Dec. 17th, 2015

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(x-posted to facebook.)

Listen, Hamilton was a great person and all and it should have be Jackson yanked off a bill, this is true.

But if you let every cool guy stay on things instead of taking opportunities to replace them with women, we'll just...never have women on things. There are LOTS of awesome guys in history. There are also lots of women. You simply will never get to the women if you spend all time time talking about how awesome the men were, ok?

Added for LJ/DW: And I GET being in a fandom. I GET being obsessed with a thing. I even get being in problematic fandoms that don't always jive with the politics and aspirations I have for the real world. But...really. If Hamilton fans keep Hamilton on the $10, we are missing a big opportunity that won't come by for years. (Because that's how long it takes the mint do anything, apparently.)

I know this really needs to be posted on tumblr, where the fans are going nuts about this particular issue, but naaaah. I like it here.
eldabe: Image of canal in Venice (Default)
Dear Self,

No, stop writing fanfic, do not open your fanfic folder to dig up old stuff, stop it, YOUR LAST FINAL IS ON TUESDAY JUST HOLD ON.


You actually like employment law, STUDY FOR IT.

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