Feb. 15th, 2017 18:40
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*has a bad day*

*starts checking ticket prices to London*
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Read a college AU fic today in which the pairing-of-choice were paired to shoot a short film for a class assignment. The fic itself was tiny, it wasn't a masterpiece or anything, it was clearly an id-fic of more idea than in-depth, plotty, beta-ed execution. Which is fine.


As someone was who WAS paired up in film class to shoot short films, EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ASSIGNMENT IS WRONG. It's a GIANT PAIN to film five minutes of material!! You DO NOT do it in a single shot, good lord, who are you, Hitchcock?????

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I have 300,000 things I want to say about the Harry Potter Play (did I mention I loved it? I loved it. With the total unironic enthusiasm of a fan who has lost most of the ability of discernment. I want to see it a million more times and also never see it again to never tarnish the perfect memory in my mind) it's been hard to sum up feelings.


My trip included a brief Edinburgh detour because L and I were a bit worried that Scotland is going to Brexit Brexit right back to the EU. And we totally unintentionally ended up there during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Me, the giant nerd, saw people waving little signs for a theatre adaptation of Terry Pratchet's Mort. MORT.

Have I mentioned that I've never read any Discworld? I know, I know, massive fail, but I kept trying The Color of Magic and just...eeeeehhhh. I have seen The Hogfather film/TV adaptation though! That's something?

Anyway, I grabbed a Mort flyer. And we read it. And we laughed.

And then we bought tickets.


The show was, objectively, pretty amateur. But it was so much fun, and hilarious, and the effects were startlingly really good. The spoiler? )

Anyway, it was great. Turns out the my friends thought I chose the play because I'd read the book (oops) but we all had a good time. A pretty nerdy start to a REALLY nerdy trip.
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My local girl scouts are selling cookies! local girl scouts are selling cookies NOT CLOSE ENOUGH TO WHERE I LIVE. You would think a half-hour walk for cookies wouldn't be so bad, but no. No, it's the worst. It's too far. Don't make me leave the law library, my new home.

I also have no idea why they are not selling near my university. It's nothing but college/grad students, and trust me when I say we have more than our fair share of ridiculously rich students who would think nothing of paying for 20 boxes of Thin Mints.

Which is fine. I don't want Thin Mints. I WANT SAMOAS. And I will set aside grocery money for them. Om nom nom.
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Here are two threads in my life! (Weeeell...three?)

1. I love sports AUs. They are the best! I have no clue what is happening in the sports, but they are all about bonding and friendship and emotional support. And a lot of slash in the one bastion of fanfic society left where people have to actually think about and struggle with and hide their sexualities. Not that I think people should have to do that in real life, but you know I'm in fanfic for the angst and slow-burn, right? Feels everywhere.

2. I really know nothing about sports. I mean, I played hockey in high school for three years and I'm still not 100% sure what offsides is. (I was the goalie, in my defense.) My dad is a baseball I know how many innings there are. I just don't actually care about sports so the rules slide riiiiiight out of my head.

3. I need to learn a sport, on a water-cooler-talk level. I'm entering a really male-dominated, network-heavy profession, I don't drink, I don't go out Friday nights, most of my hobbies revolves around fandom and fandom-adjacent stuff, I need to be able to talk a sport.

After talking with law school friends, I mostly settled on football. Football and baseball are really the American sports, I should pick one, and I mean, I had a professor who liked The Patriots, I can read some football stats and ignore the spousal abuse scandals, right?

...Of course, instead I spent a precious day of vacation reading Check, Please and now I'm reading up on the NCAA and trying to find tickets to a NWHL game and IDK, what. I'm going to end up in Hockey fandom. By accident. IT'S A FANDOM-ADJACENT SPORT, OK. Even I know about the hockey RPF.

And then I'll obviously have to move to Canada, the one country where hockey is actually a good sport to know for networking purposes. YOU HAD ONE JOB, SELF.

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I am babysitting a cat on Sunday. (I mean, technically I am just feeding her while her owner is away. And for Sunday and Monday. BUT I have been told I can hang out in the apartment as long as I want and I don't have class on SUNDAY.)


:D :D :D :D

ETA: Doing HW with one hand, cat claimed other one for scritching.
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The law school library (in one of their many [futile] efforts to get us involved) has a little poster board up with a border made of pictures of famous lawyers from various movies and tv shows and they ask "Who is your favorite fictional lawyer?"

We get to write our answers on post it notes and stick it to the poster. One wrote "This one!" with an arrow pointing to James Spader from Boston Legal.

I passed it today, stopped, pulled one of the post-its and wrote "KATE SPENCER" in giant letters and stuck it to the board. No one knows who she is but I'm not letting Marvel get all the comic book lawyers on that board. (Someone had put She-Hulk. I didn't notice a Matt Murdoch.)

Also, today I finally figured out where I can go online to find D*Con news and discussion, now that the official LJ has been dying along with the rest of the platform. Reddit.

I mean, I don't have a reddit account, but that's ok. The migration from LJ has basically turned me into a lurker anyway.

And how else would I have found video of all the EFF panels that I missed? HUH?

Lastly, I made the massive mistake of discovering the Hamilton soundtrack free online and also the Genius lyric commentary site so instead of doing homework, I'm listening to the whole soundtrack researching the legality of dueling in NJ.

So, you know, good things.
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So, I signed up for the law review competition.*

Aaaaaand...I think I'm dropping out. For no good long-term reason (it would be really impressive if I could get on) but I am so tired and wrung out from this year and I can't even imagine another three days of working on this thing. I'm already WAAAAAY behind where I should be if I were going to finish on time.

Plus, I've been clenching my jaw so hard every day that by the end of the day I have headaches, ear pain and it hurts to chew. Jeez, what is wrong with me.

Instead, I've decided I'm going to try to spend tomorrow doing fanfic stuff. I have at least two fics that I OWE [ profile] nancybrown and frankly I haven't written anything for a year. I want to wallow with my fandom for a while.

Of course, I might wake up tomorrow in a panic and buy some coffee and just power through until I hand it in and collapse. I'm bad at making decisions. Blurgh.

*I can explain this if anyone cares, but it's a ridiculous law school hoop.
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Had a dream last night in which I hosted a get-together with two of my LJ friends and we were basically awesome and then one person left and the other one turned to me and went "but we never talked about Torchwood!"

So apparently my brain really wants to hang out with everyone, talking about Torchwood is a plus, not a necessity.




Mar. 19th, 2015 02:39
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So...I'm technically on spring break?

I say technically because I'm mostly having a minor meltdown while trying to do my legal writing assignment, catch up on all my classes, and, um, find a summer job.

They keep asking me what I want to be when I grow up. I DON'T KNOW OK. CAN I GO TAKE A NAP INSTEAD?

Also, I might, maybe, have an in with the OTW, maybe? Should I try that? Is that too much fandom/IRL crossover? Probably. I'm also in a class that keeps talking about pseudonymity online and I keep wanting to be like LIVEJOURNAL DID IT FIRST AND DID IT BETTER but instead we just keep talking about twitter.

New life plan: Write erotica on I feel like my years in fandom have given me a good grasp on what sex writing should sound like. And if I write something with enough dub-con, it will get made into a movie and I'll pay back my student loans. I think that's a decent plan considering the sun is going to rise pretty soon.

In conclusion: Not dead. Although this might have taken some years off my life. I FEEL YOU WESTLEY.
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I have so much reading to do. So much.


Instead I had to make a post on tumblr to correct a potentially horrible Torchwood fandom misconception. (I HAVE SAM'S REC LIST HAHA!)

I even logged into tumblr because everyone deserves to read more Torchwood fanfic, especially lurking anons. I feel you, lurkers. I feel you.

And now for my next procrastination technique, grocery shopping!


Just noticed a grammar mistake on tumblr. Can you even edit tumblr posts? UGH TUMBLR WHY YOU.


ETA: Sam just thanked me on tumblr. Can I fangirl faint now or something? I did squee quietly but my new roommates don't know about fandom yet so shhhhhhh.
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I posted a fic.


This is all [ profile] pocky_slash's fault.

Apparently if someone who I like and whose fic I like and whose meta/brain I like are just relentless about a fandom for long enough, it can just SEEP IN. Unless I actively resist? NICE TRY SUPERNATURAL.

It's not betaed and it's probably junk but I should post it on AO3 anyway, right? But uuuuuugh I don't wanna.

Also, I apologize about being late on comments for...the past two years? My computer is junk but I AM GETTING A NEW ONE BY NEXT WEEK YAAAAAY.

Well, also I am a poop and sometimes don't check this stuff. So, I guess I won't have any excuses moving forward...>.>
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I switched back to the old style for now. Ugh LJ, stuff like this is going to kill off what little fandom social media activity I get.

2 - Trying to pick a name for my new laptop I am hopefully getting next month. Any suggestions? I love fandom names, and I rarely abandon a fandom, so I'm thinking about mushing any of my new sort-of-fandoms (X-Men, Inception) my big fandom of Torchwood, and any of my other various fandoms over the years -- check my tags or info page for more?

First suggestion: Ron Swansea. LOL. (WHAT I LIKE WALES OK?)

My current computer is named for the Vorkosigan saga, Batman, Animorphs and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, just to give you an idea. It's a long name. :D

3 - I've been poking my muse to try and write fic recently and I just have to say that I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE LAW SCHOOL AUS OF EVERYTHING FOREVER.

(Ianto would be SUCH a gunner. Gwen would be the public interest person earnestly trying to get into clinics as a 1L. Jack would spend every weekend sleeping around and drinking and not caring about his grades at all.)

4- So L. and I have been doing an X-Men movie rewatch (or, as I am starting to call it in my head, The Wolverine Diaries) as prep for when we get to see DoFP in a little over a week.

We've just come to a bit of an fork. On the one hand, First Class came out before "Wolverine In Japan," and I normally do my media in publication order by preference. On the other hand, the Wolverine movies are the least interesting to both of us and I want to save First Class for last as the lead-in to DoFP. Any thoughts/opinions?
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Long story short, while I was staying with my parents for a few days, my (wonderful, lovely, generous) aunt agreed to spend two hours starting the Giant Project that is Cleaning Out My Childhood Bedroom.

We went through my small collection of VHS tapes from the days when I taped stuff of the TV. And I'll be fair -- I haven't watched any of those tapes in a decade or so. And the vast majority, if not all of them, are my tapes of the Digimon TV show, which I will still defend to anyone else who understands fandom. (To those that don't, I avoid the subject entirely. I don't care for being judged.) My aunt immediately threw them into the trash pile.*

But those DVD's aren't just copies of any random episode I would find airing on TV. Those DVD's are pure artifacts** from the Toonami days of yore. When I could, I would sit right in front of the TV, my finger on the "REC" button on my VHS player, recording the show and not the commercials. This meant that I became an expert in knowing the little bumpers between the commercials and the actual anime shows. I learned dorky Japanese words and random facts about Japanese vending machines. I knew the exact average length of the commercial break if I had to run from the TV.

And Digimon Adventure 01 had 54 episodes. I never managed to watch the show all the way through and back when I bought DVD's there was never a legal printing. But I knew the episodes I had on VHS by heart.

And before someone jumps in (no one will, this is LJ and I never made any DIgimon friends) I will defend that dub forever. Sure, it cut Joe's brothers down and such, but it was HILARIOUS intentionally. The snarky lines they gave those kids in shots that were just money-saving "mood" pans across the screen are pure dork comedy gold.

Last I checked there was an active torrent with the whole show dubbed, and it's honestly probably a good idea to get that and toss the VHS tapes. I don't even have a TV in my own apartment, I won't be watching these things anytime soon. I mourn the loss of the dorky Cartoon Network bumps, but it's probably time to let this stuff go, right? I mean, between my room at my parent's and my own apartment, I have to cut down on my sheer volume of stuff and in the books vs. VHS space battle, I'll keep my dead trees, thanks.

And I was never a part of a VHS fandom or anything. This was just me, inexplicably obsessed with this random weirdo children's show all by myself. It's not me abandoning anything greater than myself, just clearing space in my parent's house.

But still, it's hard. Just holding the giant black plastic VHS tapes with my meticulous junior high hand-written labels bring such a rush of memories. Thanks, parents, for not crushing my interests even as you found them dubious and juvenile.


*Alongside my VHS copy of the Digimon movie, which in America was a smashing-together of three separate Japanese movies. One of which was strong pre-cursor to the anime movie Summer Wars!

**Also to be noted: I spelled artifact the British way in this post and had a solid "What? Why?" reaction when my spellcheck objected. TORCHWOOD FANDOM I BLAME YOU.
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*weeps with joy*

I can finally watch the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Life can begin again!!


Actual conversation I had with my roommate while we lacked internet

Me: You know how James McAvoy is basically physically perfect, right?
L: Yes?
Me: I've decided we should see more movies with him.
L: Ok.



In real life I have compiled a fandom/law school list. )
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Guys, it is snowing so pretty outside. There are a million reasons this is a bad thing, I know I know, but really I just want to go outside and twirl around in the completely unplowed street (I'm in a corner-ey area) and belt "LET IT GOOOOOO" and pretend no one can hear my voice crack.

spiraling in frozen fractals all aroooooouuuuuuund

Snow: Not quite as instantly glorious as large bodies of water, but it'll do.

Also, all the stuff I wanted to finish this weekend…didn't finish. So, unless you all are interested in some quarter-life-crisis-freakout posts and also my massive internal debate of "should I apply to Northwestern law" which is basically just a distraction from filling out some other apps and having a breakdown, I might have to postopone my fandom-intropsection-and-meta stuff for when I make up days later.
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Oh, I have nothing to say today. I don't even have to energy to go back through my giant pile of half-finished posts to pick on out and finish it before posting. You know those days you have so many things you have to do that you just sort of stare at the list and then it's six hours later and nothing has been done?

Welcome to my life.

Hopefully I'll be able to pull something together for tomorrow. I have to start drafting my response for the 17th, but after that I have days and days of nothing but my own inspiration.

You know what, I'll take this opportunity to say something about fandom, actually. Sometimes I disappear for a while, sometime I take a long time to respond to a comment, or take a long time to comment on my flist or fics. And a lot of that is because it's sometimes just Too Much. If fandom, the place I go to be happy (by and large) becomes a burden on top of other burdens, it's the first thing I walk away from for a bit. Lots of reasons for that, but I think an important one is this: I DO NOT want fandom ruined for me. If something in fandom makes me really unhappy, I'll just avoid it for a while, and maybe come back and examine it when I can establish some space. That goes for things I enjoy but just don't feel up to handling as well.

I know I've been enormously lucky in my fandom life. I've been reading fandom!wank for years, and I know it's just sheer dumb luck that I don't get enmeshed in some of the crazy. I also like to think that I've managed to meet some really wonderful, awesome people in fandom, and no one has ever shamed or guilted me for taking time off, even though I know I've left conversations hanging.

Another essay about fandom with no ending or real thesis! Oh well, you guys are wonderful and you aren't going to yell at me if you don't like it.
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Good Things About Moving:

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, becomes a "that what she/he said" joke.

"It won't fit!"

"Shove it in!"

"It's too small!"

Seriously. Much-needed LOLZ.

Because all other aspects were...difficult. And after our Epic Moving Disaster, we lost all the time we would have spent unpacking. So, we are living out of boxes. I can't find my headphones or my phone charger. *twitch*

Did I mention I have an English friend staying with me? She has been lovely, but I feel like the Worst Host In The World. I don't have food in the fridge. (She is NOT a Doctor Who fan, which has been HILARIOUS for her, because nearly all of my friends are these days.)

And all I want to do is curl up and talk about is WTF Doctor Who casting. I think part of my brain sort of shuts down when I try to think about it too much, because I'm not the only one who relates to Torchwood on an emotional level. I FEEL LIKE MOFFAT IS POKING US WITH STICKS, GUYS.

This week just started and I already want it to be over. *headdesk*
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Saw The Great Gatsby today. And as expected, I loved it. :D

There are legitimate criticisms of the movie to be made. BUT LALALALALA I DON'T CAAAAARE.

So. Pretty.

(I am curious about any sort of film-fandom and how hard the book fandom is going to smack them down, especially considering the book is so short. But I'm not really looking for fanfic or anything, more of fandom meta. I felt completely satisfied as I walked out of the theater.)


Also, I am taking a short vacation to Toronto, because it's far enough away to be ~international~ and yet close enough that I can take a bus there and back if I'm willing to sit on a bus for long enough. I'm leaving on Thursday and won't be back for six days or so, so don't worry if I drop off that face of the planet again. I'm still unsure if I should take my laptop with me.

I'd say I'd probably come back with a story about Ianto wandering around Toronto but it's already already been done so amazingly well I probably won't risk it. Then again, muse, so who knows?

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