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The problem with getting back into fandom is that I have three windows open with probably around 70 tabs and I can't close any of them what if I miss a fic or a meta or a link somewhere interesting???

Plus, I've somehow gone from desperatly digging around the internet archive for some recced Harry/Ginny Harry Potter fics (yes, I finally found ones on deleted and purged journals WHYYYY) through some Due South nostalgia and now I'm reading a huge Captain America modern veterans-with-PTSD AU.


I also now save fic links in:
My excel spreadsheet of doom (still labeled as Torchwood recs ha ha)
Random TextEdit Files (mostly labeled)
Diigo (ok, I only save meta in Diigo)
Evernote (because I am now terrified of deletions)

So good luck to future me who wants to find anything! My fandom saves are just as messy as everything else. *confetti*


Also I might need a pinterest account to save all the fic. #fandom
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OK, I don't know a single person in Check, Please! fandom, which is unfortunate.

It's a webcomic, it's written by a woman who is clearly comfortable with fandom tropes, it's about a made-up men's college-league hockey team, it starts a Bittle, pie-baking southern boy who plays hockey (it is strongly implied he took it up because his father -- a football coach -- wasn't too pleased when he was getting really good at figure skating) and his whole hockey team.

There is also another boy on the team, who is drop-dead gorgeous, a doofusball and an angst FACTORY. (READ THIS. TRUST ME.)

Everyone, naturally, shipped them. The AO3 section was pretty healthy! Despite (or perhaps because of) lapses in updating.


And the author typically puts up commentary after she posts and I have been waiting DAYS WITH NO ONE TO TALK TO. DAYS.

Ugh, why did I ever decide to get into sports, it's really getting me into weird fandom spaces.
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Here are two threads in my life! (Weeeell...three?)

1. I love sports AUs. They are the best! I have no clue what is happening in the sports, but they are all about bonding and friendship and emotional support. And a lot of slash in the one bastion of fanfic society left where people have to actually think about and struggle with and hide their sexualities. Not that I think people should have to do that in real life, but you know I'm in fanfic for the angst and slow-burn, right? Feels everywhere.

2. I really know nothing about sports. I mean, I played hockey in high school for three years and I'm still not 100% sure what offsides is. (I was the goalie, in my defense.) My dad is a baseball nut...so I know how many innings there are. I just don't actually care about sports so the rules slide riiiiiight out of my head.

3. I need to learn a sport, on a water-cooler-talk level. I'm entering a really male-dominated, network-heavy profession, I don't drink, I don't go out Friday nights, most of my hobbies revolves around fandom and fandom-adjacent stuff, I need to be able to talk a sport.

After talking with law school friends, I mostly settled on football. Football and baseball are really the American sports, I should pick one, and I mean, I had a professor who liked The Patriots, I can read some football stats and ignore the spousal abuse scandals, right?

...Of course, instead I spent a precious day of vacation reading Check, Please and now I'm reading up on the NCAA and trying to find tickets to a NWHL game and IDK, what. I'm going to end up in Hockey fandom. By accident. IT'S A FANDOM-ADJACENT SPORT, OK. Even I know about the hockey RPF.

And then I'll obviously have to move to Canada, the one country where hockey is actually a good sport to know for networking purposes. YOU HAD ONE JOB, SELF.


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