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So, I've been wanting to set up a Torchwood meta community for...ever, it feels like. Nearly a year now, but Things were always happening.

I know that once I make it it will end up being just me posting essays and passing thoughts and everyone else will sort of ignore it, but I'll crosspost to torch_wood and the_hub so maybe some people will see it? (And the first meta I ever wrote EXPLODED on me, so who knows?)

I have ~*plans*~. Prompts and themes and I'm actually starting to write a backlog of meta for posting. (Started Jack's today! Wooo!)

Cut for ramling about name choices )

What do you guys think the name should be? I'd make a handy poll, but I have no idea how and also I'm not willing to pay LJ to let me.


Comment with:
1. TW_meta
2. TW_salon
3. TW_meta_salon
4. An even better suggestion!

And even if you're a lurker who never comments on anything but you somehow found me, you can comment anonymously! That's always an option here!
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Saw the latest Torchwood episode! So I'm ready for the last episode!

Spoilers. )

After con, I've been thinking back to my crazy ~*FEELINGS*~ before Miracle Day began. I had a chat with one man in line about how he felt fine with Children of Earth...as the finale of Torchwood. It essentially killed off everything that was Torchwood, and as an ending it was fine. I thought that the way it left us with such an open ending was perfect, because I was able to figure out where I wanted it to go from there based on my understanding of the characters. (And I haven't read anyone else writing what I thought so far, so I guess that worked.) And I'm watching Miracle Day, and I'm enjoying it, but I think that, yeah. Children of Earth worked quite well as a capstone, in a way that Miracle Day doesn't. And maybe Miracle Day is really the start of a new series, and shouldn't be evaluated that way. I'm just pondering on it again, and hopefully I'll be able to collect my thoughts once this is over and we see where it's, y'know, going.


UNRELATED BREAKING NEWS: ISAIAH MUSTAFA IS GOING TO BE IN CHARLIE'S ANGELS. I don't even want to watch that show, but! Isaiah! Mustafa! *flail*
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What Happened to the Opera Cloak? Or, The Major Continuity Inconsistencies in Immortal Sins

When I saw advertisements for the seventh episode of Miracle Day, and even as I started watching it, I assumed it happened to Linear Jack, as I refer to him. Linear Jack being the Jack after the Doctor abandoned him on Satellite Five and before Everything Changes. Linear Jack had traveled through time and space before, but had only learned of his immortality after he jumped back to the 1800's to find the Doctor. Linear Jack was forcibly recruited to Torchwood, where he worked for over 100 years before he met Gwen. Linear Jack was a flirt. But the only time we ever see Linear Jack after the Doctor and before Torchwood begins is during his section of Fragments. When Linear Jack lives through 1929, he would probably be something like....70/80 years old? His age meeting the Doctor + the amount of years that have passed since he went to the past.

Overall, I think the argument that this episode happens to Linear Jack holds the most weight. It makes sense that he might be sent to fulfill a Torchwood mission in the USA by himself in 1929, as he can't die, and he has an American accent. He also knows the future (we can't assume Torchwood knows that, but they might) so he has a slight advantage in Doing Stuff.

When the episode was advertised, we had no reason to assume that it wasn't Linear Jack. And I spent most of the episode convinced it was Linear Jack. Still could be, if we handwave a few enormous plot holes. It's not like Torchwood hasn't asked us to do this before.

Still, let's take a look at these plot holes and continuity issues, shall we? )
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First, apparently people who do not ship Remus and Sirius are fools. LOL. LOLOLOLOLOL.

I wrote an essay on this, don't you know. Just for occasions like this.

My favorite part is that the reasons the post assumes I must think Sirius and Remus were never a couple aren't really the reasons I think Sirius and Remus aren't a couple.

Plus, it quite simply ignores the whole canon vs. Word of God distinction, which is pretty relevant. If I wanted to write a story in which Dumbledore had a wife and five children and lead a straight cis life, it could be completely canon-compliant. Just saying!


I'm getting into this interesting relationship with tumblr in which I find a tumblr I like, I read EVERYTHING posted in it and then I stick it into current my RSS feed. (This eats directly into my sleeping time.) Because I'm not making an account so I can have ANOTHER thing to have to check up on and follow in my life. Plus, tumblr being what it is, a lot of people I'm interested in repost each other anyway.

But I'm having a good time finding some HP stuff, which is a nice build-up for Pottermore besides letting me express other fandoms besides Torchwood. And the Notes Passed by Marauders tumblr is AWESOME. It actually completely overturns my previously held theory that tumblr was rubbish for fic. Because it's clearly fic, and it fits tumblr oh so well. One day I'll post my epic form vs. function of fanfiction on the internet musings. (Remember, the medium contributes a great deal to the message.)

And if you're curious how I handle it, considering my views on Remus/Sirius...listen. I don't care. If I dropped all Remus/Sirius stuff, I would lose out on some of the most brilliant HP fic out there. I can read it if I disagree with it, and still even enjoy it. I just see it as somewhat AU and a bit OOC. I'm an adult, I can handle it.
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When Torchwood: The New World was all confirmed and HAPPENING and filming and stuff, all of my previous personal canon as to what happened to Jack post-Children of Earth was utterly Jossed. In my original theory, Jack left Earth, never to return, and travelled across the universe paradoxically trying to forget everything that ever happened to him ever and keep his promise to Ianto until Intersecting Geodesics happened until he finally reconciled himself to his epic and unusual life and begins his zen-like evolution to the Face of Boe.

But obviously that wasn't going to happen, so I had to come up another theory to try and reconcile myself to the new status as it was being presented to us. (Gwen was a whole 'nother issue):

Jack went traveling with the Doctor.

NOW HOLD ON WAIT A MINUTE. I know what you're thinking, especially you, [personal profile] iceshade. Because we saw that Doctor and Jack meet up post-COE and there are different opinions on it, but there was no traveling.

Well, yes. My theory is that Jack went traveling with another Doctor. )

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