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I'm baaaaaack.

It's freezing up here and I am sunburnt and covered in mosquito bites. Sorry, body. You'll get used to it.

I decided to clean out my deak-area to give me an organized space in which to figure out my job application process and write a stunning law school personal statement so I can make my life perfect, but instead it means I am now swimming in papers. Papers! Everywhere!

And I found a post-it note with the words "Lisa used to borrow Ianto's shirts to wear around the apt." which is clearly supposed to be a fic idea, but for the life of me I can neither remember writing it nor where it was supposed to be going. Argh.

Other than that, I have some Outsiders fic, sketches from my dead-in-the-water webcomic, and 20 copies of my old resume. Oh! And my drawings for the Legion of Superheroes reimagined as a shonen fighting manga. I MAINTAIN THAT THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME.

I did find the list of ideas for [livejournal.com profile] tw_meta/[community profile] torchwood_salon posts! Hopefully I'll get right on those. After I can find my desk again. It's somewhere under the papers...
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This is what I do when I can't fall asleep and I feel guilty for not making a proper promotional banner for my meta community.

Image below cut. It's a bit large. I don't know how to fix that. )
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I have posted my second meta to my community! It's not as potentially conversational as my first one, but I got permission from Saria to link to her journal and I wanted to put this post up before I forgot.

Anyway, in it I link to what I believe is the shippiest Jack/Ianto song in the history of forever and that should be enough for anyone to click on over, right?


You can see it here on LJ on here on DW and if someone can let me know if I've messed up on some music terminology something before the whole internet figures out I don't know from music, that would be great!
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I've put up my first post on my meta community because the internet was being quiet (and I have a limited tolerance for tumblr before I want to CALL PEOPLE ON THE PHONE because anything would be easier than having a conversation there.)

I haven't done any of the community promo stuff I wanted but I think tomorrow morning I'll cross-post it to all of the Torchwood communities to stir up interest.

Anyway, the post is over here on the livejorunal community and here on the dreamwidth community.

It's about what Ianto and Jack think of Cyber!Lisa.


Argue with me! Agree with me! Post gifs! I don't care!

(If you have recommendations for a better layout, that would also be good. The text is too small.)

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