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The OTW board is exploding in fire and mayhem!

Well, I mean, if you read the official post it sounds like business as usual, chaos disguised in politely worded sentences and punctuation. Luckily, fandom reporters got us covered.

My take? The board is always going to have to deal with constituencies who don't agree with everything they have done. (See: Unions!) Buuuuuut, on the internet, it's going to be magnified times A THOUSAND.

A lot of people have been (rightly!!) complaining that the OTW board was becoming insular and combative. Which is definitely true. But gosh, you couldn't pay me enough to be a board member*. Make one small mistake, or even just a decision that isn't universally adored, and you will be CRUSHED under the negative feedback spiral.

It can get kinda hard to separate the signal to the noise in that scenario. And frankly, I too would hide behind my star-spangled shield and sing the pokemon theme song to drown it all out. I don't agree with every decision the board made, but I do think they cared. I actually do with them the best.

Going forward, I'm almost considering donating and becoming a voting member. I have zero spare time, but this matters to be and I think this could be a great opportunity moving forward. And everyone is super excited about the potential. But if we really think the OTW should be run and contributed to by everyone, we too have to take responsibility in how we contribute.

The board screwed up. I'm not trying to defend the things they did wrong. I'm just saying it's so easy for the internet (you know, where fandom is) to end up in some very unproductive and damaging communication styles. And it's not always easy to find the blame for fallout.

*Not true. I'm looking at my job options these days AND YOU COULD PAY ME ENOUGH. Just don't make me bill out at 6-minute increments.

ETA: Also, the OTW has some pretty awesome legal staff, I vote we stop saying that stuff that was happening was illegal.
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Oh, right, facebook is a terrible platform too!

I am having a disagreement in a fandom facebook community I joined a few months ago (fandoms withdrawal? Maaaaybe.) And a few articles are being written and posted by community members about something political a fandom-popular writer has said.

I posted saying basically "listen, I would prefer we kept our politics out of our fandom*, and if I'm alone in that, that's fine, but I feel like the community and mod should have a discussion about this."

And the community basically rose up and started saying some really stupid things, but notably, they thought I was only talking about one article that had been posted. (Thus making me a little irrational.)

Um, no, there were at least two. Written by two different community members and posted independently. And I was expecting more, which I was trying to head off.

But when I tried scrolling down to find them both, facebook's algorithm made it frustrated and annoying to find. And then I remembered that I don't have to do this with my life so I haven't responded to any more comments. I'm 90% sure I'm just going to walk away from the community. Quietly, I don't want a fuss, but I don't need this crap in my life.

Gosh, I miss good online platforms. Facebook is horrible for political discussions and nuanced discussions and, you know, ability to find things again. Tumblr is terrible at the same things, mostly.


*I want to clarify that I have NO PROBLEM with some politics in my fandom. Gosh, I wouldn't be half as informed about a lot of subgroups if it hadn't been for fandom and while I'm still no expert, I think that has made me a much better person in general. But these articles weren't inviting discourse and discussion. They were just writer-bashing. Which is fine, whatever, but I COULDN'T GET IT OUT OF MY FEED. And if this nonsense is taking up my feed, I'll walk.

ETA: Oh gosh, now they have to figure out a spoiler policy because there is no cut-tag. GAAH.
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Oh, and while I'm spending some time drifting around the Harry Potter fandom, I would like to take this opportunity to rec my two all time favorite Harry Potter fics.

Both by the same author, despite the fact that I found them in completely different ways at completely different times.

First is Hermione: A History by Nope. It is in many ways a mystery, set post-series, starring Hermione and the people around her. My favorite element is probably the fact that each voice comes across as completely different and unique, while remaining totally in character. Also, it's a solid epistolary fic, and those aren't common.

The second is Last Writes by Nope and I found it during one of my Regulus phases. This is a fic about Sirius after he falls through the veil, and it's fantastic and amazing and I can't say anything else without giving too much away. Just read it. Trust me on this one.

(My favorite part of traipsing through other fandoms is recognizing people from different places. It's nice when I'm pretty confident in the quality of an HP fic becuase I've read their DW stuff, say. :D)

(The most hilarious part is when I end up on old fandom wank and stumble across people I know from elsewhere. Or stuff that I was actually aware of at the time.)

(The crazy part is when I realize I was on the very, very edge of a wank fest way back in the LotR days. I need to stop mucking around in fandom history, but it's fascinating.)

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