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So, the new trailer for Riverdale, the dark and brooding CW version of Archie Comics, was just released. And it's hilariously not like the comics at all (Archie is apparently sleeping with Ms. Grundy? WHAT?) but it made me think of and dig up this ancient MightyGodKing post about how Betty Cooper is actually a terrifyingly stalker. Which is a great read on the comics, I love that kind of meta.

And now that is a plot line I hope they follow in the show. Hey, it would belong thematically! I don't much care about Archie's love...square (?) and really all I want is asexual Jughead starting a food blog.
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So, in procrastinating the things I really NEED to be doing, I decided to clean the Random Pile(s) of Crap all around my desk. And I found a bunch of business cards, mostly from the one MoCCA Festival I managed to get to, oh gosh, back before MoCCA was owned by the Society of Illustrators.

Anyway, I'm trying to do this thing in my life where I THROW OUT THINGS I don't need because I am clearly on the path to hoarder, but, well, I found a card from Kelly Sue DeConnick. And there is WRITING on the card, which means we chatted before she gave it to me, but for the life of me, I cannot remember meeting her.

Knowing me I probably spoke about my professional comic book aspirations. Which were mostly academic, and are mostly dead, but still.

*stares blankly at the card*

Maybe I'll save this one?
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I had an argument with another woman today about the strict definition of "graphic novel."

(It really, really, bothers me when people use the term "graphic novel" to refer to "fancy comic books." I understand that's what the term is morphing into and one day I'm going to have to give up being ridiculously pedantic about this one thing but it is NOT THIS DAY.)

Anyway, I think we started out with her trying to defend the Buffy comics as graphic novels (um, no, they were and as far as I know still are published in pamphlet/floppies and then collected in trade paperbacks, sorry) and then I brought in Will Eisner's A Contract with God as the quintessential example and five minutes later realized that when I said A Contract with God I was referring to the original story and publication but when she said A Contract with God she meant the fairly recent collected works of Eisner titled A Contract with God Trilogy.

Guuuurl, I can't have this conversation with you if you IGNORE ME WHEN I TRY TO CLARIFY OUR TERMS FOR EACH OTHER.

Also, a lot of her argument seemed to boil down to "but I'm taking an undergraduate comics class in a small liberal arts college!" Um, I had a teacher try to teach the first chapter of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics to me in freshman year at my giant state school and I quietly corrected her through two months of class. The professor asked me to come in the next year to introduce Art Spiegelman and the underground comix industry to the next class. I would consider myself highly unequipped for that job but I was more ready for it than that professor.

I said I was fine agreeing to disagree but she was SO UPSET THAT I WOULDN'T AGREE WITH HER. SO UPSET. Then I felt awkward and bad. Conversation fail.

Then again, our whole conversation started when I tried to explain that I'm a big Buffy fan but me and Joss don't always see eye-to-eye so I suppose I should have braced for it.
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I've been reading the ICV2 email newsletter since high school. HIGH SCHOOL.

ICV2 is an industry website, mostly aimed at comic book realtors. Back when all I wanted in life was to intern at DC Comics (high school) someone recommended I sign up for their email list and I haven't looked back.

It's fascinating stuff. The background is really my most favorite part of media a lot of the time, and it gives me a different view from the fan-based stuff I'm reading otherwise. Plus, it gives me another place to keep track of the comic book industry despite that fact that I haven't been collecting on a monthly basis in over five years.

Anyway, they've been publishing these articles by this guy named Rob Salkowitz, and I'm finding myself nodding along to everything this guy says.

This week he put up an article about how brick-and-mortar stores can combat internet price wars for comic sales and he said the ~*magic words*~.

First and foremost, comics retailers are not just selling comics; they are selling the experience of comics culture--and that experience is one of the hottest commodities on the market.


I can't figure out why my LCSs don't seem to tap into that, or at least not frequently. They have occasional signing or promo events, but why don't they have a weekly comic round up meeting? Or a "Comic Collectors Anonymous" support group? Or "let's complain about what DC is doing this week!" meeting? SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

(A space focused on getting the women crowd could do a "tea and comics" weekly meeting, with focuses on fanfic. The batslash fans are EVERYWHERE.)

When I was wandering around in Toronto at the beginning of the summer, I stumbled across a comic shop with a CAFE inside. And I was like "THIS IS THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD CAN I GIVE YOU MONEY?"

I don't know if they used that cafe space well, but the potential was breathtaking.


In conclusion, the OTW posted the best guide on "How to be a fan" I have ever seen. Check it out!
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I mean, I know she was announced last year and she didn't end up coming but I AM HOLDING MY THUMBS FOR THIS YEAR EVE MYLES SQUEE.

She will complete the Torchwood Season 3 team (wow, I sound creepy) if I meet her, and then it's just Naoko and Burn who are virtually impossible to meet anyway. I really want to meet her and say nice things to her and maybe make spend a ludicrous amount of money to get a picture with her.

Gareth is coming (ALSO SQUEE) and James Marsters. I'm not holding my breath for more Torchwood people, but NGL, it would be awesome. (Oh, wait, and Jane Espenson is coming. She didn't list Torchwood in her credits so she didn't come up when I did Ctrl+F)

In other news, George Perez is due again (♥), Timothy Zahn (I will finish the Star Wars trilogy! I will!), Jim Butcher (don't read him, but I could make some friends really happy), Amanda Connor (!!!!), Ioan Gruffudd (WALES), and MIKE MCKONE. WHAT.

I'm sure there are other people I've missed. The list is very long.


As this is my last year for the foreseeable future, I really, really want to hang out with people more this time, so...

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I'm doing some cleaning in my parent's house

And I found a ton of my con stuff from...2007.



I'm sitting in a pile of bookmarks for manga that are now out-of-print and anime no one remembers. I found the HTML guide [livejournal.com profile] tinuviel8994 wrote for me when I started using LJ.

I found my printout of lyrics from the NANA movie, my Kryptonian-English guide, a map of Walt Disney World so old it's for MGM Studios, and a dozen maps of the Lord of the Rings Traveling Exhibition (circa 2004!).


I have ICV2 industry guides because I found those endlessly fascinating.

I found a flier for the "Veronica Mars Season Two Trading Cards" despite the fact that I don't buy trading cards and I missed Veronica Mars.

I also found a House of M sketchbook comic and colored pencils! NEW PUBLIC TRANSPORT ENTERTAINMENT.

I also found my old floppy disks! Guys, my childhood computer died a sad, lonely death but odds are good that on one of those floppy disks, my terrible fic remains.

I just need a computer capable of using a floppy disk. That's going to be a challenge.

I also found approx. 300 different magazines dedicated to the Lord of the Rings movies. They are useless and waste a ton of space, but I can't throw them out! *clutches*

In more recent news, I've been gifted with the 42 Things the Prove the Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Perfect Man. I admit he's nearly too skinny for my tastes but the writer and I do agree about arms.

Also, he is a ninja. :D

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