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I'm reading a case for my trial training class (it's fun! I'm terrible!) and there is a background named Stella Kowalski.

Me: Oh, that's the name of the character from Due South!
...two seconds later...
Me: Which is a reference to A Streetcar Named Desire. *headdesk*


I should probably finish that show. And then read all the fic. It's an older fandom, so the fic that makes it tends to be pretty good.
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Dear Self,

No, stop writing fanfic, do not open your fanfic folder to dig up old stuff, stop it, YOUR LAST FINAL IS ON TUESDAY JUST HOLD ON.


You actually like employment law, STUDY FOR IT.
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I have now downloaded every article on this page through 2007.

It looks like there is a law review article about how fans are Not OK with other fans borrowing original ideas in their fanfiction, an incongruity I've long found heat-tilt worthy. WELL NOW AN ACADEMIC WILL TELL ME WHY. IN LIKE THE MID-AUGHTS.

If I read all of these articles, do I get a super-special OTW badge? I feel like I should. YOU HEAR ME, OTW?
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The law school library (in one of their many [futile] efforts to get us involved) has a little poster board up with a border made of pictures of famous lawyers from various movies and tv shows and they ask "Who is your favorite fictional lawyer?"

We get to write our answers on post it notes and stick it to the poster. One wrote "This one!" with an arrow pointing to James Spader from Boston Legal.

I passed it today, stopped, pulled one of the post-its and wrote "KATE SPENCER" in giant letters and stuck it to the board. No one knows who she is but I'm not letting Marvel get all the comic book lawyers on that board. (Someone had put She-Hulk. I didn't notice a Matt Murdoch.)

Also, today I finally figured out where I can go online to find D*Con news and discussion, now that the official LJ has been dying along with the rest of the platform. Reddit.

I mean, I don't have a reddit account, but that's ok. The migration from LJ has basically turned me into a lurker anyway.

And how else would I have found video of all the EFF panels that I missed? HUH?

Lastly, I made the massive mistake of discovering the Hamilton soundtrack free online and also the Genius lyric commentary site so instead of doing homework, I'm listening to the whole soundtrack researching the legality of dueling in NJ.

So, you know, good things.
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So, I signed up for the law review competition.*

Aaaaaand...I think I'm dropping out. For no good long-term reason (it would be really impressive if I could get on) but I am so tired and wrung out from this year and I can't even imagine another three days of working on this thing. I'm already WAAAAAY behind where I should be if I were going to finish on time.

Plus, I've been clenching my jaw so hard every day that by the end of the day I have headaches, ear pain and it hurts to chew. Jeez, what is wrong with me.

Instead, I've decided I'm going to try to spend tomorrow doing fanfic stuff. I have at least two fics that I OWE [livejournal.com profile] nancybrown and frankly I haven't written anything for a year. I want to wallow with my fandom for a while.

Of course, I might wake up tomorrow in a panic and buy some coffee and just power through until I hand it in and collapse. I'm bad at making decisions. Blurgh.

*I can explain this if anyone cares, but it's a ridiculous law school hoop.


Mar. 19th, 2015 02:39
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So...I'm technically on spring break?

I say technically because I'm mostly having a minor meltdown while trying to do my legal writing assignment, catch up on all my classes, and, um, find a summer job.

They keep asking me what I want to be when I grow up. I DON'T KNOW OK. CAN I GO TAKE A NAP INSTEAD?

Also, I might, maybe, have an in with the OTW, maybe? Should I try that? Is that too much fandom/IRL crossover? Probably. I'm also in a class that keeps talking about pseudonymity online and I keep wanting to be like LIVEJOURNAL DID IT FIRST AND DID IT BETTER but instead we just keep talking about twitter.

New life plan: Write erotica on Amazon.com. I feel like my years in fandom have given me a good grasp on what sex writing should sound like. And if I write something with enough dub-con, it will get made into a movie and I'll pay back my student loans. I think that's a decent plan considering the sun is going to rise pretty soon.

In conclusion: Not dead. Although this might have taken some years off my life. I FEEL YOU WESTLEY.
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My Civil Procedure professor's final from 2007 is about federal jurisdiction question over Peter Petrelli in Heroes. (Reviewing old finals to prep for my own.)

It was a nice pick-me-up realization in between the crushing despair of realizing that I am basically living in Hermione's worst nightmare*.

*"P-P-Professor McGonagall! Sh-she said I'd failed everything!"
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Last week was just full of fandom references. Which was good and probably helped me SURVIVE. /1L

By fandom!

Inception: I got cold-called in Contracts for this case all about contract interpretation and whatnot and I slipped in the word “specificity” when arguing why the contract failed.

Ok, it’s a small reference. Unless you’re an Arthur/Eames shipper (which is what, 98% of the fandom?) in which case I basically flirted with my professor.

Torchwood: There is term in civil procedure called Long Arm Jurisdiction (actually super interesting because my CivPro professor is AWESOME) and every time he writes “LAS” on the board I’m get this pang of nostalgia for the last Last Author Standing and chatting with [livejournal.com profile] sariagray and active Torchwood fandom and it’s a lot of emotion for civil procedure, OK?

X-Men First Class: The librarians dug up a bunch of cool stuff from our archives so we could ooh and aaah when we got our library tour. One of the documents was handwritten meeting notes from the Kennedy administration taken DURING the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Ok, that one also counts for general history geekery.



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