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I like reading comments on fics (one reason I favor LJ/DW fic reading over AO3 when I have a choice) and I'm starting to notice this interesting trend when writers reply to comments.

If the commenter is a stranger/more distant from the writer, the writer's response tend to address the specific points in the comment, or trend toward a generic and enthusiastic "thank you!" It seems that the writer really does appreciate the comment, but they're on unfamiliar ground and stick to the easier answers overall.

Meanwhile, if the commenter is a friend of the writer, the response to the comment might have little or nothing to do with the comment! I've seen comments that are basically friends going "WRITER, YOU ARE SO GOOOOD. <3!!!!" and the writer replies with a thesis about the work, and the thought process, and the bits they weren't sure about, etc.

Either one can start conversations, and obviously the first kind can be the beginnings of a friendship, but it's still kinda cool to watch.

FANDOM: Actually a ginormous sociology experiment.
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Someone just commented "lol there is no more Torchwood fandom" on fandom!secrets.

Well, the fact that there are always fics cluttering up my AO3 dreamwidth feed speak otherwise, but THIS SHALL NOT STAND.

*cracks knuckles*

I'm organizing my life, so fandom life should be in order as well, yes? And now you guys will get to see what my To Do lists look like.

Cut for possible spoilers as to my posting future? )
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[livejournal.com profile] alba17 is hosting a really fascinating discussion about fandom, mono-fans, multi-fans, you name it. My feelings on this whole thing are crazy tangled and mixed-up and I haven't ironed them out yet enough to comment, but I recommend checking it out.

It has reminded me that I should check out Teen Wolf on the off-chance it sparks fandom feelings. Because if Merlin and Avengers aren't going to do it, I'm willing to try anything.


So, there's a plotty fix-it-esque fic I'm writing that takes place after Children of Earth but before Miracle Day. For no discernible reason, really. Very little of the action takes place in the present and it could easily take place after Miracle Day as well.

But I thought of it and started it before Miracle Day aired (yes, that's more than a year ago. It's a miracle I post anything, ever.) and so, in my head, that's when it takes place.

Now, I'm working on an actual fix-it in which has an actualfax happy ending, which takes place after Miracle Day. Again, there's no real reason for it and it has virtually zero influence on the plot (and I strongly suspect it will turn off some readers) but I thought of the idea after Miracle Day and I can't unglue that in my head.

And there's ANOTHER fic (really, a miracle I tell you) that was drafted before MD but might end up with a casual mention of the Miracle because it adds to the general background chaos I want to create in this world.

It's weird, innit? I don't know what it says about me or the tangle of the fandom I hang out in, but there's something going on there.
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I've mentioned before how Merlin doesn't work for me, but I haven't spoken about how my current third roommate, K, is a big fan. I didn't know until last week, but K's been working steadily through the third season in the last few days, and we get to hear all about it.

Well, apparently K's on the big showdown between Uther and Morgana and is all flaily, and I ended up being all "but is she really evil or was she forced to that position because of Uther's policies on magic?" and then K said that Arthur should (AND I QUOTE) "grow a pair" and confront his father once he finds out about Merlin's magic. (My fuzzy memory tells me this won't be an issue, but I'm not spoiling.)

ANYWAY, I was only able to follow the fan babbling and actually engage in a conversation thanks to you, fandom corner of the internet. THANK YOU FANDOM OSMOSIS.

(I've been spouting Monty Python quotes as I watch over across the room. Hee.)

ETA: We all clapped for the round table, and then gave jazz hands for the "legend moment." This show is so much more fun with other people, maybe that would have done it.
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Well, in one of those click-through-the-internet moments, (a friend mentioned this post and then I saw this thread and five minutes of googling later...)


It's official. She's my hero.

Plus, I found her twitter! And she's chatting away with Rob Lowe and C. Thomas Howell and I'm going to have to sit in a corner because I. Am. Having. A. Moment.

(For the curious - when I was fifteen I wanted to write original fiction and I thought fanfiction was a good practice/transition. And now in my early twenties, I'm quite happy where I am, thank you, and I'm frankly not all that invested in being an author, for a few reasons. So my reaction to this is mostly "whatevs." That said, I was devastated when I heard Robin Hobb was anti-fanfiction, and I had that same awful feeling when I read Ursuala K. LeGuin's opinion. I can understand Rowling's opinion, even though I gently disagree. I think fandom is really a part of a work becoming a cultural artifact, and fanfiction is just as tied up in there and legitimate as scholarly essays, conventions and chatting with your friends.)

(All that said, I hope she's never seen my Outsiders fic. It's the most emo thing I have ever written and one of the reasons I haven't transferred all of my ff.net fic to AO3. *hides*)

(PPS. John Barrowman is also a S.E. Hinton fan. This all ties into my as yet unposted ~feelings~ about his book, Anything Goes, but my Meet John Barrowman fantasy now involves us bonding over the book. ♥)
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I understand that there are a lot of ways to figure out where I live, but IP tracking just give me a creepy-crawly feeling. It can get really, really specific, guys. And I'm anonymous online. I'm not comfortable handing out my location to total strangers, which most of you still are. I've met fandom people, and I'd love to meet all of you, but how about I don't give you my address until then?

There have been dozens of times in the past month that I've not commented on posts - on meta, on fic, on general stuff - because the comments were set to track my location.

I understand doing it for anonymous comments, and I understand doing it in communities or on journals where there has been extreme wank/trolling.

But otherwise, I'm logged in, I'm not a sock. I dislike the automatic distrust I'm given when my IP is tracked.

Commenting on fic tends to be my one big exception. I'll comment on fics even when my IP is logged, because comments mean the world to me and I want to give that appreciation to other people. But sometimes I can't even bring myself to do it for comments. And more than that, I hate having my IP tracked in communities. Who knows who the mod will be in a month?

I don't want to be the crazy person constantly PMing mods to ask them if they can turn it off, I'd rather just not comment and not participate. But guys? LJ is set to automatically log IPs now. Don't just let LJ's default settings dictate how you run your own space.

Ugh. The whole thing just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe I'll start PMing my comments on fics instead.
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I have spent the past few days going through a ton of old posts on various journals and communities to hunt down old meta.

And now I'm basically wandering the lonely halls of the Torchwood Writer's Union and reading all the threads that interest me, even a little bit. I kinda want to post over there, but it's like shouting in the halls of an abandoned building.

Aaaaand, my flist is still kinda quiet, so I'm reading every one-shot linked to in today's torchwood_three newsletter. (HAVE I MENTIONED RECENTLY HOW HAPPY I AM THAT THAT IS STILL AROUND? BECAUSE I AM.)

Guys, this fandom is dying and I hate it. (I am glad, though, that I missed some of the MASSIVE WANK I've been reading up on. I mean, sure, I saw some stuff, but whoa it was crazy when there were more of us.)
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So, I've been wanting to set up a Torchwood meta community for...ever, it feels like. Nearly a year now, but Things were always happening.

I know that once I make it it will end up being just me posting essays and passing thoughts and everyone else will sort of ignore it, but I'll crosspost to torch_wood and the_hub so maybe some people will see it? (And the first meta I ever wrote EXPLODED on me, so who knows?)

I have ~*plans*~. Prompts and themes and I'm actually starting to write a backlog of meta for posting. (Started Jack's today! Wooo!)

Cut for ramling about name choices )

What do you guys think the name should be? I'd make a handy poll, but I have no idea how and also I'm not willing to pay LJ to let me.


Comment with:
1. TW_meta
2. TW_salon
3. TW_meta_salon
4. An even better suggestion!

And even if you're a lurker who never comments on anything but you somehow found me, you can comment anonymously! That's always an option here!
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I'm running out of time on this, but I must have started and stopped this post at least a dozen times. I've looked at the date this show is supposed to air, and it's Time To Post.

Torchwood is having a fourth season. When rumors about this started, I was totally dismissive. "No way," I said, "no way will Torchwood have a fourth season. RTD broke all the toys in the toybox after Children of Earth. That was the finale. That was it. Torchwood is over."

Because that's what it seemed like. Children of Earth was such a departure from the first two seasons, and the team went from a staff of five to two, and then Jack walked away. I had my private little fan theories about What Happened Next, as did we all, and fandom was free to play in the pool that RTD had clearly abandoned. We had our fix-its and our non-fix-its and our sheer "ignore COE and possibly also Exit Wounds" and we were good, if a little sad and maybe a slowly dying fandom. But that's how it goes.

I was a little frustrated coming into the fandom late, because a torn-apart, slowly-dying fandom isn't necessarily one that you want to fall head-over-heels into. I spent at least two months silently playing catch-up before I really posted anything anywhere. I contented myself with the bits of fandom that were still active, and that was it.

As I came to the fandom about a year after Children of Earth, I couldn't partition it away from canon the way some fans could. It came to me as part of the bundle, and while I could easily read fic that ignored it, or contradicted it, COE was there to stay. Even if COE was different. It was there anyway.

But then suddenly it wasn't a dismissive rumor with Fox. Suddenly the show was a pre-production with Starz. And all the craving I had for an active fandom came rolling back. I wouldn't have to settle for old fics and authors that have left the fandom and long-abandoned theories and excitment. Torchwood didn't have to be a sleepy fandom anymore. It could be an active place with new characters and fan theories and excitement! I knew I was going to be watching it. I was THERE.

But Ianto was my favorite character of the team. (Rhiannon is my favorite character. But that is neither here nor there.) And like I said, COE was a pretty decisive "breaking the toys, burning the toybox and stamping on the ashes" moment. And I wasn't thrilled with the American angle. And the show was clearly going to skip the closure the fans craved. (And RTD clearly has no idea how old Anwen is supposed to be/act. Babies change pretty fast, Russell. Google it.)

And then I got scared. I mean, this fandom is already splintered into factions. Another season is only going to make it far worse.

Now I'm going through major ups and downs over this )
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Watch this video up until about 5:45 or so (I have it set to only be a minute). David Tennant's expression right there, when they start joking about "is Davros the one that looks like a prawn?"

That expression says, "I really just want to keep talking about my fandom, but I recognize that you don't know/don't care about how serious I am about my fandom, and if I keep going, you will be bored, and consider me a weirdo. So I'm going to back off and joke about prawns with you, and look normal and like I'm not taking this seriously even though I really just want to keep going about my show."

I have LIVED that expression.
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I just stumbled on this photo, and I think my brain might have exploded a little bit.

First of all, this is confirmation that Gareth David-Lloyd has been to the Ianto Jones shrine/memorial. I never doubted he knew about it, but I always suspected he would avoid it like the plague because how weird must the whole thing be for him, right? And can you imagine him standing there looking at it and one of the oblivious tourists (a lot of them puzzle over this thing) going, "hey wait, why is this here? Clearly you're still alive!" Awkward.

The shrine is weird. The first time I was there, my fannish mind could barely figure it out. It was like a huge manifestation of fandom devotion in the real world. The world that doesn't get fandom. I mean, fandom stuff tends to be contained most of the time - cons are in hotels and you can miss even the big ones if you don't know about them. Most fandom stuff is online right now, and we don't exactly advertise ourselves. The memorial blew my mind a little bit. I can't imagine what the actors/producers/writers/RTD think of it. Or the BBC.

(Although the Doctor Who tour guide thought it was pretty awesome, even though he's not a Torchwodo fan.)

It's just so unique. I don't know quite how to capture my feelings on it. I have yet to go to Cardiff without visiting the shrine, but I have yet to leave anything there, and I suspect I never will. I don't know what to say.

It is fairly amazing, though, to go to the Bay for the first time as a fan. The second I saw the Millennium Centre, I was immediately oriented. Found the shrine/TI entrance to Torchwood without thinking about it, because I already knew how to get around. Cool.

BUT LOOK. GDL HAS SEEN IT. I totally understand his expression as well. What do you do at a site like that? Grinning is right out unless you're with friends and joking around. He seems to be leaning towards a smirk, but a little solemn and uncertain as well. Man, oh man. Mind. Blown.

(Does anyone know when this was taken? I recognize some of the stuff, but not all of it, but things are always being moved/taken down/added, so only someone who really knows the shrine can figure it out. But now I'm wildly curious.)

ETA: Proving that you can find some really interesting things when you deliberately misspell names, HERE is a clip of Gareth David-Lloyd in PERIOD CLOTHING. Thus proving that he seems destined to play wide-eyed angsty scenes. (Can you guess what I'm doing today instead of my film paper?)


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