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JSTOR is a Harry/Hermione shipper! D:

Actually, I share almost no ships with JSTOR? I guess depending how you define 'ship. I will only accept Poe and Finn if Rey is in there too.

And John/Alexander Hamilton only works if we acknowledge that I can simultaneously ship Alexander/Eliza. CAUSE I SHIP IT INTO THE GROUND.




Bucky/Natasha. *runs*
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I'm going to see the Harry Potter play this summer ([profile] fiwen1010 and [personal profile] ilizze, in the incredible off-chance you see this, YES I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU!) and I'm avoiding spoilers. I literally told someone today that if they spoil they will be dead to me.

(I'm not actually that sensitive about spoilers in general these days, but it's Harry Potter, ok???)

I don't want to read the script because I'm a weirdo and for a non-musical I would really prefer to just see the play in its intended form first. I know I'll miss things because I always have trouble with fast-paced speech, but who cares. I can always read the script later.

Anyway, I'm a little cautious with the internet right now because of spoilers, but I realized that tumblr has MAJOR SPOILER ETIQUETTE ISSUES and I don't even know people on facebook know that avoiding spoilers online is a thing, but luckily, I'm sure even the HP people I follow on LJ/DW would be polite enough to spoiler-cut.

Gosh, I love you guys.
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I just recommended the DC Animated Universe to some friends over the weekend and then I turn on my computer to see that The Killing Joke animated movie actually made the story worse???



DC, your animated movie slate is frankly disappointing. You give us this drek instead of a potential Batgirl: Year One film? And frankly, I'll believe the Judas Contract movie is coming when I see it. I have been waiting, gosh, since the second NYCC when it was first announced?

Luckily, I think nothing will dampen my wild and irrational enthusiasm for the Wonder Woman movie. Note the irrationality. *clings*
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I think one of my podcasts just sliiiiid right past early filking history!

This episode of 99% Invisible briefly mentions rooms of people singing at science fiction conventions.

I may have squeaked on public transportation.

They didn't use the word filk, but I KNEW. And then they played a clip and I REALLY KNEW.

Hey, [personal profile] batyatoon! [personal profile] sdelmonte! \o/
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1) Star Wars fandom is going through the "OMG IF YOU DON'T READ THE NEW EXPANDED UNIVERSE AND INCLUDE IT IN UR META, UR WRONG" phase, and I recognize this is a fandom that predates my experiences and whatever, but also no. I can write my Fin background fic in blissful ignorance of anything but the one movie he starred in and LAALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. #optionalcanon #forever

(I have a friend who earnestly explained to me that the Star Wars option canon was different because it was all internally consistent and beautiful and also Disney is RUINING it. And I was like, um, I'm pretty sure I read that one book about the married jedi and their babies, which is definitely not consistent and PS episodes 1-3 are canon to me, I am maybe not the fan-type you are looking for.)

2) Have I mentioned I have a roommate who is a Harry/Ginny shipper and sends me goodfic email recs? It's THE BEST. I have a lot of complicated feelings about the Harry Potter fandom, mostly concerning the absolute difficulty of digging for canon-compliant fix. I am a gumbly old canon-fan and I am tired of digging through tags.

3) I have decided that I'm not going to bother to try and see Ant-man or Avengers 2 before seeing Captain America 3. Maybe if they ever get to neflix. But all I really want to see is massive amounts of angst and friendship so backstory doesn't really matter, right?

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I sort in the back of my mind new about the new Torchwood audio but I haven't been tracking them down or anything (and this is literally a bone-throw to the fans, we know it, we're not dumb, whatever.)



Life goals for after finals.
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I need an unpopular OTP so I can buy this notebook.


I mean...sometimes it feels like Harry/Ginny is unpopular but we all know that Harry Potter fandom contains multitudes so there's plenty of people left shipping them all over the place.

So basically I'm a boring shipper. Which is ok, I'm not actually in fandom for the shipping. Le gasp.
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Me, reading kid!fic (what, I had a craving): BURP THE BABY AFTER THE BOTTLE. *twitch*
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When I heard that Iron Fist was going to be the fourth Marvel/Netflix series (after Luke Cage OMG guys Luke Cage) I literally only had one reaction: They have to cast a Chinese man for Danny or it's going to be racist. I mean, in a pinch, they could cast a Pacific Asian actor and it would be slightly racist. But they obviously, obviously, couldn't cast a white guy, right?


I think the worst part of that article is the comments section. I thought it was a well-written, clear critique of the problem of casting a white Iron Fist. And the comments exploded into indignant fan rage. Then I remember why I've never gotten very far into the organized comic books fandom.

I guess Marvel should have made an Ultimate Iron Fist first, huh?

What? Me? Bitter?


I am also nine episodes into Jessica Jones )
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So, spring break is here!

This means I have one week to catch up on homework, outlining, clerkship panicking, etc.

So...I started Jessica Jones. It's amazeballs. A little dark for my personal tastes, but done so, so well. I love the stylized look of everything, and I love Luke Cage (Sweet Christmas!), and I love that 2/3 of the cast is women. This is gonna be a binge. Still not planning on watching Daredevil, though. I'll google if something comes up.

I also want to finish Worm, a superhero web serial recommended by a fellow law student a year ago that I have not finished. He's not a superhero fan, and I decidedly am, so whenever I got the chance to read it, I would send him exclamation-point-laden squees about the Teen Titans and Young Justice.

And...maybe fanfic? Maybe.
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So, I follow this one Inception fic writer on tumblr because I really like a lot of her stories and she updates fic snippets on her tumblr and I don't have the patience to wait for it to get to AO3 ten months later. She has built some really interesting universes, that kind that I sometimes think about walking to school.

A few days ago she asked if anyone had headcanons of her work and I was like "OH BOY DO I."

So I sent her an anon message mentioning that I have headcanons for this slow-build fic universe she has. She said I should share them. For science.

And now.

Her followers.

Are asking about me.

I have a nickname.

And I've never written any of them down? I have headcanon daydreams in a lot of fandom universes, but actually building a fic involves time and editing and I'm teetering uncertainly between just hiding away in my anon-ness (no one will find this here, it's livejournal) or actually just jotting down my ideas and sending them over. I know how those other fans feel. But in case it isn't obvious yet, I haven't written fic in a while.

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OK, I don't know a single person in Check, Please! fandom, which is unfortunate.

It's a webcomic, it's written by a woman who is clearly comfortable with fandom tropes, it's about a made-up men's college-league hockey team, it starts a Bittle, pie-baking southern boy who plays hockey (it is strongly implied he took it up because his father -- a football coach -- wasn't too pleased when he was getting really good at figure skating) and his whole hockey team.

There is also another boy on the team, who is drop-dead gorgeous, a doofusball and an angst FACTORY. (READ THIS. TRUST ME.)

Everyone, naturally, shipped them. The AO3 section was pretty healthy! Despite (or perhaps because of) lapses in updating.


And the author typically puts up commentary after she posts and I have been waiting DAYS WITH NO ONE TO TALK TO. DAYS.

Ugh, why did I ever decide to get into sports, it's really getting me into weird fandom spaces.
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Fanfiction.net used to have a page listing all the authors who had requested that there be no fanfics of their works. When I say “used to,” it’s been over a decade since I last checked.

But I need the page for a project and I can’t find it. Anyone have a link? A cached copy? A wayback machine page?

I remember Robin Hobb was on the list. I remember because I was horrified.

I actually cross-posted to tumblr. TUMBLR.
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That moment where you can't tell if there is actually more new fic being posted for due South than Torchwood or if it's just that more due South fic writers are finding AO3 and uploading their backlog.

*squints at internet*

Due South is so old that "homosexual sodomy" was still illegal in Texas when it ended. And yet. More fic.
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NOT finished with Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, but I'm going to have to finish it next week as I've run out of time.

Spoilers! )

tl;dr Not done, careful with spoilers.

ETA: Definitely forgot things from earlier books. Time for a full re-read? :D
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I'm saving it for this weekend, but I read the inside flap and now SUPER EXCITED. Jole's an admiral! Awwww.

And the timeline in the back describes Captain Vorpatril's Alliance thus: "ImpSec headquarters suffers a problem with moles." HAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

Also, it hints that this is going to include wills. Did I mention I'm in a Trusts and Estates course and it is THE BEST. It's awkward not being able to give legal advice yet, because never have I been so tempted to posting wildly incomplete advice on the internet for people.

I can say, though, that my introduction to wills was Neil Gaiman's blog post waaaay back in 2006, and I keep having recognition flashbacks to it in class, so make of that what you will.

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So, I've been having a not-great semester, and remember how I mentioned due South a few weeks ago?

Since then, I've picked the show back up and watched two seasons worth of episodes. Mostly while curled up in bed eating potato chips. I'm now only a few episodes from the end. (Although...I already know the end-end. Thanks, fandom!)

And I re-discovered crack_van, found the dS post, and I mourn the loss of the pictures because the description of RayK are right, but I would like to know which pictures were chosen.

I also mourn the loss of [livejournal.com profile] crack_van. Because it's the best intro-to-fandom site ever. I found the One Direction article and I am going to read it so I can understand wtf everyone is still talking about.

PS. The same actor who plays RayK also plays Number 2 in BSG. Maybe I'll just go back to BSG, wrap up all the fandom shows I'm only halfway through.
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Dear DC Comics,

You don't need the Justice League to sell me a Teen Titans movie. Really. I will give you money anyway. I have been waiting A DECADE to give you that money.

But, if that's what it takes?. I will pay for Justice League vs. Teen Titans. I will only puzzle over Damien and Jaime for a few minutes. (DAMIEN WAS, LIKE, FIVE DURING THE NEW TEEN TITANS ERA. WHAAAAAAT.)

I will even forgive you not putting Dick in the disco-suit. Because we, the fans, DESERVE Dick in the disco-suit. Complete with those yellow feathers. DO YOU HEAR ME, DC?

Anyway, I haven't been paying an awful lot of attention to the DC animated movies, even though they have historically been some of the best DC media outside of comics. So it's nice to hear the news I'll get some Teen Titans.

Make a Legion of Superheroes movie and we're even.


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