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1) Star Wars fandom is going through the "OMG IF YOU DON'T READ THE NEW EXPANDED UNIVERSE AND INCLUDE IT IN UR META, UR WRONG" phase, and I recognize this is a fandom that predates my experiences and whatever, but also no. I can write my Fin background fic in blissful ignorance of anything but the one movie he starred in and LAALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. #optionalcanon #forever

(I have a friend who earnestly explained to me that the Star Wars option canon was different because it was all internally consistent and beautiful and also Disney is RUINING it. And I was like, um, I'm pretty sure I read that one book about the married jedi and their babies, which is definitely not consistent and PS episodes 1-3 are canon to me, I am maybe not the fan-type you are looking for.)

2) Have I mentioned I have a roommate who is a Harry/Ginny shipper and sends me goodfic email recs? It's THE BEST. I have a lot of complicated feelings about the Harry Potter fandom, mostly concerning the absolute difficulty of digging for canon-compliant fix. I am a gumbly old canon-fan and I am tired of digging through tags.

3) I have decided that I'm not going to bother to try and see Ant-man or Avengers 2 before seeing Captain America 3. Maybe if they ever get to neflix. But all I really want to see is massive amounts of angst and friendship so backstory doesn't really matter, right?

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Last week was just full of fandom references. Which was good and probably helped me SURVIVE. /1L

By fandom!

Inception: I got cold-called in Contracts for this case all about contract interpretation and whatnot and I slipped in the word “specificity” when arguing why the contract failed.

Ok, it’s a small reference. Unless you’re an Arthur/Eames shipper (which is what, 98% of the fandom?) in which case I basically flirted with my professor.

Torchwood: There is term in civil procedure called Long Arm Jurisdiction (actually super interesting because my CivPro professor is AWESOME) and every time he writes “LAS” on the board I’m get this pang of nostalgia for the last Last Author Standing and chatting with [livejournal.com profile] sariagray and active Torchwood fandom and it’s a lot of emotion for civil procedure, OK?

X-Men First Class: The librarians dug up a bunch of cool stuff from our archives so we could ooh and aaah when we got our library tour. One of the documents was handwritten meeting notes from the Kennedy administration taken DURING the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Ok, that one also counts for general history geekery.


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1. I am doing a bunch of Vietnam War research for my X-Epic. The timeline between First Class and Days of Future Past is messy, yo. (Not to mention the 1940’s research for any XMFC stuff. Charles and Raven probably listened to radio dramas together for at least a year or two. Charles was probably so booored.)

2. And now that I have a FUNCTIONING computer I have to decide if I want to use tumblr or not. I’m leaning towards a “NO” with a chance of “logging in to lurk and maybe posting back to my LJ/DW posts but not replying to reblog comments because uuuuuuuuuugh.”

3. This week on “Cleaning My Childhood Room,” I found my massive collection of printed fan art that I used to tape to my walls. Mostly Harry Potter, some Lord of the Rings, a few scattered other randoms. Gosh, I forgot how much I loved that stuff and I can’t even find so much of it online anymore. Tinaling (tinling.ca/mwppmap) was one of my top sites, tons of marauder era art. Gone. Art Dungeon! According to Fanlore, that side has been offline for years. It had the best book-based-art, that was not influenced by the movies. Accio Brain! I LOVED that site, and unfortunately I discovered it after I stopped using up the ink on my parent’s printer because it seems to be offline as well. She did all of the art for the MuggleNet Harry Potter Quote Widget, and had the best Malfoy family pieces.

I think I’m going to wallow in internet nostalgia for a while and mournfully try to google for art that is apparently gone forever.
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I posted a fic.


This is all [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash's fault.

Apparently if someone who I like and whose fic I like and whose meta/brain I like are just relentless about a fandom for long enough, it can just SEEP IN. Unless I actively resist? NICE TRY SUPERNATURAL.

It's not betaed and it's probably junk but I should post it on AO3 anyway, right? But uuuuuugh I don't wanna.

Also, I apologize about being late on comments for...the past two years? My computer is junk but I AM GETTING A NEW ONE BY NEXT WEEK YAAAAAY.

Well, also I am a poop and sometimes don't check this stuff. So, I guess I won't have any excuses moving forward...>.>
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Title: Side Effects
Author: Eldarwannabe
Fandom: X-Men: Days of Future Past
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Hank McCoy, Charles Xavier
Notes: Would like to fold this into a larger fic later because let me tell you I have SO MANY THOUGHTS about the school and Charles and Hank's Magic Drugs and whatnot. But the muse struck and I'm not going to look that gift horse in the mouth!
Summary: Charles just wanted to sleep.

The kitchen was a mess when Hank and Alex came down the stairs in the morning. )
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So, I was really excited to see X-Men: Days of Future Past because I was going to finally be able to go back online and maybe read everything [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash has written and IDK, maybe some fic, but then I realized that I have a MILLION THINGS I WANT TO SAY and I want to get at least some of them straight in my head (and recorded on LJ) before I start reading what OTHER PEOPLE have to say.


Naturally, I’ll start with the hardest bit! I don’t think I’ll ever be more than a quiet lurker in this fandom community, partly because I’m baffled when I see the fandom either attempt to justify Erik’s actions or treat them like valid choices.

”Yeah...” )

That could probably be articulated better, but I wanted to get it off the table before I embark on Charles and Raven. COMPLICATED FAMILIES. ANGST. HAIR! MOVIE I AM SO PLEASED YOU DID NOT DISSAPOINT.
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I switched back to the old style for now. Ugh LJ, stuff like this is going to kill off what little fandom social media activity I get.

2 - Trying to pick a name for my new laptop I am hopefully getting next month. Any suggestions? I love fandom names, and I rarely abandon a fandom, so I'm thinking about mushing any of my new sort-of-fandoms (X-Men, Inception) my big fandom of Torchwood, and any of my other various fandoms over the years -- check my tags or info page for more?

First suggestion: Ron Swansea. LOL. (WHAT I LIKE WALES OK?)

My current computer is named for the Vorkosigan saga, Batman, Animorphs and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, just to give you an idea. It's a long name. :D

3 - I've been poking my muse to try and write fic recently and I just have to say that I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE LAW SCHOOL AUS OF EVERYTHING FOREVER.

(Ianto would be SUCH a gunner. Gwen would be the public interest person earnestly trying to get into clinics as a 1L. Jack would spend every weekend sleeping around and drinking and not caring about his grades at all.)

4- So L. and I have been doing an X-Men movie rewatch (or, as I am starting to call it in my head, The Wolverine Diaries) as prep for when we get to see DoFP in a little over a week.

We've just come to a bit of an fork. On the one hand, First Class came out before "Wolverine In Japan," and I normally do my media in publication order by preference. On the other hand, the Wolverine movies are the least interesting to both of us and I want to save First Class for last as the lead-in to DoFP. Any thoughts/opinions?
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And because my brain decided I really care about this fandom suddenly and because I won't be seeing it for another two weeks, I will be careful on my random internet excursions and will be avoiding tumblr-lurking entirely.

Which will be boring but good! Maybe I'll find somewhere to live for next year! Maybe I'll actually go outside and exercise! MAYBE I'LL GET ON THOSE FICS I'VE NOT QUITE COMPLETED.
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Ok, before I say anything else!

1 - I've read very, very few X-Men comic books. Certainly never read Days of Future Past. (XMEN COMICS ARE THE MOST TWISTED LABYRINTH DISASTER AREA OF STORYTELLING HOLY MOLY.)

2 - I've not seen the original X-trilogy movies in a while. (I'm putting this up before my rewatch on purpose.)

3 - I've only seen the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer a few times. I have not looked up rumors and I checked the IMDB page once. I've found the I generally enjoy movies more when I walk into them less spoilered. (But I haven't avoided things either. I just don't spend a lot of my internet time in those spaces.)

So my opinions below are my own and exist within these contexts. Totally, totally feel free to ignore them. )
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1. It's snowing outside, and it's perfect snow, the kind that makes me want to curl up by a window and pretend I live in a snowglobe. I almost want to go to the park tonight and make snowmen, it's just so idyllic.

2. Apparently Orlando Jones is CRAZY FANDOM SAVVY. There's always that lingering uncomfortable feeling of fourth-wall breakage, but he's just so relentlessly positive about it all that I can't help but want to watch everything he's ever done. His letter at the end is stunning.

3. Overheard on the elevator leaving to my lunch break: "There needs to be a Magneto, but for like, cardboard. Cardbordneto." *dude makes dramatic hand gestures to indicate cardboard-manipulation powers*

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