is a lot more restricted than it seems.


*edits grumpily*

(Yes, I know, AUs, but this particular fic is designed to fit neatly into canon. As neatly as possible when it's River Song, but still.)

I have to ruin all of my best lines! :(
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An f!s anon commented that the DW mid-season premiere episode felt like a Torchwood episode.

I understand that this is a laughably terrible reason for getting me excited enough to actually getting around to watching it, ok, but whatever works, right?

(I think I'm gonna put a pin on the last episodes of 2012 until I have to watch them for River!fic research. FOR RIVER!)
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Death's granddaughter's name is Susan. The Doctor's granddaughter's name is Susan.

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(Still not back, this is a fly-by post in the night!)

So, despite the fact that I haven't caught up on the last few episodes of Doctor Who, I was willingly dragged to go see the Christmas special at a friend's house. We played the Doctor Who card game (it is wonderfully messy, like the show!) until slightly before the special began, when we started trying to find the BBC America channel.

Cut for spoilers for season 7 and the Christmas special. )
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Actually, I'm a little behind on my Doctor-watching. I'm not enjoying this season all that much and I suspect at least some of that of that is the state of mind I'm in these days. A lot of things are just sour, and I've decided to take a break from new episodes. I'll come back later when I feel more up to it.

It means I won't be joining tumblr after the LSATs, though, because tumblr is a cesspit of spoilers. That's ok. I want to clean up all my comment fics to post and finally start working on new stories again. I might write a fic with chapters. Crazy, I know. Plus, real life. It never stops, does it?

So I'm just going to be avoiding posts and conversation for a bit. Unless River shows up, then just let me know so I won't work on a fic or two until I catch up. (I might also want to squee a bit. River!)

(Instead I'm using my allotted Who time to watch the Legion episode of Justice League Unlimited. It's like EVERYTHING I LOVE in a single episode! HI CHUCK. HI BRAINY.)
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FINALLY caught up on Doctor Who!

Oh, and internet? You did a terrible job not giving me spoilers. Really, terrible. It's been less than a week, and I wasn't checking any specifically review sites and I didn't click on any hidden text that was spoiler-warned! Massive fail, no cookies.

It was a solid episode, but nothing spectacular. )

But did you see the preview for the next episode? IS THAT INDIANA JONES? Well, we all know his Whoniverse backstory, right?
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First up, go watch the new Doctor Who mini-episode. GO AND BE HAPPY.


I leave fandom for THREE DAYS and TV tropes removes fanfic recs from the site. D:

I use those recs! Not for Torchwood, although I think I buzzed the Torchwood page once and laughed at how half the recs were Sam. But for the fandoms I liked but wasn't really a part of (Animorphs, Digiomon, etc.) that I wanted to swing by ever once in a while for kicks. Sometimes I'm in the mood for some childhood crack, ok?

And TV tropes and I didn't always agree on the definition of good fic, but older fandoms aren't normally on AO3 and I am not digging through ff.net for a pick-me-up. NO.


(I would like it if the recs were archived somewhere. For posterity at least.)


Here are the reasons I'm going to be in favor of Elementary, even though the odds of me watching it are low. (I'm sorta meh on Sherlock Holmes these days, really.)

1 - I am HEAVILY in favor of recasting male character as women for remakes. I can think of one good example of that being done, and a dozen examples where it probably wasn't even considered. (I maintain that any of the main cast of the Start Trek XI could have been recast as a woman. Sure, internet, lambast me all you want.)

2. The symmetry of Johnny Lee Miller (who played opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in Danny Bole's Frankenstein last year, in which they swapped the roles of Frankenstein and Frankenstein's Monster every other night) playing another modern Sherlock Holmes cracks me up. Also, I've seen Miller stark naked and one day I will stop giggling like a twelve-year-old when I type that, but it is not this day!

3. It's not just any woman playing Holmes, it is Lucy Liu. ♥ The only thing more awesome than recasting characters as women would be recasting them as POC.


The new Great Gatsby trailer is out. This is, in way, shape or form, my Great Gatsby. But it is quite clearly Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby, and I look forward to it.
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First, you all know that challenges are one of the things that can get people involved in fandom communities (it seems that everyone who was anyone participated in the Writer In A Drawer back in the day) and I just want to remind you all that [profile] redisourcolor is still going strong despite a slightly outdated FAQ, and the atmosphere is casual and encouraging.

Plus, voting is open until Wednesday on the latest round, and I'm actually really proud of this one, so GO VOTE!

(You absolutely do not have to vote for me. I really liked the fics this round and I'm just having a fun time knowing 18 people are still around and voting in these things! And four of them like me! *HUGS*)


Possible maybe spoilers for the next seasons of White Collar and Doctor Who )
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Holy crap, they are making me choose between Leslie Knope and Donna Noble. WHAT DO I DO????!?!??? *DISTRESS*

It is too late to make important decisions like this.

(Best comment on the situation)

ETA 1: I don't really care about March Madness of any variety. I just swing by the fandom one once or twice during the month to see what's up. Imagine my surprise!

ETA 2: [personal profile] pressdbtwnpages. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Both of the roommates are making an awesome pretty-late birthday weekend for me. (Having a summer birthday, my actual birthday is normally a mess at best, although some friend from home make a/ midnight candles-in-plums party for me. :D)

Anyway, I know three people are coming to stay with us, but I've only figured out one (*cough*who is already here...[personal profile] iceshade says hi), and I've been forbidden from the kitchen. Or looking at the kitchen, which doesn't have a proper door.

SO INSTEAD I'm doing laundry and listening to House of the Dead.

And thinking thinky thoughts.

Of course, as soon as House of the Dead was over, my iPod clicked over to Light Up the World. MOOD WHIPLASH.

I skipped ahead to my Chameleon Circuit stuff, and have you guys ever heard Traveling Man? Because if you take out the references to Gallifrey and two hearts, that song is about Jack. I boggled at it for a while and now I just like to pretend that it's a bedtime song in the future where the myths about the Doctor and the myths about Jack have gotten confused but people still remember them.

And if you're a Doctor Who fan and haven't heard Chameleon Circuit, GO. I have both of their albums, and I love them to bits. L. and I will randomly start singing them and the other will join in.

Ooooh, speaking of Doctor Who!

So, in the season finale last season, Amy grew up in an alternate universe without stars blah blah.

WAIT. Astronomy was the first science. I mean, man looking up at the stars and thinking "WTF??" (Whoa, That's Fantastic) was a formative part of the human experience!


I need fic on this. Stat.
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I think it must be that a rule now that [profile] fiwen1010 and I can't meet up in the same city twice. Like, a rule of the universe. Because if we see each other again, it will be London or Wrexham or both.

That said, I had a great time with her in York! *dances for geekery*

It is so much more enjoyable to debate meta-type stuff with people in real life. Even when you don't always agree on every detail, because it's a REAL CONVERSATION. Where you can change your mind, or clarify, or agree to disagree without sounding inadvertently rude or angry, which is my main internet fear.

I'm a bit late, but [profile] fiwen1010 did give me words on the meme thing!

If you want words to post, comment here and request some words and I will rattle off a few things that remind me of you. And then you have to tell me, and probably the whole internet, what those words mean to you.

Click here for Cardiff, Doctor Who, Pub, University, London. And extensive navel-gazing. *shrug* )
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JUST as I discover my inner desire for Royal Family Torchwood fic! Great timing, right?


In other news, I was at the wedding, or rather on the Mall, pretty close to Buckingham Palace. I was there from about 8:30 in the morning, and stayed until after balcony-waving, although I managed to somehow miss the kisses. I listened to nearly the entire thing on BBC radio, because for most of it there wasn't much happening by me. I have flag and a crown and a few very blurry pictures, because when I had to choose between seeing and taking pictures, I normally chose to see.


I also watched the latest Who episode with my Britain roomie. )
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In classic form, I missed the Doctor Who premiere tonight.


Cut for mostly non-spoilery squeeage. )
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Still in-and-out of the internet for a few days, but I'll be brief.

First, the good.

I MET BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. He definitely thinks I'm a creepy stalker because I may have stood with a bunch of other fangirls while he rode his motorcyclebike out of the theatre and might have yelled "HI!" when he slowed down to go over a speed hump. Because there is no barrier between my brain and my mouth. Really, none. *buries face in hands*

My only comfort is that he'll probably never see me again. And hopefully won't remember me at all anyway.


Then, the sad.

While waiting for him outside the theatre (I went to a Q&A hosted by Boyle, Miller and Cumberbatch to raise money for Dramatic Need,) I found out that Elisabeth Sladen has passed away. (Remember, I was for a while, and somebody happened to text me about it.) [profile] fiwen1010 and I just met a bunch of fans of hers, and while I've only seen her in a handful of recent Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures episodes, she was fantastic. I happened to be at a house with the 1997 Dr Who annual yesterday, and I flipped through hilariously dated stories about Tom Baker as the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith having wacky adventures. I knew that Sarah Jane Smith was brilliant in the shows, but she was figuring out stuff and solving puzzles right with the Doctor, and it was Elisabeth Sladen who brought that to life, and I only hope I can get my hands on some of her old episodes soon to do a proper tribute watching.

It's nearly two in the morning, but I'm trying to fumble my way to saying that she will be missed by many, even me.

With that, I'm off to bed, with weirdly mixed feelings.
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Ha! I'm posting first, I think! Of course, [profile] fiwen1010 might be too busy luxuriating in her hotel room to bother with posting. IN WHICH CASE I HOPE SHE IS HAVING A GOOD TIME.

Anyway, like the crazy person I have become these past few days, I hopped the first bus this morning to Cardiff, where I met [profile] fiwen1010 at the bus station. (She had to find me because she wasn't wearing her coat. In all fairness, it was a gorgeous, hot day.) Then we went to Cardiff Castle to meet the Doctor Who tour.

I'm going to be fair, and say that while it was pretty good, and I did see a bunch of things I wouldn't have noticed before (I've been to Llandaff Cathedral, but I didn't know it was a filming site) and I saw a handful of places I might not have seen...it wasn't mind-blowingly amazing. The crowd definitely knew plenty of Who on their own. Highlight being the girl that rattled off a scene from "The Eleventh Hour" by heart. (Also, there were a lot of Americans. Not that I can talk, I guess, but I was surprised.)

The best part was meeting other fans. Because when you tell non-fans that you do this sort of thing, they think you are crazy. Other fans just squee along with you. And even though they weren't all necessarily involved in fandom in the same way as I am, it was still pretty awesome. We all went to a pub afterward with one of the tour guides and chatted for a while, and then he took us on a last whirlwind walk to a bunch of filming locations we didn't see in the tour, and he ended it right by the bus station so I could run back to my bus, for another 3+ hour ride.


I have also learned that I just need to move to Cardiff. John Barrowman, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and other assorted Doctor Who/Torchwood people are known to just wander the streets, like the normal people they are. It's like living in LA, I guess, but so much better.


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