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Saw Thor II!

…and y'all were right. I felt bad for Loki. Which is the closest I've really come to liking him, so that's something. (It is the first time I've ever been interested in Loki fic, so that's something EVEN MORE.)

Spoilers! )

The trailers were GLORIOUS. I spent most of the time flailing. Catching Fire! X-Men! Winter Soldier! Squee!
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Tom Hiddleston: "One of the most interesting conversations Chris [Hemsworth] and I kept having was, "What does Loki want in the end?" What does he want? I was unable to come up with a definitive answer."


Oh, it's not just me then? Ok, good.

(Haven't seen the movie yet, plan to, Darcy's in it!)
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First, read this story about cosplayers being awesome.



Ok, so it seems that the CW has cast an actress to play Sin in the Arrow series. My reaction to this news so far is mostly open-mouthed shock. They're casting an obscure POC female character for this series? Whoa. That was unexpected.

Obviously they're going to change the character around. (ROY HARPER, WHAT HAPPENED?) but I'm actually wildly curious where they're going to go with this. I'm hoping to catch up on Arrow in time for Dragon*con, but between some of the interesting stuff they're doing and the fact that my roommate is a big fan, I'll probably be watching it next season, at least.

On a related note, DC better step up its game or Marvel is going to take over movies AND TV, and then I'll never see a live-action Nightwing adaptation. AND THAT WOULD BE TRAGIC.
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Dear Joss,

I really like the Buffyverse, so don't do something to ruin this for me forever, k?

(Coulson is a good start.)


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I'm doing some cleaning in my parent's house

And I found a ton of my con stuff from...2007.



I'm sitting in a pile of bookmarks for manga that are now out-of-print and anime no one remembers. I found the HTML guide [livejournal.com profile] tinuviel8994 wrote for me when I started using LJ.

I found my printout of lyrics from the NANA movie, my Kryptonian-English guide, a map of Walt Disney World so old it's for MGM Studios, and a dozen maps of the Lord of the Rings Traveling Exhibition (circa 2004!).


I have ICV2 industry guides because I found those endlessly fascinating.

I found a flier for the "Veronica Mars Season Two Trading Cards" despite the fact that I don't buy trading cards and I missed Veronica Mars.

I also found a House of M sketchbook comic and colored pencils! NEW PUBLIC TRANSPORT ENTERTAINMENT.

I also found my old floppy disks! Guys, my childhood computer died a sad, lonely death but odds are good that on one of those floppy disks, my terrible fic remains.

I just need a computer capable of using a floppy disk. That's going to be a challenge.

I also found approx. 300 different magazines dedicated to the Lord of the Rings movies. They are useless and waste a ton of space, but I can't throw them out! *clutches*

In more recent news, I've been gifted with the 42 Things the Prove the Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Perfect Man. I admit he's nearly too skinny for my tastes but the writer and I do agree about arms.

Also, he is a ninja. :D
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Dear everyone,

I am currently putting out Torchwood fanfic that is not everyone's cup of tea, to put it delicately. If you don't want to read them...please don't. I'm doing my best to clearly mark them to warn people off, and I will be tagging all of them with "felt like the end" and LJ has this nifty feature where you can unsubscribe to a specific tag. I am honestly totally fine with that, not offended, want you to be happy. I don't read every fic out there, not even all the ones written by friends, and it doesn't stop me from loving you all. Hell, [personal profile] iceshade isn't planning on touching any of them with a ten-foot pole and blindfolds, I believe, and she's one of my BFFs.

I'm also cutting every post related to MD in the future. It's my journal, obviously, but I have tons of fandoms, and if New Torchwood and Old Torchwood are going to become two different groups, I can respect that.


I finally just saw Thor. First of all, the theater was wicked cheap because we bought tickets to the first showing of the day. I love when that happens.

Cut for spoilers, especially because I'm not familiar enough with the comics to be able to tell what they changed and what they didn't. )

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