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It's going to a bit of all Harry Potter, all the time, for a while at least. I can't help it. The play was like this shot of adrenaline in the fandom-lobe of my BRAIN.

The problem is that while ALL I WANT IN THE WORLD is to read a ton of Harry Potter fic right now, I forgot this fandom is super-dedicated to ships I don't see. I don't ship Harry/Draco, Hermione/Draco, Harry/anyone old enough to be his father, Hermione/anyone old enough to be her father, Harry/Hermione, or Sirius/Remus. (The fandom doesn't seem super interested in Ron.)

That's...a lot of fic I'm not particularly interested in reading. Which is how fandom rolls, mostly. It goes off into white-dude-slash-trends and that's fine. I've just been completely spoiled by Torchwood and Inception, both in quality of fic, and 'ships that were either canon or for some reason fine in my brain. (Inception is weird. I think my brain just ignored the move and bought into the shared fan!canon instead. I did read fic before seeing the film and the fic is tip-top-notch.)

I have a lot (A LOT) of feelings about the "no homo!" aspects of Cursed Child, but I'll come back to that, I'm sure, so that leaves me with canon pairings, overall. (I will pine for some really fantastic Dumbledore/Grindelwald unhealthy-relationship youth-pining disaster fic.)

So I'm in a in a weird place. I could go off and try to find gen fic, of which there are cubbyholes. I have a friend who isn't into fandom at all except for being a TOTAL Harry/Ginny fangirl, so I've asked her to send me recs, which I'm looking forward to browsing. But my old craving for Marauder fic is coming back and it's a mess down there. And while I really want Harry/Ginny (Ginny never gets enough love), I also want to read Ron/Hermione and, yes, some Tonks/Remus fic because that 'ship still puzzles me. I don't think JKR gave it enough time in canon and I really, really dislike the fanon idea that it was just Remus replacing Sirius. Fandom, you are not fixing your erasing-women-to-slash-men problem there.

Also, would settle for lots and lots and lots of post-DH fic. MORE HUGO PLEASE. And, weirdly, for the first time, um, more Draco?

tl;dr All I want is fic with canon ships, okay? Why is it so hard to find?????
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I just went searching for my absolute favorite Harry Potter fic and found out that the site it was on is down, the Wayback Machine does not have it, and it has not been uploaded to AO3.

*breathes into a paper bag*

It was called Hermione, a History, it was by Nope, I can see it linked here on the Internet Archive.

I mean, I know I'm freaking out a little bit because I'm having a bad day week two days, but I really, really, really, really want to read this fic.

I'm not even sure were to go. Tumblr? I would attempt to poke tumblr for this if I knew how. :/

ETA: I went crazy and found a Harry Potter fic finder community that is not quite dead. I then posted this

ETA1: I have no opened a tab with every. single. saved. page. the Internet Archive has on this site. Please please please.

ETA2: I have found the authors LJ. She has posted as recently as January 1. Do I say something? Is this creeping? It is, isn't it?

ETA3: OMG I FOUND IT I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS MOMENT IS HAPPENING. *resists urge to weep in law school library*

For myself and my posterity, I do ordain and establish this link (passwords here) for the United States of America. And I'm also saving it as a document on my computer. I've already screencapped the page just in case.
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JSTOR is a Harry/Hermione shipper! D:

Actually, I share almost no ships with JSTOR? I guess depending how you define 'ship. I will only accept Poe and Finn if Rey is in there too.

And John/Alexander Hamilton only works if we acknowledge that I can simultaneously ship Alexander/Eliza. CAUSE I SHIP IT INTO THE GROUND.




Bucky/Natasha. *runs*
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I'm going to see the Harry Potter play this summer ([profile] fiwen1010 and [personal profile] ilizze, in the incredible off-chance you see this, YES I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU!) and I'm avoiding spoilers. I literally told someone today that if they spoil they will be dead to me.

(I'm not actually that sensitive about spoilers in general these days, but it's Harry Potter, ok???)

I don't want to read the script because I'm a weirdo and for a non-musical I would really prefer to just see the play in its intended form first. I know I'll miss things because I always have trouble with fast-paced speech, but who cares. I can always read the script later.

Anyway, I'm a little cautious with the internet right now because of spoilers, but I realized that tumblr has MAJOR SPOILER ETIQUETTE ISSUES and I don't even know people on facebook know that avoiding spoilers online is a thing, but luckily, I'm sure even the HP people I follow on LJ/DW would be polite enough to spoiler-cut.

Gosh, I love you guys.
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1) Star Wars fandom is going through the "OMG IF YOU DON'T READ THE NEW EXPANDED UNIVERSE AND INCLUDE IT IN UR META, UR WRONG" phase, and I recognize this is a fandom that predates my experiences and whatever, but also no. I can write my Fin background fic in blissful ignorance of anything but the one movie he starred in and LAALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. #optionalcanon #forever

(I have a friend who earnestly explained to me that the Star Wars option canon was different because it was all internally consistent and beautiful and also Disney is RUINING it. And I was like, um, I'm pretty sure I read that one book about the married jedi and their babies, which is definitely not consistent and PS episodes 1-3 are canon to me, I am maybe not the fan-type you are looking for.)

2) Have I mentioned I have a roommate who is a Harry/Ginny shipper and sends me goodfic email recs? It's THE BEST. I have a lot of complicated feelings about the Harry Potter fandom, mostly concerning the absolute difficulty of digging for canon-compliant fix. I am a gumbly old canon-fan and I am tired of digging through tags.

3) I have decided that I'm not going to bother to try and see Ant-man or Avengers 2 before seeing Captain America 3. Maybe if they ever get to neflix. But all I really want to see is massive amounts of angst and friendship so backstory doesn't really matter, right?

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They cast Noma Dumezweni, a black actress, to play Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


I mean, race is still problem in JKR's world, don't get me wrong, but what can I say? As far as I'm concerned, this is an enormous step in the right direction, there have been fans with this headcanon for yeeaaaars.

And it makes for some really exciting official commentary on transmedia narratives and what is "canon" in a medium like live performances (much more volatile and unpredictable) vs books (lots of room for interpretation) vs movies (mass mediaaaaa.)

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Dear Fandom,

Half of you are wrong*. Alexander Hamilton is THE MOST RIDICULOUS GRYFFINDOR EVER.

I know we've been spending a lot of time fighting against the Gryffindor superiority implicit in HP** and we want to redeem Slytherin all over the internet, but Hamilton once challenged the entire Democratic-Republican party to a duel. He stole canons from the British in Revolutionary War. He published the Reynolds pamphlet. HAMMY YOU IDIOOOT.

He challenged Burr to a duel when he had a two-year-old son at home and extensive debts that were going to fall on his wife. And which house is full of people too busy rushing in to DO THE THING to realize what idiots they are being? Gryffindor.

Just saying. Hamilton didn't die at the youngest age of all the Founding Fathers with a fairly questionable reputation by cunningly using all his means to achieve his ends.


*I don't actually care if you want to argue Hamilton as a Slytherin. Like, this is what fandom is FOR. Go to. Have fun.

**I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS, maybe I'll get around to it after my prepare-for-the-play HP re-read.


Oct. 28th, 2015 23:09
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Um, I bought tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this morning.

I have never been so spontaneous in my life. I think I at least thought about that first Dragon*con for a few weeks. This was, OH THIS IS HAPPENING. IT'S A SEQUEL.

And then I threw money at the screen (well, I gave them my credit card information) and now I'm apparently going to be in London in August.

Holy crap.
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Fandom stuff? I'm halfway through the second season of Orphan Black! I'm watching reeallllyyy slowly, but it's amazing and awesome and the best thing ever, etc.

Also also also, it's the beginning of the Inception anniversary fandom EXPLOSION. And instead of maybe actually participating outside of my blog and lurking all over the place, I've got to figure out, like, my life.

Although John Green's video today was inspiring. It makes me want to bring the things I want to do back into rotation. But like, want to talk to me about feeling overwhelmed, John Green? Because I am SO READY for that showdown.

AND I WAS BITTEN BY A HARRY POTTER PLOT BUNNY. I might even post it when I finish because the fact that it's a totally unpopular shipping choice won't matter. NO ONE READS ANYTHING HERE ANYWAY. Lalalalaaaaaaa.

ETA: Viola Davis is playing Amanda Waller. I think this just increased my list of Superhero Movies I Am Willing To Pay Theater Money To See. Good job, DC. You get...one movie! Until Wonder Woman, at least. I'm willing to see that no matter how grimdark you get.
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My Civil Procedure professor's final from 2007 is about federal jurisdiction question over Peter Petrelli in Heroes. (Reviewing old finals to prep for my own.)

It was a nice pick-me-up realization in between the crushing despair of realizing that I am basically living in Hermione's worst nightmare*.

*"P-P-Professor McGonagall! Sh-she said I'd failed everything!"
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Watched the first two episodes of Shameless and I kinda like how they bait-and-switched James McAvoy as a rich boy to not. And then you find out he’s from a family of doctors. LOLZ WUT.

Also, he continues to look good with floppy hair.

Anne-Marie Duff was fantabulous. I’m happy so much of the show seems to revolve around her character at this point, because when they introduced the family I was like “OMG I CANNOT KEEP TRACK.” I’m pretty sure I missed about 30% anyway because ACCENTS and SLANG.

Except for the parts where I yelled USE A CONDOM. That happened a lot.


Also we have some more Expanded Universe optional-canon stuff for Harry Potter released on Pottermore guys! It's from Rita Skeeter, which is basically J.K. telling us to take it or leave it but I strongly anticipate we'll see a bunch of balding-Ron and drunk Neville fics coming out, if there's anyone out there still writing about Ron and Neville.


ETA: Here's a tumblr repost of the entire Pottermore article.
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1. I am doing a bunch of Vietnam War research for my X-Epic. The timeline between First Class and Days of Future Past is messy, yo. (Not to mention the 1940’s research for any XMFC stuff. Charles and Raven probably listened to radio dramas together for at least a year or two. Charles was probably so booored.)

2. And now that I have a FUNCTIONING computer I have to decide if I want to use tumblr or not. I’m leaning towards a “NO” with a chance of “logging in to lurk and maybe posting back to my LJ/DW posts but not replying to reblog comments because uuuuuuuuuugh.”

3. This week on “Cleaning My Childhood Room,” I found my massive collection of printed fan art that I used to tape to my walls. Mostly Harry Potter, some Lord of the Rings, a few scattered other randoms. Gosh, I forgot how much I loved that stuff and I can’t even find so much of it online anymore. Tinaling (tinling.ca/mwppmap) was one of my top sites, tons of marauder era art. Gone. Art Dungeon! According to Fanlore, that side has been offline for years. It had the best book-based-art, that was not influenced by the movies. Accio Brain! I LOVED that site, and unfortunately I discovered it after I stopped using up the ink on my parent’s printer because it seems to be offline as well. She did all of the art for the MuggleNet Harry Potter Quote Widget, and had the best Malfoy family pieces.

I think I’m going to wallow in internet nostalgia for a while and mournfully try to google for art that is apparently gone forever.
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So, JKR has said that she regrets the Ron/Hermione ship in the Harry Potter books.

My first and strongest response is still a desire for a .gif someone running through a field, arms outstretched, (think Maria in the opening of the Sound of Music) with the caption "THE AUTHOR IS DEEEEEAAAAAAAAD!"

And now for some emotional, irrational, unedited blather from an avowed Hermione/Ron shipper, )

ETA: Man, this thing is coming up everywhere. I'm wildly tempted to write a ship manifesto. Is that even done for canon couples?
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Everyone knows about the new Harry Potter stage musical that's in the works, right?

So...Harry Potter/Matilda crossover?

Honestly, the only way I can imagine this not being a horrifying look at years of child abuse is to take the Very British Rhoald-Dahl-black-humor attitude. Also, Harry needs just one friend and/or friendly acquaintance. Because eleven years of isolation are not only a terrible thing to contemplate, they seem likely mess up a kid way more than we see in the books.

Anyway, between this and the upcoming movie, Harry Potter fandom is going to have some new delightful canon to play with. Also, we can all complain to each other that we don't have enough Marauder-era stuff. I need some Lily being awesome.
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Have you guys seen this yet? For the Greater Good is a Harry Potter fan video about Ariana Dumbledore's death. I highly, highly recommend it.

Spoilers! )
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Everyone Should be a Hufflepuff, or Stop the Hogwarts House-Hate

L said it completely changed the way she views Hufflepuffs, which is astounding because I can't remember a time I didn't want to be a Hufflepuff, and this article makes all of my points. (Apparently better than I ever did.)

When I finished this article, all I wanted to do was invite Emily Asher-Perrin over for a cup of tea and a long meta romp through the Harry Potter world. My not-secret-at-all life ambition would be to open a fandom literary salon. THAT WOULD BE THE LIFE. As it stands, I wish I could articulate myself in writing half as well as Emily Asher-Perrin, as the internet is the closest we get.


The fact remains that I don't know if I would be a Hufflepuff. I most certainly wouldn't be a Gryffindor (HAHAHA) and I'm ambitious enough to be a Slytherin but the past two years haven't been particularly Slytherin-y. Would probably have been better at 11. I'm certainly in love with academia enough to be a Ravenclaw, but not only did that come later, but I NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET INTO THE COMMON ROOM. I'm atrocious at riddles.

Huh, maybe I would be a Hufflepuff! *cheers up*


May. 22nd, 2013 11:55
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From a bunch of people, but most recently [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash.

I currently have 48 works archived at AO3*. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 48 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like about it.

*And there are at least a dozen short fics floating around LJ/DW. Sorry? In the unlikely event you are planning on requesting a specific fic and you legit want them, just give me what you can remember and I'll dig it up for you. /guilt.
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Someone's ring tone on the bus is the first few bars of the Harry Potter theme. Every few minutes I keep expecting Hagrid to crash through the bus roof, grab someone and declare "yer a wizard!"

Best bus ride of the summer.
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Oh, and while I'm spending some time drifting around the Harry Potter fandom, I would like to take this opportunity to rec my two all time favorite Harry Potter fics.

Both by the same author, despite the fact that I found them in completely different ways at completely different times.

First is Hermione: A History by Nope. It is in many ways a mystery, set post-series, starring Hermione and the people around her. My favorite element is probably the fact that each voice comes across as completely different and unique, while remaining totally in character. Also, it's a solid epistolary fic, and those aren't common.

The second is Last Writes by Nope and I found it during one of my Regulus phases. This is a fic about Sirius after he falls through the veil, and it's fantastic and amazing and I can't say anything else without giving too much away. Just read it. Trust me on this one.

(My favorite part of traipsing through other fandoms is recognizing people from different places. It's nice when I'm pretty confident in the quality of an HP fic becuase I've read their DW stuff, say. :D)

(The most hilarious part is when I end up on old fandom wank and stumble across people I know from elsewhere. Or stuff that I was actually aware of at the time.)

(The crazy part is when I realize I was on the very, very edge of a wank fest way back in the LotR days. I need to stop mucking around in fandom history, but it's fascinating.)

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