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2017-01-06 12:26 pm

Don't let Russia take the fic!

Livejournal users are fleeing LJ to DW and I keep wanting to write a longer post about the issue and spend time pondering if I want to leave Livejournal or not but in my brain I am 100% PANICKING ABOUT THE TORCHWOOD FANFICTION.

Should I start downloading? Should I use evernote? Should I just save it in word so I can convert to .epub? What about the fic I've already not saved?????? Chasing down fic from my MASSIVE personal rec list is going to take forever!

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2016-12-30 03:42 pm

Fanfiction is my favorite.

I think one of my favorite things about reading fanfic is the ideas in the fics. Like, reading Harry Potter stuff now, it's just enormously fun to read people's idea of how the Wizarding World works and exploring all the background world-building that JKR put in her works. It's like when I read [livejournal.com profile] nancybrown's Intersecting Geodesics, and she had younger-in-the-future Jack react to a modern day suit like fetish wear, it was such a clever detail on how a world might work a little differently. It's the little bits that on their own would be a twitter post or a tumblr headcanon bit, but when they are just woven into the backgrounds of fics they make the fics just sparkle with depth and brilliance. Fandom, you are my favorite.

This is probably why I want long and plotty fanfics right now, because those are the ones that tend to have the cleverest ideas nestled into the longer story.

I think I managed to do it just the once, when I had Ianto and Tosh make a perpetual motion machine as a background thing in a Torchwood fic. It was just me trying to flavor their characters, but I'm still quite proud when I think about that little moment.

Anyway, link to this fic for posterity, to remind me why I thought of this post in the first place. The author's vision of Azkaban is fascinating and detailed and nuanced. And it's hitting at the right time because my anger over the need for criminal justice reform in the real world is definitely leading me to think about Azkaban a LOT. For example, the books seem to indicate that people spent most of their time in something like solitary confinement, which is absolutely cruel and inhumane and makes me furious when I think about it too long. But what alternatives were there? Mealtimes supervised by the dementors? Feels unlikely. Lots to think about. And finding a fic that really digs into this idea at this point is hitting all my happy brain buttons. *cuddles fanfiction forever*
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2016-12-15 04:14 pm

(no subject)

You know you're seriously procrastinating on studying for your final TOMORROW when you find yourself four chapters into My Immortal.

...can I even tag this Harry Potter? Because it's not a Harry Potter fic so much as a cornerstone of fandom HISTORY.
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2016-12-11 03:51 pm

(no subject)

That moment when you are reading an awesome, plotty fanfic that so far fits seamlessly into canon and then-BAM. Left turn to WHAT JUST HAPPENED NO WAIT GO BACK I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS.

Is there a fanfic flamingo for this moment? Because talk about whiplash.


For posterity, and my future self, the fic is Leave Out All The Rest and the title is actually a clue for this moment of OMG WTF, not that I would have seen it at the time.


ETA: I just left a comment on a fic posted in 2011. On the one hand, it's easier, because the odds of the author reading it are pretty low, and the odds of a response are even lower, so I can rebuild up internet-stranger-confidence that way!

On the other hand, there is a slight TERRIFYING chance that the author will see it, panic, and will take down all their fic. Don't laugh. It happens. Dead fic links make me SO SAD.
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2016-12-05 04:37 pm

Oh, wow, I have a "fandom: merlin" tag. What did I post????

I recced Pairing: Merlin/Pendragon last night to a friend because they were talking Merlin fandom and I was like "WELL I LOVE THIS ONE FIC?" We are both waiting for Check, Please! to get going again.

Making fandom friends is like a scary wire-balancing act where you WANT FRIENDS HIIII but also you probably don't share all your fandoms to the same degree so you aren't getting all their references and they aren't getting all of yours but you are so excited to be chatting with them an you want them to be your instant BFF but not in like a creepy way.

Anyway, now I'm re-reading the fic.

Oh my gosh, it's like a time capsule of a particular time in fandom. This fic should be the Library of Congress, it's a valuable artifact of FANDOM HISTORY.

V-gifts! I forgot about v-gifts! Probably because I never figured out how they worked.

And man, I could use the notes option on facebook. That way I could save notes on the jerkfaces I meet in groups so I would know to avoid them when they try to friend me.

...not that I ever used LJ notes in real life. Because I never paaiiiidd.
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2016-11-29 02:47 pm

Me, Writing and Editing a Drabble

Ok, I'm at 97 words, just a few more, careful...


Ooooh, those are extra words, cut 'em out. Replace with BETTER WORDS.

Lalalala, editing, this is great.


Write moar words!



Put on repeat for three days because drabbles.
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2016-10-11 11:28 am

Note, I did not go in to filmmaking

Read a college AU fic today in which the pairing-of-choice were paired to shoot a short film for a class assignment. The fic itself was tiny, it wasn't a masterpiece or anything, it was clearly an id-fic of more idea than in-depth, plotty, beta-ed execution. Which is fine.


As someone was who WAS paired up in film class to shoot short films, EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ASSIGNMENT IS WRONG. It's a GIANT PAIN to film five minutes of material!! You DO NOT do it in a single shot, good lord, who are you, Hitchcock?????

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2016-09-23 12:55 pm

I still wouldn't date him though. Jerkface.

This is basically the first time I have ever felt invested in Draco. Sure, Makani's fanart made me have a lot of thinky thoughts about the Malfoy family overall (and definitely shaped my long-term view of them), but after feeling horrible for Draco in books six and seven, he wasn't exactly at the forefront of my mind.



Might have to dust off some Harry Potter fic writing skillz and write something for myself. I haven't done this in a while.

But hey, I recently got a comment on my dead, ancient Marauder fic basically demanding more. Which, because it's on ff.net, came off as more amusing than irritating. Hi commenter! It's nice to know ff.net is still ticking! (Actually, HP fandom seems pretty alive on ff.net, to my mild horror.)

I know, I know. If I want fic, I'm going to have to write it. Unfortunate, because I hate my writing. *sigh*
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2016-09-16 01:47 pm

More fanfiction, y/y?

It's going to a bit of all Harry Potter, all the time, for a while at least. I can't help it. The play was like this shot of adrenaline in the fandom-lobe of my BRAIN.

The problem is that while ALL I WANT IN THE WORLD is to read a ton of Harry Potter fic right now, I forgot this fandom is super-dedicated to ships I don't see. I don't ship Harry/Draco, Hermione/Draco, Harry/anyone old enough to be his father, Hermione/anyone old enough to be her father, Harry/Hermione, or Sirius/Remus. (The fandom doesn't seem super interested in Ron.)

That's...a lot of fic I'm not particularly interested in reading. Which is how fandom rolls, mostly. It goes off into white-dude-slash-trends and that's fine. I've just been completely spoiled by Torchwood and Inception, both in quality of fic, and 'ships that were either canon or for some reason fine in my brain. (Inception is weird. I think my brain just ignored the move and bought into the shared fan!canon instead. I did read fic before seeing the film and the fic is tip-top-notch.)

I have a lot (A LOT) of feelings about the "no homo!" aspects of Cursed Child, but I'll come back to that, I'm sure, so that leaves me with canon pairings, overall. (I will pine for some really fantastic Dumbledore/Grindelwald unhealthy-relationship youth-pining disaster fic.)

So I'm in a in a weird place. I could go off and try to find gen fic, of which there are cubbyholes. I have a friend who isn't into fandom at all except for being a TOTAL Harry/Ginny fangirl, so I've asked her to send me recs, which I'm looking forward to browsing. But my old craving for Marauder fic is coming back and it's a mess down there. And while I really want Harry/Ginny (Ginny never gets enough love), I also want to read Ron/Hermione and, yes, some Tonks/Remus fic because that 'ship still puzzles me. I don't think JKR gave it enough time in canon and I really, really dislike the fanon idea that it was just Remus replacing Sirius. Fandom, you are not fixing your erasing-women-to-slash-men problem there.

Also, would settle for lots and lots and lots of post-DH fic. MORE HUGO PLEASE. And, weirdly, for the first time, um, more Draco?

tl;dr All I want is fic with canon ships, okay? Why is it so hard to find?????
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2016-03-03 04:42 pm


So, I follow this one Inception fic writer on tumblr because I really like a lot of her stories and she updates fic snippets on her tumblr and I don't have the patience to wait for it to get to AO3 ten months later. She has built some really interesting universes, that kind that I sometimes think about walking to school.

A few days ago she asked if anyone had headcanons of her work and I was like "OH BOY DO I."

So I sent her an anon message mentioning that I have headcanons for this slow-build fic universe she has. She said I should share them. For science.

And now.

Her followers.

Are asking about me.

I have a nickname.

And I've never written any of them down? I have headcanon daydreams in a lot of fandom universes, but actually building a fic involves time and editing and I'm teetering uncertainly between just hiding away in my anon-ness (no one will find this here, it's livejournal) or actually just jotting down my ideas and sending them over. I know how those other fans feel. But in case it isn't obvious yet, I haven't written fic in a while.

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2016-02-22 10:39 pm

Logging RIGHT BACK OUT of tumblr now.

Fanfiction.net used to have a page listing all the authors who had requested that there be no fanfics of their works. When I say “used to,” it’s been over a decade since I last checked.

But I need the page for a project and I can’t find it. Anyone have a link? A cached copy? A wayback machine page?

I remember Robin Hobb was on the list. I remember because I was horrified.

I actually cross-posted to tumblr. TUMBLR.
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2015-12-17 11:34 pm

(no subject)

Dear Self,

No, stop writing fanfic, do not open your fanfic folder to dig up old stuff, stop it, YOUR LAST FINAL IS ON TUESDAY JUST HOLD ON.


You actually like employment law, STUDY FOR IT.
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2015-12-08 08:09 pm

Ooooooooh, a meme!

Fanfiction Work-In-Progress Guessing Game!

"Send me a word, if it’s in my wip document I’ll answer your ask with the sentence that it appears in."

Or the paragraph. If you really want, you can request fandom as well, because my WIP folder is a disorganized monster, and I have Torchwood, Harry Potter, Inception, Vorkosigan Saga (look what you made me do, [personal profile] batyatoon!), Comics, who knows.

(And at least 4 fics that are ready to post but for the beta read. >.>)
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2015-11-09 04:10 pm

I sort of default side-eye every article on fanfction written by a man...

I have now downloaded every article on this page through 2007.

It looks like there is a law review article about how fans are Not OK with other fans borrowing original ideas in their fanfiction, an incongruity I've long found heat-tilt worthy. WELL NOW AN ACADEMIC WILL TELL ME WHY. IN LIKE THE MID-AUGHTS.

If I read all of these articles, do I get a super-special OTW badge? I feel like I should. YOU HEAR ME, OTW?
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2014-05-28 10:17 pm

Where do we go from heeeeeere?


I switched back to the old style for now. Ugh LJ, stuff like this is going to kill off what little fandom social media activity I get.

2 - Trying to pick a name for my new laptop I am hopefully getting next month. Any suggestions? I love fandom names, and I rarely abandon a fandom, so I'm thinking about mushing any of my new sort-of-fandoms (X-Men, Inception) my big fandom of Torchwood, and any of my other various fandoms over the years -- check my tags or info page for more?

First suggestion: Ron Swansea. LOL. (WHAT I LIKE WALES OK?)

My current computer is named for the Vorkosigan saga, Batman, Animorphs and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, just to give you an idea. It's a long name. :D

3 - I've been poking my muse to try and write fic recently and I just have to say that I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE LAW SCHOOL AUS OF EVERYTHING FOREVER.

(Ianto would be SUCH a gunner. Gwen would be the public interest person earnestly trying to get into clinics as a 1L. Jack would spend every weekend sleeping around and drinking and not caring about his grades at all.)

4- So L. and I have been doing an X-Men movie rewatch (or, as I am starting to call it in my head, The Wolverine Diaries) as prep for when we get to see DoFP in a little over a week.

We've just come to a bit of an fork. On the one hand, First Class came out before "Wolverine In Japan," and I normally do my media in publication order by preference. On the other hand, the Wolverine movies are the least interesting to both of us and I want to save First Class for last as the lead-in to DoFP. Any thoughts/opinions?
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2014-01-12 09:47 pm

January 12

(Apologies in advance for some of the upcoming posts, guys. This week is going to be very busy.)

There are lots of times I wish that fandom would explore serious platonic love more often in stories. Obviously this is a cultural thing in general, not unique to fandom. But I'd give lots of love to more "besties eating ice cream" fic alongside the 300 ~new~ ways two dudes can do it.

And I mean, the funny part is that I've been blessed with some lovely Ianto-frienship fic over the years. Possibly because ongoing ensemble casts with canon gay couples are less likely to break up the canon couples when they explore character relationships. And Inception fandom tends to have some fun ideas about Arthur's friendship with Dom (and/or Mal.)

But in the spirit of friendSHIPPING, I've started to draft some "Friendship kink meme requests." Feel free to add your own. :D

A and B are two characters in a show/movie/book/video game of your choice. )
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2014-01-04 08:31 pm

January 4

Sometimes, the little things in fanfic can bother you.

When a grown man is carrying another grown man, he has a few options. But unless they are walking only a few feet, honymoon-style-cradle-arms is not the best option. It’s a method that should only be used for children, or very small adults, (or maybe the two feet over a door threshold if the fic is particularly shmooshy). And no, making these two men into lovers does not magically make one of them light enough to be carried pieta-style out of a gunfight and/or through miles of woods/desert/zombie hordes.

Every time I read a story in which one character carries using with significantly less than Superman-strength, it jerks me right out of the fic. I don’t find it romantic, I don’t find it compelling. Mostly, I find it physically improbable.

Especially because there is a real solution!

Over the shoulder, fireman's carry.

Vecchio carrying Fraser fireman style

And don't worry, there's plenty of slash about those two.

(Or, you know, google other options.)
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2013-11-21 06:06 pm

I am actually writing stuff.

I stumbled on a quote [livejournal.com profile] nandamai posted posted on LJ:

"I can't complain when the free work of someone's unpaid imagination is rough around the edges, because they are still doing it for love and I still love that they are doing it, misplaced commas and all."

Biggest reason this quote is inspirational is I always feel like I'm walking the line between "decent" and "crappy" in my writing. I've been really struggling with this recently and it's probably one of the reasons none of my writing has been getting posted recently. I know full well my grammar usage is not fabulous (every semicolon you see in a fic has been put there by a beta. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.) and I have some problems with showing/telling. Also, commas are like fairy lights, sprinkled through ever story.

And sometimes I get back beta comments and I just don't know how to fix the story problems or I'm just too ashamed to send it to a beta in the first place and I psych myself out of writing things in the first place. And this happens all the time.

I sit on fic for months trying to go over it and fix it and then I just...do something else instead.

And when I think my fic has too much id? Don't even get me started.

And I know I can be wildly picky as a reader and I trip around fandoms that are FULL of these amazing, amazing, brilliant writers and I know I'm not putting in that kind of time/effort and I theoretically could/should and…

And reminding myself that the fanfic bar is kinda low helps.

Of course, then I found the original post and it's not as encouraging? But I think I'll take this one out of context, just this once.

[Also, posts like this are encouraging, but there's this thread of "write crap, and then you'll be better later!" I'm not saying it's not true, but it's still a form of pressure. I want to remind myself that even if I never get better, that's ok too.]
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2013-11-05 03:30 pm

Possible Fic of My Heart?

"We won't need rescuing. I haven't met a cell yet I couldn't get out of." - Tosh, Countrycide

Short Backstory )

But here's a fic I want to exist that I simply don't think I have the chops to write.

I want someone to write a fic about Tosh's emotional journey from after she's been kidnapped, blackmailed and then trapped in the UNIT cells through her "freedom" into Torchwood and specifically through Countrycide. Because I want Tosh to study Escapology. I want the story to have excerpts from the life of Harry Houdini, influences from Norman Bigelow, flavors from Michael Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I want Tosh reading books, practicing on rope, handcuffs, straightjackets, watching Dorothy Deitrich shows. I want Tosh to practice at work and at home and I want no one noticing because this isn't a thing Tosh talks about, this is trying to fill the terrifying gap of Never Again. I want a flavor of magic in the story, because there's something magical about escape. And Tosh wants that confidence that she has in Coutrycide, even if it's fake. I want to read this story and feel like I learned something, because it's the story of Tosh learning.

I don't think I'm good enough at research to do this story justice. Also, I'm pretty sure my fairly straightforward writing style would be wrong for this story. But I think I about sometimes when I play the "I wish" game, and I think it's more-or-less what [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash was asking about.
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2013-10-22 04:21 pm

Clearly all I'm posting these days are short fandom observations

I follow the AO3 Torchwood fic feed on Dreamwidth (BECAUSE I DO, OK?) and I would loosely estimate that a little more than a third of the stories posted recently have been crossovers. Which I guess makes sense, if the fandoms for those shows are still going strong.

(I have no idea how strong the Supernatural fandom is these days, but I can say that it's not as in-your-face as it used to be!)

And another third or so seem to be people just reposting their fic from elsewhere. Which is FANTASTIC, because I'm getting lots of really awesome fic onto my nook without having to try and make epubs on my own.

Because having all the fics in a series in one file was GREAT, the time spent getting it there was totally not worth it.

The other third of stories haven't piqued my interest at all, so I have no made up informal data. :D

ETA: If only Batman worked in my office.