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I've put up my first post on my meta community because the internet was being quiet (and I have a limited tolerance for tumblr before I want to CALL PEOPLE ON THE PHONE because anything would be easier than having a conversation there.)

I haven't done any of the community promo stuff I wanted but I think tomorrow morning I'll cross-post it to all of the Torchwood communities to stir up interest.

Anyway, the post is over here on the livejorunal community and here on the dreamwidth community.

It's about what Ianto and Jack think of Cyber!Lisa.


Argue with me! Agree with me! Post gifs! I don't care!

(If you have recommendations for a better layout, that would also be good. The text is too small.)
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So, we got no information about Ianto's mom in the show. I mean...none, not even in COE. Nada. We had tantalizing bits about his father, so we did make a lot of shared fanon stories about him.

But being that we're all obsessed with Ianto's background, fandom latched onto Ianto's oddly emotional-laden admission that he knew of Providence Park as a hint of what happened to his mother. And we had all sorts of shared theories.

As she was never part of the story, most stories seemed to end up with her still in Providence Park, or dead by the time the show happened.

But then, House of the Dead came out. And all of a sudden, a whole tangle of theories that Ianto's dad put his mom in a psychiatric facility, or Ianto's mom died when he was a kid or she jumped off a bridge or what-have-you seem to suddenly not work as well.

(I'm not going to address the difference between canon and expanded universe stuff. We can all feel free to ignore the radio plays. But this one, more than anything, has been embraced by fans. So.)

The unclear implications in the radio play is that Ianto's parents separated, and it was Ianto's father's fault. It's not hard to leap from that to divorce. And why? Well, did Ianto's dad cheat on his mother? (Could tie into Ianto's COMMITMENT tendencies.) Or perhaps we could tie that back into the failed tailor theory?

On top of that, it seems Ianto's mother was alive when he left home. (Why would that have been the final moment if Ianto blamed his dad?) Although it seems she was probably dead circa CoE. But she was still in touch with Ianto's father before Mr. Jones died.

Either way, it seems to be a time to update discussions like this. Thoughts?

(And a transcript of The House of the Dead can be found here for those that want a quick reminder without listening to the whole thing.)
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NOTE: I wrote this up anticipating that I would have the videos of the Torchwood panel uploaded to my Vimeo account already. Unfortunately, I can't seem to split the video to upload without loosing the sound. So you can see the videos...but you can't hear anything. I'll update this post when I can finally get the videos uploaded properly, but for now I just typed up whole quotes for this post

To sum up: EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!! \o/ \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/

I'm not sure how else to fully articulate how awesome it was. But I'll try.

Cut for length and extensive rambling and abuse of exclamation points everywhere. )

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