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I think one of my favorite things about reading fanfic is the ideas in the fics. Like, reading Harry Potter stuff now, it's just enormously fun to read people's idea of how the Wizarding World works and exploring all the background world-building that JKR put in her works. It's like when I read [livejournal.com profile] nancybrown's Intersecting Geodesics, and she had younger-in-the-future Jack react to a modern day suit like fetish wear, it was such a clever detail on how a world might work a little differently. It's the little bits that on their own would be a twitter post or a tumblr headcanon bit, but when they are just woven into the backgrounds of fics they make the fics just sparkle with depth and brilliance. Fandom, you are my favorite.

This is probably why I want long and plotty fanfics right now, because those are the ones that tend to have the cleverest ideas nestled into the longer story.

I think I managed to do it just the once, when I had Ianto and Tosh make a perpetual motion machine as a background thing in a Torchwood fic. It was just me trying to flavor their characters, but I'm still quite proud when I think about that little moment.

Anyway, link to this fic for posterity, to remind me why I thought of this post in the first place. The author's vision of Azkaban is fascinating and detailed and nuanced. And it's hitting at the right time because my anger over the need for criminal justice reform in the real world is definitely leading me to think about Azkaban a LOT. For example, the books seem to indicate that people spent most of their time in something like solitary confinement, which is absolutely cruel and inhumane and makes me furious when I think about it too long. But what alternatives were there? Mealtimes supervised by the dementors? Feels unlikely. Lots to think about. And finding a fic that really digs into this idea at this point is hitting all my happy brain buttons. *cuddles fanfiction forever*
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