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Feb. 15th, 2017 18:40
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*has a bad day*

*starts checking ticket prices to London*
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So, the new trailer for Riverdale, the dark and brooding CW version of Archie Comics, was just released. And it's hilariously not like the comics at all (Archie is apparently sleeping with Ms. Grundy? WHAT?) but it made me think of and dig up this ancient MightyGodKing post about how Betty Cooper is actually a terrifyingly stalker. Which is a great read on the comics, I love that kind of meta.

And now that is a plot line I hope they follow in the show. Hey, it would belong thematically! I don't much care about Archie's love...square (?) and really all I want is asexual Jughead starting a food blog.
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So I did the crazy thing. And now I'm in London, using the free wifi at the National Theatre to pretend to do my final paper.

This time tomorrow I will be queuing for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (yes, again, yes I know.) Well, you only get to be young and reckless once.
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Tripping around an Old LJ of Yore (long story) and got linked to this blog post in which an author explains that fanfiction is illegal and also mostly unjustifiable.

BUT THE COMMENTS. Oh my gosh, the amount of people who are like "we totally agree with you about that fanfiction, the gross stuff, but our ~pure~ fanfiction is really different, really!"

Oh, man, I am so happy that I didn't re-join fandom until this had mostly blown over and I had very little contact with this attitude. I mean, I write and mainly read canon-compliant fics but I think non-canon-compliant fics (even the explicit sex stuff! Even the really weird stuff!!) is important and worthy of protection and YKINMKBYKIOK.


And there have been some threads on tumblr from young people agreeing with this stuff, which is only not worrying because AO3 is around. Thanks, AO3!
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Livejournal users are fleeing LJ to DW and I keep wanting to write a longer post about the issue and spend time pondering if I want to leave Livejournal or not but in my brain I am 100% PANICKING ABOUT THE TORCHWOOD FANFICTION.

Should I start downloading? Should I use evernote? Should I just save it in word so I can convert to .epub? What about the fic I've already not saved?????? Chasing down fic from my MASSIVE personal rec list is going to take forever!

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I think one of my favorite things about reading fanfic is the ideas in the fics. Like, reading Harry Potter stuff now, it's just enormously fun to read people's idea of how the Wizarding World works and exploring all the background world-building that JKR put in her works. It's like when I read [livejournal.com profile] nancybrown's Intersecting Geodesics, and she had younger-in-the-future Jack react to a modern day suit like fetish wear, it was such a clever detail on how a world might work a little differently. It's the little bits that on their own would be a twitter post or a tumblr headcanon bit, but when they are just woven into the backgrounds of fics they make the fics just sparkle with depth and brilliance. Fandom, you are my favorite.

This is probably why I want long and plotty fanfics right now, because those are the ones that tend to have the cleverest ideas nestled into the longer story.

I think I managed to do it just the once, when I had Ianto and Tosh make a perpetual motion machine as a background thing in a Torchwood fic. It was just me trying to flavor their characters, but I'm still quite proud when I think about that little moment.

Anyway, link to this fic for posterity, to remind me why I thought of this post in the first place. The author's vision of Azkaban is fascinating and detailed and nuanced. And it's hitting at the right time because my anger over the need for criminal justice reform in the real world is definitely leading me to think about Azkaban a LOT. For example, the books seem to indicate that people spent most of their time in something like solitary confinement, which is absolutely cruel and inhumane and makes me furious when I think about it too long. But what alternatives were there? Mealtimes supervised by the dementors? Feels unlikely. Lots to think about. And finding a fic that really digs into this idea at this point is hitting all my happy brain buttons. *cuddles fanfiction forever*
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Being in fandom means watching your heroes die. Like, that's what it means to be a fan of things, a lot of the time. Because creators and actors and the real people the bring life to the things that we love are all human and especially when you're young, they are older than you are.

My first year collecting comic books, Julius Schwartz died. When I was little, I actually thought all authors were dead, as if that was a prerequisite for being published. So, you see, I started fandom with death from the very beginning. And I don't think a year has gone by since my active fandom days where someone hasn't died, although some of them (eeerrm, Terry Pratchet?) are people I'm aware of even in the greater fandom space as I haven't necessarily consumed much of their work.

I think being a fan expands my universe in the real world, by giving me glimpses of people and places I may never know or visit that aren't fictional, that are real too. And death comes along with that reality.

Which I suppose is a very long way of me saying that Carrie Fisher died and memorials to her have rightly consumed my internet feeds. And I'm not sure what I can say or add, but it shouldn't go unnoticed. The things she did as her own person were in many ways more courageous and more complicated and nuanced than her iconic role and I'm glad the internet is recognizing her for that.

Also, Sam said a lot of this but way, way better.
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You know you're seriously procrastinating on studying for your final TOMORROW when you find yourself four chapters into My Immortal.

...can I even tag this Harry Potter? Because it's not a Harry Potter fic so much as a cornerstone of fandom HISTORY.
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That moment when you are reading an awesome, plotty fanfic that so far fits seamlessly into canon and then-BAM. Left turn to WHAT JUST HAPPENED NO WAIT GO BACK I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS.

Is there a fanfic flamingo for this moment? Because talk about whiplash.


For posterity, and my future self, the fic is Leave Out All The Rest and the title is actually a clue for this moment of OMG WTF, not that I would have seen it at the time.


ETA: I just left a comment on a fic posted in 2011. On the one hand, it's easier, because the odds of the author reading it are pretty low, and the odds of a response are even lower, so I can rebuild up internet-stranger-confidence that way!

On the other hand, there is a slight TERRIFYING chance that the author will see it, panic, and will take down all their fic. Don't laugh. It happens. Dead fic links make me SO SAD.
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James Potter II was nicknamed "The Chosen Two" when he was born. Possibly by Ron. Possibly by George. Ginny definitely used the nickname when it was Harry's turn to be on Baby Duty and it was half three in the morning and no one had had any sleep. (e.g. "Your turn to get The Chose Two, Chosen One.")

(crossposted to tumblr)
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I just read my first Inception fic that concisely has the military backstory take place after Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed and it was just a tiny, little detail that fired a million pleasure-circuits in my brain. This fandom and it's attention to world-building details is amazing.

Seriously, how is Inception fandom still cranking out magic??? Sometimes I want a "Unified Theory of Fandoms With Active Fanfiction Cultures" to figure out what is the magic click combination that leads to fic-creation and longevity. (And then I remember that I don't' want to watch Supernatural and also I am incredibly picky about my fanfiction and the minute the magical combination is unlocked, it will be utilized by our capitalist society to suck every possible dollar from the fandom collective.)

And then I think, eh, let some things stay a mystery.
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I recced Pairing: Merlin/Pendragon last night to a friend because they were talking Merlin fandom and I was like "WELL I LOVE THIS ONE FIC?" We are both waiting for Check, Please! to get going again.

Making fandom friends is like a scary wire-balancing act where you WANT FRIENDS HIIII but also you probably don't share all your fandoms to the same degree so you aren't getting all their references and they aren't getting all of yours but you are so excited to be chatting with them an you want them to be your instant BFF but not in like a creepy way.

Anyway, now I'm re-reading the fic.

Oh my gosh, it's like a time capsule of a particular time in fandom. This fic should be the Library of Congress, it's a valuable artifact of FANDOM HISTORY.

V-gifts! I forgot about v-gifts! Probably because I never figured out how they worked.

And man, I could use the notes option on facebook. That way I could save notes on the jerkfaces I meet in groups so I would know to avoid them when they try to friend me.

...not that I ever used LJ notes in real life. Because I never paaiiiidd.
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So, I've started to use tumblr more actively recently. And by actively I mean, "definitely not the way the founders intended, the site HATES me, whatever." I mostly started it because I noticed that people leave tumblr (like all other sites) but by a quirk of the site, if you reblog something you basically get a permanent copy on your own blog. And I realized that three THREE of my favorite fanartists have taken down their fansites in the past few years and I PANICKED.

So one subblog is just me reblogging fanart. Great.

Then I noticed that while I was looking for fanart, I kept finding really fantastic meta. So I started a new subblog just for meta.

So there I am, my main blog where I'm experimentally crossposting, my art subblog, and my meta subblog.

I just reblog for the art. Virtually no added comments or tags, just a collection of fanart, messy and disorganized.

On my meta blog, I starting putting in tags. Not a lot, but making comments on meta I actually disagree with, or pieces I find particularly compelling or fascinating. On at least two occasions I've really written out entire response posts because the original meta was just SO interesting.

So, I'm pottering along for a few weeks, and this is tumblr so I'm not really sure how to measure success or anything so I start poking at my stats.

My main blog is still functionally unsued, so the only people I really interact with are [personal profile] lannamichaels, [personal profile] batyatoon and [livejournal.com profile] iceshade. Except...the occasional porn blog follower. :/

The fanart one is weirdly gaining a tiny following. Which is fun, and amusing as I seem to be followed by a lot of people who don't share my 'ships. Sorry! Hope you like the art! (Hope all of you don't unfollow me after my Draco/Astoria BINGEFEST tonight!)

The meta one, which is growing to be my absolute favorite little collection of mostly-organized awesome thoughts from the internet? Followed almost exclusively by porn blogs.


This would be the place on LJ where I would likely actually have conversation. Tumblr remains terrible for what I want.

That said, I have found a lovely group of people writing Cursed Child fanfic, so I just have to screw up my nerve and start leaving comments again?
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Ok, I'm at 97 words, just a few more, careful...


Ooooh, those are extra words, cut 'em out. Replace with BETTER WORDS.

Lalalala, editing, this is great.


Write moar words!



Put on repeat for three days because drabbles.
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I'm in the middle of writing a post-Cursed Child fic and really, I'm just lovingly crafting a throwaway moment where a random Gryffindor is like "WTF are those two Slytherins doing here?" and when James points out Albus has two Gryffindor siblings the Jerk-indor says "yeah but what about the Malfoy?" And James is confused, because, like, "Um, it's Scorpius. You have Albus, you also have Scorpius. Duh."

This is one of the things I want out of Cursed Child fic. And like, I almost prefer it without Albus and Scorpius dating, or before they're dating. Because that's the kind of family acceptance Harry got very early on in the books and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I love the found families element of Molly and Arthur just taking Harry into their large and warm family without a second thought (that Harry sees, at least). And it's not like the other kids were toting their own friends into the family that we saw! Harry and Ron were best friends, and Harry was clearly in need of some loving, so the Weasley crew scooped him up. Arthur even made sure to get World Cup tickets for Harry, who never would have even expected them or known what he was missing.* It's not even just Molly and Arthur; Fred and George pick up Harry at the beginning of the second book and they give Harry the Marauder's Map! This was long before Harry and Ginny were dating, so romance wasn't required. The Weasley's are just That Awesome and Welcoming.

*Arthur got a ticket for Hermione too, but I actually think it's safe to assume her parents paid him back. But while we're on that topic, Hermione is a great example of the Weasley's not caring that Hermione has a lovely home life - she's ALSO a best friend, of course she's invited along to everything!

And I want that for Scorpius, who grew up very loved but also very isolated and suddenly picked up this awkward, angry best friend of Albus on day one of Real Life. I want Scorpius who gets invited to every summer and every holiday because, well, Albus is coming, and you can't conceive of one without the other. I want James to bring them both sweets from Hogsmeade and Lily to grab Scorpius for her team in backyard Quidditch and I want everyone to know that when Albus isn't home during holidays he's at Malfoy Manner, where else would he be? Scorpius can't visit all the time, you know.

And it's ok that li'l James and Lily don't have bosom friends, because not everyone has super best friends, that's ok, Harry had two but frankly while Ginny had a bunch of super-close friends but Luna didn't hang out at the Burrow during the summers, you know?

I also understand that it seems like Harry ignored the deep friendship between Albus and Scorpius before Cursed Child, so this has to be happening after Year Four. I do think that James and Lily are both long over it by the time Harry grits his teeth and starts inviting Scorpius 'round for tea every second of every day. If they wanted to see Albus while they were at Hogwarts, they were going to also see Scorpius, so they're both very accustomed to the Albus and Scorpius BFF show. And if Harry could pull his head out of his butt faster, Albus probably wouldn't have been wound so tight at the end of the summer after not being able to see his best friend.


(crossposted to tumblr as an ~experiment~.)
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[personal profile] copperbadge just gave an oral history of fandom on his tumblr and HE EXPLAINED WHAT WEBRINGS WERE FOR.

I literally had no idea wtf webrings were supposed to do when I stumbled on them circa...somewhere between 1999-2002? I remember just being really puzzled at them and poking at them and giving up on them entirely as something I would Never Understand. (No, really. I was so exited by them because they were about Things I Was Interested In, but I could. not. grock.)

I recognize how lucky I was to get into fandom post-ff.net (as much as I complain about it now.) It really informed my early fandom days of copying out giant swaths of fic and printing them out in teeny tiny print with the narrowest margins so I could inhale them on the morning bus rides to school. It's also been a great preserver of so much of the fic that would have otherwise been lost on personal servers and even LJs.

I love fandom, fandom culture, and it's weird, underground, oral history.

ETA: I recognize that a lot of fandom spaces are full of youths making the olds feel unwelcome, which suuuucks, but maybe it's the people I follow and the fandoms I've been in, but I still feel awfully young in fandom. Yes, even as the youths do things that mystify me and I find out that my fandom lexicon is completely outdated (lemons? squick? disclaimers???). Or maybe it's that I spend most of my time in old/closed fandoms. Or, really, it's probably that I am a fanfic snob and absolutely end up reading stuff by writers who have honed their craft -- unlike me, my stuff is adequate at best -- and I sorta wait for people to learn to separate between paragraphs when different people are speaking before befriending them. (I am a snob, write what you like.) So, in the end, still feel young, and it's wildly comforting to know there are people with rich, full, awesome lives still bopping around in fandom squee with us.

...is squee an outdated term too?
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The problem with getting back into fandom is that I have three windows open with probably around 70 tabs and I can't close any of them what if I miss a fic or a meta or a link somewhere interesting???

Plus, I've somehow gone from desperatly digging around the internet archive for some recced Harry/Ginny Harry Potter fics (yes, I finally found ones on deleted and purged journals WHYYYY) through some Due South nostalgia and now I'm reading a huge Captain America modern veterans-with-PTSD AU.


I also now save fic links in:
My excel spreadsheet of doom (still labeled as Torchwood recs ha ha)
Random TextEdit Files (mostly labeled)
Diigo (ok, I only save meta in Diigo)
Evernote (because I am now terrified of deletions)

So good luck to future me who wants to find anything! My fandom saves are just as messy as everything else. *confetti*


Also I might need a pinterest account to save all the fic. #fandom
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I FINALLY found the corner of Livejournal where all the Harry/Ginny fic writers were hanging out around 2009. And so far, there's been very few "deleted and purged" journals.

Mind you, there has been nothing really updated since 2012. That said, there is SO MUCH FIC, I love everyone in this bar. *rolls around in the fic in sheer delight*
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This new Doctor Who spin-off looks like some kind of Torchwood-inspired high school AU.

I expect cameos from the all the Sarah Jane kids. And some tributes to Elisabeth Sladen.

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