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JSTOR is a Harry/Hermione shipper! D:

Actually, I share almost no ships with JSTOR? I guess depending how you define 'ship. I will only accept Poe and Finn if Rey is in there too.

And John/Alexander Hamilton only works if we acknowledge that I can simultaneously ship Alexander/Eliza. CAUSE I SHIP IT INTO THE GROUND.




Bucky/Natasha. *runs*
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It took me forever to remember the name John Laurens. Like, between The Marquis de Lafayette (who I already knew about, thank you Louisa May Alcott) and HERCULES MULLIGAN, a name that started with "John" just wasn't going to cut it.

So for weeks I would be like "The third one, you know, the one who was probably gay, and who was sort of babysitting when his little brother died, and he was a total abolitionist before your history teachers want you to think that was a thing, and spoke fluent French, and was an aide to George Washington, and got French money and supplies in the middle of the war, and died in the war but after Yorktown because he was probably obsessed with dying with honor, and he was from South Carolina, and his father was a slaveowner, and he tried to create a black battalion and South Carolina was just too racist, and he studied in the UK, and he and Hamilton were definitely in love, and he always put a period after he signed his name?"

And friends would give me a blank look.

Meanwhile, I found out that Baron von Steuben was 100% gay, gay as all hell, Too Gay For Prussia, and I'm like "I WROTE TWO PAPERS ON THIS MAN IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WTF HISTORY BOOKS."
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(x-posted to facebook.)

Listen, Hamilton was a great person and all and it should have be Jackson yanked off a bill, this is true.

But if you let every cool guy stay on things instead of taking opportunities to replace them with women, we'll just...never have women on things. There are LOTS of awesome guys in history. There are also lots of women. You simply will never get to the women if you spend all time time talking about how awesome the men were, ok?

Added for LJ/DW: And I GET being in a fandom. I GET being obsessed with a thing. I even get being in problematic fandoms that don't always jive with the politics and aspirations I have for the real world. But...really. If Hamilton fans keep Hamilton on the $10, we are missing a big opportunity that won't come by for years. (Because that's how long it takes the mint do anything, apparently.)

I know this really needs to be posted on tumblr, where the fans are going nuts about this particular issue, but naaaah. I like it here.
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Dear Fandom,

Half of you are wrong*. Alexander Hamilton is THE MOST RIDICULOUS GRYFFINDOR EVER.

I know we've been spending a lot of time fighting against the Gryffindor superiority implicit in HP** and we want to redeem Slytherin all over the internet, but Hamilton once challenged the entire Democratic-Republican party to a duel. He stole canons from the British in Revolutionary War. He published the Reynolds pamphlet. HAMMY YOU IDIOOOT.

He challenged Burr to a duel when he had a two-year-old son at home and extensive debts that were going to fall on his wife. And which house is full of people too busy rushing in to DO THE THING to realize what idiots they are being? Gryffindor.

Just saying. Hamilton didn't die at the youngest age of all the Founding Fathers with a fairly questionable reputation by cunningly using all his means to achieve his ends.


*I don't actually care if you want to argue Hamilton as a Slytherin. Like, this is what fandom is FOR. Go to. Have fun.

**I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS, maybe I'll get around to it after my prepare-for-the-play HP re-read.
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:D :D :D :D

Now, make one for the other 12 Schuyler children. I'll wait. YES ALL TWELVE. THINK WE FORGOT ABOUT THEM?

When this fandom fades and everything online is lost, the next round of fans are going to be so unhappy that all they have is this (ground-breaking, awesome) piddly musical to see. It's going to be a graveyard of dead video links.

And I have to say, as someone who doesn't identify or consider myself as a Broadway fan, it's still delightful to watch how much we're getting to see the Broadway people having fun with each other. This video has the Fun Home kids and references to Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music and, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. LMM bring people to Ham4Ham I've never heard of but make him SO EXCITED. Heck, I've rewatched the Les Mis audition/Welcome to Broadway video a few times I love watching fandoms be happy even when I have no idea WTF is happening.
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And it's weird! I've never seen the show! I haven't even seen a Tony performance!

But I'm obsessed enough with Hamilton to track the slavery policies of all of George Washington's step-grandchildren. What.
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The law school library (in one of their many [futile] efforts to get us involved) has a little poster board up with a border made of pictures of famous lawyers from various movies and tv shows and they ask "Who is your favorite fictional lawyer?"

We get to write our answers on post it notes and stick it to the poster. One wrote "This one!" with an arrow pointing to James Spader from Boston Legal.

I passed it today, stopped, pulled one of the post-its and wrote "KATE SPENCER" in giant letters and stuck it to the board. No one knows who she is but I'm not letting Marvel get all the comic book lawyers on that board. (Someone had put She-Hulk. I didn't notice a Matt Murdoch.)

Also, today I finally figured out where I can go online to find D*Con news and discussion, now that the official LJ has been dying along with the rest of the platform. Reddit.

I mean, I don't have a reddit account, but that's ok. The migration from LJ has basically turned me into a lurker anyway.

And how else would I have found video of all the EFF panels that I missed? HUH?

Lastly, I made the massive mistake of discovering the Hamilton soundtrack free online and also the Genius lyric commentary site so instead of doing homework, I'm listening to the whole soundtrack researching the legality of dueling in NJ.

So, you know, good things.

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