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Fandom stuff? I'm halfway through the second season of Orphan Black! I'm watching reeallllyyy slowly, but it's amazing and awesome and the best thing ever, etc.

Also also also, it's the beginning of the Inception anniversary fandom EXPLOSION. And instead of maybe actually participating outside of my blog and lurking all over the place, I've got to figure out, like, my life.

Although John Green's video today was inspiring. It makes me want to bring the things I want to do back into rotation. But like, want to talk to me about feeling overwhelmed, John Green? Because I am SO READY for that showdown.

AND I WAS BITTEN BY A HARRY POTTER PLOT BUNNY. I might even post it when I finish because the fact that it's a totally unpopular shipping choice won't matter. NO ONE READS ANYTHING HERE ANYWAY. Lalalalaaaaaaa.

ETA: Viola Davis is playing Amanda Waller. I think this just increased my list of Superhero Movies I Am Willing To Pay Theater Money To See. Good job, DC. You get...one movie! Until Wonder Woman, at least. I'm willing to see that no matter how grimdark you get.
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I just saw a commercial for the superbowl commercials. Have we reached ridiculous yet?

Oh world. All the hearts.

Rewatched Treasure Planet because Joseph Gordon-Levitt and also Netflix recommendations. I do understand the this movie wasn't quite as epically classic as the most successful Disney films but I LOVE IT. The moon is really a spaceport with crescent gravity! Lady captains! Cyborg pirates!

I'm having such a blast. :)

"Dammit Jim, I'm an astronomer not a doctor!"



Livejournal is still awfully quiet. So much for the "it's the holidays!" theory. Now I'm starting to seriously poke around Dreamwidth. I'm still pretty sure I'll never be a role-player, but the community over there seems huge. Otherwise I'm mostly looking at different types of fandomy things going on. There are some multi-fandom communities with activity...

I also have to do some research on the web video world (long story, details to follow later.) Anyone have any recs for videos designed to be continuous stories besides The Lizzie Bennet diaries?

This is awesome but not an example of the kind of video I'm looking for:

([personal profile] batyatoon, here's the song that I'm trying to convince SM to sing with me at the next housefilk. Because it makes me laugh despite everything.)
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I'm fiercely holding on until Dragon*Con. I'm even working my way through the Barrowman sibling YA novel in anticipation of getting JB to sign it. (I though I would ask him a question about the book to be clever. But instead I'm going to ask about his role on Arrow.)


Should I buy one of the audiobooks he read on CD? Or, um, ???

Also, I am packing. And while I don't think all women pack the same, THIS IS HOW I PACK:

Listen, if there is any weekend the Zombie Apocalypse is going to show up in Atlanta, it will be Dragon*Con weekend.

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