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That moment where you can't tell if there is actually more new fic being posted for due South than Torchwood or if it's just that more due South fic writers are finding AO3 and uploading their backlog.

*squints at internet*

Due South is so old that "homosexual sodomy" was still illegal in Texas when it ended. And yet. More fic.
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So, I've been having a not-great semester, and remember how I mentioned due South a few weeks ago?

Since then, I've picked the show back up and watched two seasons worth of episodes. Mostly while curled up in bed eating potato chips. I'm now only a few episodes from the end. (Although...I already know the end-end. Thanks, fandom!)

And I re-discovered crack_van, found the dS post, and I mourn the loss of the pictures because the description of RayK are right, but I would like to know which pictures were chosen.

I also mourn the loss of [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. Because it's the best intro-to-fandom site ever. I found the One Direction article and I am going to read it so I can understand wtf everyone is still talking about.

PS. The same actor who plays RayK also plays Number 2 in BSG. Maybe I'll just go back to BSG, wrap up all the fandom shows I'm only halfway through.
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I'm reading a case for my trial training class (it's fun! I'm terrible!) and there is a background named Stella Kowalski.

Me: Oh, that's the name of the character from Due South!
...two seconds later...
Me: Which is a reference to A Streetcar Named Desire. *headdesk*


I should probably finish that show. And then read all the fic. It's an older fandom, so the fic that makes it tends to be pretty good.
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Watching the first episode of The Flash. Wanted to see it before it expired on Hulu.

And as Barry mild spoilers )
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Sometimes, the little things in fanfic can bother you.

When a grown man is carrying another grown man, he has a few options. But unless they are walking only a few feet, honymoon-style-cradle-arms is not the best option. It’s a method that should only be used for children, or very small adults, (or maybe the two feet over a door threshold if the fic is particularly shmooshy). And no, making these two men into lovers does not magically make one of them light enough to be carried pieta-style out of a gunfight and/or through miles of woods/desert/zombie hordes.

Every time I read a story in which one character carries using with significantly less than Superman-strength, it jerks me right out of the fic. I don’t find it romantic, I don’t find it compelling. Mostly, I find it physically improbable.

Especially because there is a real solution!

Over the shoulder, fireman's carry.

Vecchio carrying Fraser fireman style

And don't worry, there's plenty of slash about those two.

(Or, you know, google other options.)

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