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Title: Children's Games
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Harry Potter, Andromeda Tonks, Draco Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Teddy Lupin.
Notes: This is a post-Deathly Hallows fic with no spoilers for Cursed Child or any of the post-book JKR stuff. Also unbetaed, so have fun.
Summary: "Andromeda had given him a key a few weeks ago, but Harry still felt awkward coming to her house."

Harry apparated onto the sidewalk in front of Andromeda's house )
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That awkward moment when you were frantically speed-reading an amazing new chapter in a long-running WIP just before class and the professor walks in and begins as you are frankly in the middle of some interesting character exploration kink stuff and you really want class to end so you can figure out what happens next but mostly oh good lord why did you stop there?????????
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Title: Suspend
Author: [livejournal.com profile] eldarwannabe
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto, Steven, Alice
Rating: General
Notes: This was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] nancybrown's story Rescues and written over a year ago. Chronologically it would take place after Rescues and before Ferals, but it doesn't quite fit in the universe as it's missing many of the details and plot points introduced in Ferals.

Nancy, this is for you.

Summary: Ianto is stuck in the hospital and despite being reunited with his mother, Steven won't leave.

Jack made them both memorize a code. )
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So, [livejournal.com profile] nancybrown is nearly done posting Ferals, her sequel (trequal?) to Strays and Rescues.

Quick! Go read it!


That's not good enough for you? Really?

Fine, here's a proper recommendation. [livejournal.com profile] nancybrown has created a fantastic universe in which Ianto and Steven appeared back alive when Amy Pond recreated the universe with her mind.

It's gritty and dark and just because Ianto and Steven are back doesn't mean that everything is magically fixed and perfect. Far from it. Ianto has to struggle to deal with a world that moved on, a protective Jack and a nicely plotty alien mystery.

Full disclosure, I helped beta it and adore this storyverse like pie. I am totally biased. But it's still fabulous, so again!

Go. Read.

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Title: I’ve Sewn A Patchwork Life
Author: [personal profile] eldabe
Fandoms: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Rating: Older Teen.
Betas: All of the thanks to [personal profile] sariagray and 51stcenturyfox who looked over this for me while I dithered on it. Any remaining issues are my own.
Characters: Toshiko, Ianto, Owen, Gwen, Jack, The Master
Warnings: Character death, torture, field surgery, gore.
Contains: Minimal understanding of human biology, drugs, and geography.
Summary: Jack is long gone and the world is falling apart. Trapped far from home, Torchwood pieces together a plan of action.

(Bonus Note: This was written well before the Avengers film came out, but I would like to thank Disney and Marvel Studios for ensuring that people will get the one reference that worried me.)


They never made it back home from the Himalayas. )
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Title: When Jack Remembers the Future
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Fandom: Torchwood
Wordcount: 100
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto
Summary: Jack wasn't supposed to be stuck here, not now, not after the turn of the millennium.

Sometimes it hits Jack )
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Title: Only My Dreams Will Wander These Desolate Moors
Author: [profile] edarwannabe
Fandom: Torchwod
Rating: G
Beta: [personal profile] analineblue did a quick beta for me because she is wonderful! Any remaining mistakes are all me.
Characters: Toshiko, Toshiko's Mother
Prompt: Written for the Red is Our Color Challenge #27, using the theme of travel and lots of Beowulf quotes. And the word helpful.
Summary: Tosh spent her holidays with family, now she's coming home.

The sea-weary ones... )
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Title: Reckoning
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto, Other Person Who is a Spoiler
Summary: It was that warm feeling, right before a kiss.

There was someone else in the flat. )
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Title: Appointed Rounds
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: G
Characters: Ianto, Annie
Beta: [personal profile] sariagray
Notes: Title taken from this guy. Also random present tense! I don't know.
Summary: Annie likes the Torchwood pizza run.


Hiya, Ianto )
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Title: From the 82nd Summer of Love
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: G
Characters: Ianto, Owen
Prompt: Written for [profile] redisourcolor Challenge #26. I used this image, the words "broken," "shuffle," and "kaleidoscope" as well as the phrase "After enough time passed, they got used to it."
Summary: Turns out alien raves of the future will be entertainment for the rich, eccentric and historically inaccurate. And someone, somewhen, has misplaced an Acid House.
Note: I have no idea, guys. Really.

Thanks go to [personal profile] hab318princess for invaluable help with British word choice!

Ianto and Owen were walking cautiously down an idyllic path towards the large house )


Feb. 22nd, 2012 18:21
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Well, it's been over a month+, but 2011 wasn't my best year, was it? So much for the Great Comeback.

On the other hand, in real fandom life, I've MET people!

The best people. [profile] fiwen1010 , [personal profile] ilizze, [personal profile] dremiel, [personal profile] pressdbtwnpages, [personal profile] analineblue and [personal profile] sariagray!

And that is AWESOME. Best part of the year. Endless talking. Sariagray and I ended up talking for HOURS past when we thought we would. HOURS. ENDLESS TALKING. Best thing ever.

I also met Gareth David-Lloyd twice and went to Dragon*Con.

But the online aspect of fandom is a social thing as much as anything. And I miss you guys, I miss my friends when I don't come online.

It's been as much of a timing thing as anything else. In perfect honesty, I'm in my final semester of uni, I have a thesis to write and a GPA to try and maintain. I need to find a job and I need to figure out if I really want to go to law school. (Or get my PhD. Or become a hermit with wi-fi. I'll grow my own food and raise chickens. I might be over-thinking this.)

But I'm giving myself some fandom time. A little bit. Gotta catch up on fic, at the very least. :) As I've been out for odd chunks of 2011, I'm going through way-old posts.

Although some of you guys might end up with MASSIVE comment-spam. I'd say sorry, but I'm not. :D

(I'm actually at the weird point now where I'm commenting and getting replies FASTER THAN I CAN DO TURN AROUND. AAAAAAHHHHH.)

P.S. I'm back in the States. The Japan program was a winter-session thing, very short. Probably should have mentioned that. It was tons of fun, I went to the TEZUKA MUSUEM and the International Manga Museum, and I didn't do the hundreds of other things I meant to do. Oh well!
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This is my post for all those people avoiding everything new in Torchwood who aren't going to be reading at least half of my posts this summer. Sorry! Read this instead! It's funny!

Title: Road Trip!
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: G for GRIN AND GIGGLE.
Characters: Gwen, Rhys, Ianto, Baby Cooper-Williams.
Summary: Gwen, Rhys, Ianto and the baby are on a Very Important Case. It happens to be in the United States.
Spoilers: I borrowed the name for Baby Williams from RTD. I'm not so good with names. Otherwise, NOTHING.

Note: This is my gift to [personal profile] pocky_slash as she's been having a hard summer and really deserves some proper hugs. Also, to all the fans who are avoiding the latest going-ons in the Torchwood world. I doubt you all will find this, and some of you might not even like it, but it's for you anyway. Crack and happiness, with all the best intentions. Full context can be found at the end.


When they finally got their own car, with good petrol mileage and manual transmission, Rhys claimed the right to drive first. )
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Title: Now and Then We Rebuild
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Beta: Roommate (surprise!) checked the grammar on this one.
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Gwen Cooper, Rhiannon Davies
Summary: Five ways Gwen and Rhiannon encountered each other, after.

Notes: Number five was actually written forever ago, for [profile] dreamscapemusic's prompt over at [profile] tw_femficfest, which was, "After her brother's death, Rhiannon helps Gwen rebuild Torchwood." But it didn't quite fill the prompt, so I held off posting it for a while, and thought about it. Eventually I wrote number one, which actually does fill the prompt. But in the meantime I had come up with other ideas. So you guys get five things, not two. :)

Warning: Mostly for implied non-con retcon. These get darker and darker and then lighter. Be warned.

It was almost a month before Gwen could bring herself to go back )
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Title: Notable Figures
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: G
Characters: Jack Harkness, Rhiannon Davies
Beta(s): [personal profile] ericadawn16 looked this over, and Roommate did the final grammar check.
Summary: Jack, after Ianto. There are still a few last things to take care of.
Notes: Warnings for post-COE compliance, and major angst.

Afterward, Jack went back to Cardiff. )
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Title: Something Like Closure
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Gwen, mentions of Jack/Ianto and Tosh
Betas: [personal profile] ericadawn16 looked this over and [profile] thepyromanical1 helped me enormously with the letter. Roommate did the last grammar check.
Summary: Gwen's the only one left to clean up this time.

Notes: This is intended as a COE-compliant story, although it needn't be read that way, and thus all Children of Earth warnings apply. And I sincerely apologize for the image quality.


Dear Jack, )
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Title: Privately Owned
Author: [personal profile] eldarwannabe
Betas: [personal profile] ericadawn16 looked this over, and Roommate did a last grammar check for me despite not liking Torchwood.
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG
Characters: Gwen, mentions of Jack/Ianto
Summary: Everything that happened in the Thames House was recorded. And clearly that recording should be property of Torchwood.

Note: This has MAJOR STUFF directly from That Scene in Children of Earth Day Four. Seriously, if you have trouble with the episode, you probably don't want to read this.

Gwen touched the screen, blurry because of the footage quality -- not tears. )
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Felt Like the End is a collection of fics by [personal profile] eldarwannabe that take place after Children of Earth and were conceived and drafted before Miracle Day was announced or simply ignoring the details of the new season.

This entire series will be completely jossed when Journey to the New World Miracle Day finally airs, of course. And no one is going to read it anyway, because it's horribly sad, and it's post-COE and Ianto stays dead.

Torchwood has the most flexible head-canon ever, let us admit. So not all of these fics will completely mesh well with each other, some of them will have slightly different interpretations of events, and they are only a collection in the loosest sense. Do not look for internal consistency, for I have not attempted to create one. The goal is to get these all out and finished before the official airdate of S4 in the United States.

Here it is. My post-COE world, in which Gwen re-forms Torchwood, Jack doesn't come back, and I don't fix anything.

Privately Owned (Gwen. PG)
Something like Closure (Gwen. PG)
Notable Figures (Jack, Rhiannon, PG)
Now and Then We Rebuild (Gwen, Rhiannon. PG)
????????? (Gwen, ????. PG)
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[profile] 30_hath was a challenge-a-day community in the spirit of [community profile] 31_days, but for Harry Potter fic only. I joined it forever and ever ago, and I really enjoyed it, but it was closed down. I'm reposting all of my fics below so that I have them saved somewhere for myself. The titles link to the original entries.


Another Set of Eyes )

Crown Jewels )

Celebration of the Innocent )

Cold Logic )

Abandon )

Warped Justice )

Word Association )

Judge Not a Book by it's Cover )

Student and Teacher )

I wrote this fic based off a 30_hath challenge, but too late to post it on the community.

Anger of the Betrayed )

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