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Fanfiction.net used to have a page listing all the authors who had requested that there be no fanfics of their works. When I say “used to,” it’s been over a decade since I last checked.

But I need the page for a project and I can’t find it. Anyone have a link? A cached copy? A wayback machine page?

I remember Robin Hobb was on the list. I remember because I was horrified.

I actually cross-posted to tumblr. TUMBLR.
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I want to post more. So, here is to more posts, less second-guessing, less editing *cough* and the five people left on LJ/DW that aren't in online RPGs.

I realized over this Dragon*con that I'm not remember the usernames of new fandom people as well. I've always had a pretty hard time with names (and faces) and fandom can be kind of an overwhelming place with so many active people that it can be confusing. I normally take a looooong time to get into a fandom, which can give me time to distinguish individuals as I go.

But I've been lurking around Inception for, gosh, over two years now, and I've still only remembered dozen or so names.

I think it's a little bit from the new fandom platforms. I used to remember people using a lot of visual cues, like their default user icon, their journal layout, etc. Tumblr users don't utilize userpics the same way, and the layouts are either super-plain or horrible.

But even more important, AO3! I think the layout to AO3 is fabulous and the downloading options are the best thing ever, but there is very little to distinguish the author while I read. Just the username on top, which I TOTALLY skim by sometimes.

I think there's a cultural shift that comes from putting the fic in a seperate place from the meta, the journal, the messy thought and the unbetaed flash fic. It's not necessarily a bad thing! AO3 is, for lack of a better term, a lot more cleaned-up than LJ. It's easier to find the fic you want and just zoom past all the other junk.

On the other end of the spectrum, tumblr is so jammed with junk that even when I know that people post flash fic or ficlets or dabbles and what-have-you on their tumblr, if I'm not constantly checking and saving (and I'm TOTALLY NOT) I won't find it again. It can feel that if it's not "clean enough" for AO3, it won't get archived.

There's a part of me that even misses the really messy ff.net days, when for lack of anything else, people basically wrote journal posts as Authors Notes at the beginning of their fic chapters. I would sometimes know a lot about the writer's personality, thought process and sense of humor (remember when authors used A/Ns to reply to comments? :D) before even reading the next chapter.

By contrast, AO3 notes tend to be fairly minimal, sometimes to frustration.

Of course, ff.net also had the "lack of distinguishing visual characteristics of the fic layout" problem, and I memorized very few writer names on ff.net, and I was never much active in fandom there either.

But at least people filled out their profiles on ff.net. On AO3 and tumblr, I may never know anything about anyone!


OH! I also want to post about LJ BNF culture. I had some really interesting discussions.
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The other night my roommates and I tried to watch Bronson (mostly for Tom Hardy.) I kinda liked it and wanted to finish, but it didn't make it past the "half-hour test" for the others -- to artsy and WAY too violent. I'll get back to it when I can.

So instead I convinced them to watch Four Brothers with me. Four Brothers! That's another one I came to via fandom. There was a lot of crossover writers with The Outsiders fandom back in 2007 when I was obsessed with S.E. Hinton, so when I finished reading everything in The Outsiders section on ff.net (YEAH. THAT OBSESSED) I wandered over to Four Brothers.

Rewatching it, I realized how badly it fails the Bechdel test, but it did inspire me to dig up this one fix-it I never finished.

I forgot the rules of finding decent fic on ff.net -- you start by finding one good writer and looking at who they favorite and who favorites them and start branching out. Normally it takes a really long time before you explore one entire bundle. (And only go through the actual fandom page if you're empty-handed and desperate.)

And now I'm browsing through a Four Brothers bundle. Let's be honest -- it hits the "brothers who will do anything for each other" AND "families of choice" buttons. (It is only now, while I'm in a canon with a very blatant family of choice, do I realize how many Inception fics stapled "Family of Choice" onto the Inception team. It's arguable, I guess, but their connection was far looser than some fics made them out to be. Huh.) Any day now I'll have to check what all the actors have done in the last few years.

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