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I recced Pairing: Merlin/Pendragon last night to a friend because they were talking Merlin fandom and I was like "WELL I LOVE THIS ONE FIC?" We are both waiting for Check, Please! to get going again.

Making fandom friends is like a scary wire-balancing act where you WANT FRIENDS HIIII but also you probably don't share all your fandoms to the same degree so you aren't getting all their references and they aren't getting all of yours but you are so excited to be chatting with them an you want them to be your instant BFF but not in like a creepy way.

Anyway, now I'm re-reading the fic.

Oh my gosh, it's like a time capsule of a particular time in fandom. This fic should be the Library of Congress, it's a valuable artifact of FANDOM HISTORY.

V-gifts! I forgot about v-gifts! Probably because I never figured out how they worked.

And man, I could use the notes option on facebook. That way I could save notes on the jerkfaces I meet in groups so I would know to avoid them when they try to friend me.

...not that I ever used LJ notes in real life. Because I never paaiiiidd.
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Fanfic observation of the day: Merlin fandom is chock-full of long and plotty AUs. This is BRILLIANT, as I’ve seen enough of the show to understand the characters more-or-less. \o/

(And what I don't know, I dreg up from my faint memories of the Arthurian myths.)
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I've mentioned before how Merlin doesn't work for me, but I haven't spoken about how my current third roommate, K, is a big fan. I didn't know until last week, but K's been working steadily through the third season in the last few days, and we get to hear all about it.

Well, apparently K's on the big showdown between Uther and Morgana and is all flaily, and I ended up being all "but is she really evil or was she forced to that position because of Uther's policies on magic?" and then K said that Arthur should (AND I QUOTE) "grow a pair" and confront his father once he finds out about Merlin's magic. (My fuzzy memory tells me this won't be an issue, but I'm not spoiling.)

ANYWAY, I was only able to follow the fan babbling and actually engage in a conversation thanks to you, fandom corner of the internet. THANK YOU FANDOM OSMOSIS.

(I've been spouting Monty Python quotes as I watch over across the room. Hee.)

ETA: We all clapped for the round table, and then gave jazz hands for the "legend moment." This show is so much more fun with other people, maybe that would have done it.

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