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So, I might be Hooked on Kickstarter, but I've been a casual fan of Dean Trippe since Project Rooftop and the Butterfly webcomic.

(Fun fact: I found Project Rooftop before I knew what Project Runway was. I really only keep up with TV when I feel like it.)

So as I was poking around Kickstarter (can Kickstarter be a fandom? Because I can't stop checking for interesting projects) I saw Dean Trippe's name and clicked immediately.

He's Kickstarting an expanded hard copy of his webcomic short "Something Terrible." It's…well, it's about his personal experience with child molestation, and how comic books, superheroes and SF/fantasy characters helped guide his life in a positive direction. (It touches a bit more eloquently and powerfully on my ideas from yesterday, the way that fandom can really shape and emotionally impact a persons life, although his relationship with fandom and mine are very, very different)

He's trying to hit $22,000 so he can bump up all of the books to hardcover and still keep the leftovers he orders at $10 retail, to keep them fairly accessible.

This might not be your cup of tea or anything, and I totally understand people not wanting to read this story. I'm just trying to help get the word out.

If you want more information, he links to some more information from his Kickstarter updates page and he wrote a really fabulous article for Huffington Post about his experience and the webcomic.


In less fraught news, the Anime News Nina Kickstarter is ending in less than a week. I can't honestly recommend this one to anyone who wasn't at some point a pretty involved anime fan. Because I read the original webcomic and it is VERY inside baseball.

It's hilarious and witty but many of the references demand a certain level of understanding of the anime fandom, especially the con circuit. If you want to check it out, you can see the webcomic on the Anime News Network website. It's a bit rough at time, fair warning.

But if you do have any experience in the anime fandom, check it out!

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