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Livejournal users are fleeing LJ to DW and I keep wanting to write a longer post about the issue and spend time pondering if I want to leave Livejournal or not but in my brain I am 100% PANICKING ABOUT THE TORCHWOOD FANFICTION.

Should I start downloading? Should I use evernote? Should I just save it in word so I can convert to .epub? What about the fic I've already not saved?????? Chasing down fic from my MASSIVE personal rec list is going to take forever!

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I recced Pairing: Merlin/Pendragon last night to a friend because they were talking Merlin fandom and I was like "WELL I LOVE THIS ONE FIC?" We are both waiting for Check, Please! to get going again.

Making fandom friends is like a scary wire-balancing act where you WANT FRIENDS HIIII but also you probably don't share all your fandoms to the same degree so you aren't getting all their references and they aren't getting all of yours but you are so excited to be chatting with them an you want them to be your instant BFF but not in like a creepy way.

Anyway, now I'm re-reading the fic.

Oh my gosh, it's like a time capsule of a particular time in fandom. This fic should be the Library of Congress, it's a valuable artifact of FANDOM HISTORY.

V-gifts! I forgot about v-gifts! Probably because I never figured out how they worked.

And man, I could use the notes option on facebook. That way I could save notes on the jerkfaces I meet in groups so I would know to avoid them when they try to friend me.

...not that I ever used LJ notes in real life. Because I never paaiiiidd.
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Thing the first: It's Yuletide letter season, or that one time a year when people suddenly re-active their livejournals. It's been fun. I should get popcorn.

Thing the second: So, apparently, when I was younger and capable, I wrote this massive Torchwood meta essay. And then, like a complete fail, apparently failed to respond to any comments? Wondering if I should do that now. Because I'm creaking back into fandom life.

But I digress.

There are a few legitimate comments on that page. And then, and I don't think you can see them, there are SIX AND A HALF PAGES OF SPAM.

I get emails every few days with another spam post. And it's GROSS STUFF. Weird transphobic porn advertisements. CONSTANTLY. D:

I finally logged in to turn off anonymous commenting. Let's see if that stops it? I can turn off commenting altogether, but I hate doing that. I was also tempted to fix some horrific grammar mistakes but I resisted. Let it live in all its mistaken glory.
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There's an effort out there to make a *BRAND NEW!* social media site combining favorite features from sites we’ve used like Tumblr and LiveJournal, and create the best kind of blogging platform we could think of."

Of course, the elements they are focusing on aren't the ones I care about anyway (Where are my spoiler cut-tags, text-focused nesting comment conversations, and tight control over my security settings so I can choose who sees what?) but I actually do with them luck. They are getting an awful lot of hate for a site that doesn't exist! I'm skeptical, but not angry. Meanwhile, the site doesn't exist yet and people are demanding it be a safe space, which is just...impossible, in my opinion?

(It's one of the reasons I like DW/LJ better. Sure, the site isn't a safe space but I have an awful lot of control what goes on in my space that the tumblr reblogging system completely removes.)

Anyway, I'm curious about how they are going to accommodate people who have a hard time with certain visual layouts online, which I think Dreamwidth has worked continuously to improve, and even LJ has ?format=light (or ?format=mine) which has made a huge difference in my ability to enjoy the site and I can handle size-8-green-text-on-yellow backgrounds if I have to.

Anyway, I'm mostly noticing this for posterity. I'm fairly neutral on the topic of a new site, because I doubt it be as good for me as DW, and even if it's better than tumblr I will have to figure out how it works and I'm just a grumbly fan-person.

I'll probably go claim my username as soon as it goes up though. Because REASONS.

ETA: Oh, nope, they don't have a funding plan. I'll...check in later when they do.
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I actually bothered to log into LJ today because I keep realizing I post here (dreamwdith) and forget that I also have to check my flist THERE.

People are wrong about copyright on the Internet )

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Today’s XKCD is spot-on. The ability to curate and control your own feed should be essential in any social media platform. LJ/DW has a pretty good system in place although some features aren’t exactly well-used. Tumblr has extensions that a lot people use. Twitter doesn’t have a system as far as I can tell, BUT neither does twitter reorganize your feed by some unknown algorithm.

Essentially, Facebook exerts a great amount of control over how you socialize. Which means to me, at least, that it’s a failure of a social media site, isn’t it?

Online communities are so complicated. Interesting, but complicated.

I say, writing this on a small and dying platform. Woot?
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I switched back to the old style for now. Ugh LJ, stuff like this is going to kill off what little fandom social media activity I get.

2 - Trying to pick a name for my new laptop I am hopefully getting next month. Any suggestions? I love fandom names, and I rarely abandon a fandom, so I'm thinking about mushing any of my new sort-of-fandoms (X-Men, Inception) my big fandom of Torchwood, and any of my other various fandoms over the years -- check my tags or info page for more?

First suggestion: Ron Swansea. LOL. (WHAT I LIKE WALES OK?)

My current computer is named for the Vorkosigan saga, Batman, Animorphs and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, just to give you an idea. It's a long name. :D

3 - I've been poking my muse to try and write fic recently and I just have to say that I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE LAW SCHOOL AUS OF EVERYTHING FOREVER.

(Ianto would be SUCH a gunner. Gwen would be the public interest person earnestly trying to get into clinics as a 1L. Jack would spend every weekend sleeping around and drinking and not caring about his grades at all.)

4- So L. and I have been doing an X-Men movie rewatch (or, as I am starting to call it in my head, The Wolverine Diaries) as prep for when we get to see DoFP in a little over a week.

We've just come to a bit of an fork. On the one hand, First Class came out before "Wolverine In Japan," and I normally do my media in publication order by preference. On the other hand, the Wolverine movies are the least interesting to both of us and I want to save First Class for last as the lead-in to DoFP. Any thoughts/opinions?
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2 - I've decided I'm not following or watching any of the new Star Wars stuff unless the fandom basically loves it. Because J.J. and I have strong disagreements about how you update a franchise and what is an appropriate white man/everyone else ratio.

Also because I have one friend who was devastated about the mere possibility of de-canonizing the Star Wars expanded universe. And while I'm cheerfully amiable with ignoring any corporate directives in how I interpret my canon, I really feel for the Start Wars people out there. Fistbump of fandom, guys.

Sidenote: The fandom-based panels at Dragon*con '13 were 75% from the Star Wars track, from what I could see, and they were FANTABULOUS.
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SOMETHING happened over on LJ, and I can now only go back 100 entries in my flist.



Jul. 3rd, 2013 08:12
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D: D: D:

I don't stay on livejournal to be jerked around, ok? I've got plenty of that from facebook.


Better start going through it now before they do...
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So, livejournal went down halfway through me drafting a comment over there. THAT was annoying.

I've really come to realize that tumblr isn't going to work for me, and as LJ is dying, I'm willing to stretch my fandom feelers a little more over here on Dreamwidth. I have some worries about this site (perl-based when everyone is going to ruby (apparently), no mobile app, many non-active users, a profit-system hugely dependent on userbase, etc.) but there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

And I adore the commitment to accessability.

I just wish there were more places to meet people? With most of the active communities I see being RPG-based, it's a little harder to say hi to strangers. And the "lastets entires" page is weirdly spammy -- the same three uses putting up context-less pictures, lots of Russian posts 24/7 and some new person with awkwardly-phrased how-to-use-sex-chatting online.

*pokes around some more*
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Last night I met a fairly prominent (read: VERY prominent) comic/geek blogger. At one point she mentioned tumblr and twitter as ways to get in touch with her and I made a disparaging comment about the stilted options of communication on tumblr.

She responded, "Yes, I know, but it's better than twitter."

And I said, "Um, yes, but everything good anyone has ever said to me about tumblr, I have always been able to respond 'Livejournal did it better and Livejournal did it first.'"

She laughed and said, "Yeah, for you and George R. R. Martin."

And I said (deadpan) "Yeah, and we're totally biffles."

I mean, deep down I know that Livejournal will never overcome its reputation among older geeks (I'm looking at you, John Green,) despite the fact that the most active communities I've been browsing off-flist recently are non-geek communities.

And of course, the power of social media rests entirely within the userbase. I mean, I was really passionate about Diaspora but I don't know a single person using it. And my LJ flist is dwindling (I know that's partly my fault. Um, sorry? I have things to write, I just don't have time to organize said things! This post is a mess!).

On a personal level, I'm actually starting to spend more time browsing through the active userbase communities on Dreamwidth because it's becoming a conflict of "go where I am comfortable vs. go where my existing fandom is." And as anyone can tell based on my spotty and horrid use of tumblr, that question seems to be answering itself. Although as someone a little nervous of the role-playing side of, Dreamwidth is kinda...quiet. Oh well.

NEW LIFE MOTTO: Anything Tumblr does good*, Livejournal did better. But Dreamwidth is frankly kicking them both out of the water


*The one long-standing caveat is that tumblr did find a creative and unique way of dealing with trolls by forcing reblogs. I admit, it's clever, but I also find that it limits actual good conversation too much for me. Sorry tumblr-creator-dude. Good idea, but I can't get behind the eventual execution flaws.
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I'm doing some cleaning in my parent's house

And I found a ton of my con stuff from...2007.



I'm sitting in a pile of bookmarks for manga that are now out-of-print and anime no one remembers. I found the HTML guide [livejournal.com profile] tinuviel8994 wrote for me when I started using LJ.

I found my printout of lyrics from the NANA movie, my Kryptonian-English guide, a map of Walt Disney World so old it's for MGM Studios, and a dozen maps of the Lord of the Rings Traveling Exhibition (circa 2004!).


I have ICV2 industry guides because I found those endlessly fascinating.

I found a flier for the "Veronica Mars Season Two Trading Cards" despite the fact that I don't buy trading cards and I missed Veronica Mars.

I also found a House of M sketchbook comic and colored pencils! NEW PUBLIC TRANSPORT ENTERTAINMENT.

I also found my old floppy disks! Guys, my childhood computer died a sad, lonely death but odds are good that on one of those floppy disks, my terrible fic remains.

I just need a computer capable of using a floppy disk. That's going to be a challenge.

I also found approx. 300 different magazines dedicated to the Lord of the Rings movies. They are useless and waste a ton of space, but I can't throw them out! *clutches*

In more recent news, I've been gifted with the 42 Things the Prove the Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Perfect Man. I admit he's nearly too skinny for my tastes but the writer and I do agree about arms.

Also, he is a ninja. :D
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I just saw a commercial for the superbowl commercials. Have we reached ridiculous yet?

Oh world. All the hearts.

Rewatched Treasure Planet because Joseph Gordon-Levitt and also Netflix recommendations. I do understand the this movie wasn't quite as epically classic as the most successful Disney films but I LOVE IT. The moon is really a spaceport with crescent gravity! Lady captains! Cyborg pirates!

I'm having such a blast. :)

"Dammit Jim, I'm an astronomer not a doctor!"



Livejournal is still awfully quiet. So much for the "it's the holidays!" theory. Now I'm starting to seriously poke around Dreamwidth. I'm still pretty sure I'll never be a role-player, but the community over there seems huge. Otherwise I'm mostly looking at different types of fandomy things going on. There are some multi-fandom communities with activity...

I also have to do some research on the web video world (long story, details to follow later.) Anyone have any recs for videos designed to be continuous stories besides The Lizzie Bennet diaries?

This is awesome but not an example of the kind of video I'm looking for:

([personal profile] batyatoon, here's the song that I'm trying to convince SM to sing with me at the next housefilk. Because it makes me laugh despite everything.)
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I'm actually super-busy this week as well, although you wouldn't know if from my posts. Shhhh, I won't tell if you won't.

But I just had to say that tumblr went down today and I've just been gleeful for hours. Sorry tumblr folks, but hahaha. *cackle*

I literally had to dig up my twitter password so I could respond to John Green, who suggested that a tumblr-collapse and a return to livejournal would be a horror movie. I love you sometimes John Green, but no.

If LJ just figured out free and streamlined image support instead of the new flist and profile pages, livejournal could try to compete. *sigh*

I am now engaged in the most hilarious facebook conversation with two friends about the tumblr-downtime. We are remembering internet past and discussing the possibility of recreating our own internet IRL. SM will spellcheck, I'll re-enact gifs. :D :D :D

(If anyone's curious why facebook doesn't infuriate me as well, it's probably because my facebook friends are (mostly) people I interact with on a regular basis. It's by no means my main form of communication with most of them. Fandom friends don't have that advantage.)
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Livejournal is down and I know people are going to tumblr instead. I CAN FEEL IT IN THE FORCE.
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Back when tumblr was just another option instead of the primary and/or only platform People I Want To Talk To Are Using, I started to write a post about Fanfiction on Different Mediums.

So, that was a real essay. Maybe one day I'll finish it. But I've actually read a few nice old-fashined fics on tumblr, where they are doomed to be virtually lost unless they are reposted elsewhere. So I'm going to write these less-organized thoughts instead.

Here's the thing. Livejournal is not an ideal fanfiction platform. We (fandom) have come up with pretty great conventions in the standardized header format to make the fic we publish on this platform nicely accessible. We use linking and lj-cuts to neatly hide our fic so we don't flood our friends with text. We (well, most poeple) make masterlists to make it easy to find fic within blog posts. Some people make separate blog accounts for fanfiction posts. Some people tag their fics extensively.

This is all to try and make fics well organized here and easy to find here on LJ/DW/etc.

But the thing is, the ideal place for fanfiction is still going to be archive sites. )
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*actually freaks out*

If livejournal actually does this and turns my flist into a tumblr feed, I'll...I don't even know. Freak out and cry for a day?

For all its many problems, livejournal has been my fandom home for years. And as a deep-down grumbly old person, I strongly dislike tumblr and the way tumblr functions. A big part of that is my flist. And my fandom life is so focused around livejournal, I don't know what I'll do. D:

(They might be getting rid of comment threads. I need to go breathe into a paper bag for an hour. *cries*)

ETA: I was so upset about this, I made a tumblr. I think I underestimated how much I would dislike how the tumblr feed works. At some point I'll summon back the energy to go back and poke at things. :/

ETA2: Aaaaaand...they might be getting rid of paid accounts? Which isn't a problem for me but I know some of you like your icons.

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