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It's really frustrating when I have a fandom idea that is definitely tumblr-sized: short, funny (to me, at least), rebloggable, etc. The problem is that while I have no inherent objection to peeking back into tumblr, I have very, very little motivation in figuring out how to do community in tumblr. And I know if I post there I want to talk to people. ON THE WORST CONVERSATION PLATFORM. UUUUGGGHHH.

I mean, I'm a 3L but I don't have unlimited free time.
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On tumblr ugh, ugh, what is my life. I can't even figure out how to find other people to follow because tumblr is bad for a) comments, b) flists, c) everything.


These are the most first-world problems in the world.
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I am having THE BEST TIME talking about fanfiction in class. I'm auditing a non-law class. When I have the time.

Topics I brought up:

~The artificiality of "fanfiction" considering the history of reinterprative words including Shakespeare. (Someone else brought up the ridiculous number of Sherlock interpretations. I love this class.)
~Fanfiction as female dominated spaces and how moving to a commercialized economy (out of gift economy) may affect that.
~The existence of fanfiction posted on non-commentable platforms and the fact that there is a debate on AO3 to turn off the comment function.

And we talked about the way that a site is designed affects the type of discourse coming out of it. AND THEN. THEN WE TALKED ABOUT TUMBLR. AND THE WAY IT FAAAAIIIILLLSSSS AT DISCOURSE.

Comment of the day: "If you want to look for the polar opposite of [tumblr], it would be something like 4chan." (Where the usage of names is frowned upon in discussion as opposed to worshiping a main post in tumblr.)


I'm no locking this because the odds of anyone finding it are direction related to the people using LJ/DW. So...impossible.
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There's an effort out there to make a *BRAND NEW!* social media site combining favorite features from sites we’ve used like Tumblr and LiveJournal, and create the best kind of blogging platform we could think of."

Of course, the elements they are focusing on aren't the ones I care about anyway (Where are my spoiler cut-tags, text-focused nesting comment conversations, and tight control over my security settings so I can choose who sees what?) but I actually do with them luck. They are getting an awful lot of hate for a site that doesn't exist! I'm skeptical, but not angry. Meanwhile, the site doesn't exist yet and people are demanding it be a safe space, which is just...impossible, in my opinion?

(It's one of the reasons I like DW/LJ better. Sure, the site isn't a safe space but I have an awful lot of control what goes on in my space that the tumblr reblogging system completely removes.)

Anyway, I'm curious about how they are going to accommodate people who have a hard time with certain visual layouts online, which I think Dreamwidth has worked continuously to improve, and even LJ has ?format=light (or ?format=mine) which has made a huge difference in my ability to enjoy the site and I can handle size-8-green-text-on-yellow backgrounds if I have to.

Anyway, I'm mostly noticing this for posterity. I'm fairly neutral on the topic of a new site, because I doubt it be as good for me as DW, and even if it's better than tumblr I will have to figure out how it works and I'm just a grumbly fan-person.

I'll probably go claim my username as soon as it goes up though. Because REASONS.

ETA: Oh, nope, they don't have a funding plan. I'll...check in later when they do.
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Swinging by tumblr in the law school library is the most exciting thing I do every day.

IT'S LIKE RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH PORN. Inception fandom has a lot of fanart and manips. ANYTHING can happen.

Mind you, I'm still waiting for the day someone actually reads AO3 over my shoulder while I frantically try to click away right after I open my computer every morning. Got to stop falling asleep reading fanfic.
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I will give tumblr this.

A tumblr I like to check in on for some international ethnic minority stuff just got reblogged by Sam/Cobberbadge. Because cheeky LOL reblogs spread EVERYWHERE.

(No, not going to link to it. She's probably overwhelmed with a lot after that reblog and she's in a different timezone so she is going to have ONE SHOCKER when she wakes up in the morning.)
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I want to post more. So, here is to more posts, less second-guessing, less editing *cough* and the five people left on LJ/DW that aren't in online RPGs.

I realized over this Dragon*con that I'm not remember the usernames of new fandom people as well. I've always had a pretty hard time with names (and faces) and fandom can be kind of an overwhelming place with so many active people that it can be confusing. I normally take a looooong time to get into a fandom, which can give me time to distinguish individuals as I go.

But I've been lurking around Inception for, gosh, over two years now, and I've still only remembered dozen or so names.

I think it's a little bit from the new fandom platforms. I used to remember people using a lot of visual cues, like their default user icon, their journal layout, etc. Tumblr users don't utilize userpics the same way, and the layouts are either super-plain or horrible.

But even more important, AO3! I think the layout to AO3 is fabulous and the downloading options are the best thing ever, but there is very little to distinguish the author while I read. Just the username on top, which I TOTALLY skim by sometimes.

I think there's a cultural shift that comes from putting the fic in a seperate place from the meta, the journal, the messy thought and the unbetaed flash fic. It's not necessarily a bad thing! AO3 is, for lack of a better term, a lot more cleaned-up than LJ. It's easier to find the fic you want and just zoom past all the other junk.

On the other end of the spectrum, tumblr is so jammed with junk that even when I know that people post flash fic or ficlets or dabbles and what-have-you on their tumblr, if I'm not constantly checking and saving (and I'm TOTALLY NOT) I won't find it again. It can feel that if it's not "clean enough" for AO3, it won't get archived.

There's a part of me that even misses the really messy ff.net days, when for lack of anything else, people basically wrote journal posts as Authors Notes at the beginning of their fic chapters. I would sometimes know a lot about the writer's personality, thought process and sense of humor (remember when authors used A/Ns to reply to comments? :D) before even reading the next chapter.

By contrast, AO3 notes tend to be fairly minimal, sometimes to frustration.

Of course, ff.net also had the "lack of distinguishing visual characteristics of the fic layout" problem, and I memorized very few writer names on ff.net, and I was never much active in fandom there either.

But at least people filled out their profiles on ff.net. On AO3 and tumblr, I may never know anything about anyone!


OH! I also want to post about LJ BNF culture. I had some really interesting discussions.
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To clarify, I'm not a fan of tumblr fullstop and I haven't logged in in months and I plan to barely use it.

That said, I am CRACKING UP that they are taking away their nesting comment structure. I mean, it was messy and had problems, but they are replacing it with worse. Oh, Yahoo. No.
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Today’s XKCD is spot-on. The ability to curate and control your own feed should be essential in any social media platform. LJ/DW has a pretty good system in place although some features aren’t exactly well-used. Tumblr has extensions that a lot people use. Twitter doesn’t have a system as far as I can tell, BUT neither does twitter reorganize your feed by some unknown algorithm.

Essentially, Facebook exerts a great amount of control over how you socialize. Which means to me, at least, that it’s a failure of a social media site, isn’t it?

Online communities are so complicated. Interesting, but complicated.

I say, writing this on a small and dying platform. Woot?
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1. I am doing a bunch of Vietnam War research for my X-Epic. The timeline between First Class and Days of Future Past is messy, yo. (Not to mention the 1940’s research for any XMFC stuff. Charles and Raven probably listened to radio dramas together for at least a year or two. Charles was probably so booored.)

2. And now that I have a FUNCTIONING computer I have to decide if I want to use tumblr or not. I’m leaning towards a “NO” with a chance of “logging in to lurk and maybe posting back to my LJ/DW posts but not replying to reblog comments because uuuuuuuuuugh.”

3. This week on “Cleaning My Childhood Room,” I found my massive collection of printed fan art that I used to tape to my walls. Mostly Harry Potter, some Lord of the Rings, a few scattered other randoms. Gosh, I forgot how much I loved that stuff and I can’t even find so much of it online anymore. Tinaling (tinling.ca/mwppmap) was one of my top sites, tons of marauder era art. Gone. Art Dungeon! According to Fanlore, that side has been offline for years. It had the best book-based-art, that was not influenced by the movies. Accio Brain! I LOVED that site, and unfortunately I discovered it after I stopped using up the ink on my parent’s printer because it seems to be offline as well. She did all of the art for the MuggleNet Harry Potter Quote Widget, and had the best Malfoy family pieces.

I think I’m going to wallow in internet nostalgia for a while and mournfully try to google for art that is apparently gone forever.
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I get the sinking feeling that if I don't get a post out before I leave for home, I won't post today. And we're not even ten days in! That's unacceptable! I have nine pages of topic ideas!

...that I have no energy to dig through. Bleh, bad day.

So I'll take today to make a confession: I've been doing some tumblr lurking. Not logging in or anything, but I know that lots of people are basically only posting on tumblr now, and sometimes I actually wonder how you're all doing. (Losing touch with internet friends -- a topic I would like to explore more.)

So, you know. I swing by.


Do you know what the most frustrating thing about going through tumblr is?

A WILD META APPEARS. And I spend half an hour piecing together the thread of conversation by opening up new tabs for each comment and scroll slowly and squint past the tiny text on pink background with my mouse icon turning into a unicorn farting rainbows and when I finally finish reading it all...I scroll down to see the same discussion, slightly shorter, reblogged a dozen times.


I have been saving some interesting meta for potential future topics, though. I've stumbled on to a lot of random stuff. \o/
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NY Times Headline: Yahoo to Buy Tumblr for $1.1 Billion.

Is it terrible that I am laughing maniacally? Because Yahoo has a terrible track record on these things. (The article didn't even mention delicious!)


Yahoo is paying in cash. I hope they mean literally and we get mob-style pictures of men handcuffed to ATTACHE CASES OF MONEY.

Also: "Pornography represents a fraction of content on the site, but not a trivial amount for a site with 100 million blogs." HAVE FUN WITH THAT ONE, YAHOO. Hee.

Thank goodness they didn't buy Hulu, 's all I'm saying.


Yes, Marissa Mayer might legit make this one successful. I have mixed feelings about her, though I do wish her the best. I just can't help the cackling, vindictive little voice in the back of my head, ok? >.>
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Last night I met a fairly prominent (read: VERY prominent) comic/geek blogger. At one point she mentioned tumblr and twitter as ways to get in touch with her and I made a disparaging comment about the stilted options of communication on tumblr.

She responded, "Yes, I know, but it's better than twitter."

And I said, "Um, yes, but everything good anyone has ever said to me about tumblr, I have always been able to respond 'Livejournal did it better and Livejournal did it first.'"

She laughed and said, "Yeah, for you and George R. R. Martin."

And I said (deadpan) "Yeah, and we're totally biffles."

I mean, deep down I know that Livejournal will never overcome its reputation among older geeks (I'm looking at you, John Green,) despite the fact that the most active communities I've been browsing off-flist recently are non-geek communities.

And of course, the power of social media rests entirely within the userbase. I mean, I was really passionate about Diaspora but I don't know a single person using it. And my LJ flist is dwindling (I know that's partly my fault. Um, sorry? I have things to write, I just don't have time to organize said things! This post is a mess!).

On a personal level, I'm actually starting to spend more time browsing through the active userbase communities on Dreamwidth because it's becoming a conflict of "go where I am comfortable vs. go where my existing fandom is." And as anyone can tell based on my spotty and horrid use of tumblr, that question seems to be answering itself. Although as someone a little nervous of the role-playing side of, Dreamwidth is kinda...quiet. Oh well.

NEW LIFE MOTTO: Anything Tumblr does good*, Livejournal did better. But Dreamwidth is frankly kicking them both out of the water


*The one long-standing caveat is that tumblr did find a creative and unique way of dealing with trolls by forcing reblogs. I admit, it's clever, but I also find that it limits actual good conversation too much for me. Sorry tumblr-creator-dude. Good idea, but I can't get behind the eventual execution flaws.
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I'm actually super-busy this week as well, although you wouldn't know if from my posts. Shhhh, I won't tell if you won't.

But I just had to say that tumblr went down today and I've just been gleeful for hours. Sorry tumblr folks, but hahaha. *cackle*

I literally had to dig up my twitter password so I could respond to John Green, who suggested that a tumblr-collapse and a return to livejournal would be a horror movie. I love you sometimes John Green, but no.

If LJ just figured out free and streamlined image support instead of the new flist and profile pages, livejournal could try to compete. *sigh*

I am now engaged in the most hilarious facebook conversation with two friends about the tumblr-downtime. We are remembering internet past and discussing the possibility of recreating our own internet IRL. SM will spellcheck, I'll re-enact gifs. :D :D :D

(If anyone's curious why facebook doesn't infuriate me as well, it's probably because my facebook friends are (mostly) people I interact with on a regular basis. It's by no means my main form of communication with most of them. Fandom friends don't have that advantage.)
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Livejournal is down and I know people are going to tumblr instead. I CAN FEEL IT IN THE FORCE.
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Back when tumblr was just another option instead of the primary and/or only platform People I Want To Talk To Are Using, I started to write a post about Fanfiction on Different Mediums.

So, that was a real essay. Maybe one day I'll finish it. But I've actually read a few nice old-fashined fics on tumblr, where they are doomed to be virtually lost unless they are reposted elsewhere. So I'm going to write these less-organized thoughts instead.

Here's the thing. Livejournal is not an ideal fanfiction platform. We (fandom) have come up with pretty great conventions in the standardized header format to make the fic we publish on this platform nicely accessible. We use linking and lj-cuts to neatly hide our fic so we don't flood our friends with text. We (well, most poeple) make masterlists to make it easy to find fic within blog posts. Some people make separate blog accounts for fanfiction posts. Some people tag their fics extensively.

This is all to try and make fics well organized here and easy to find here on LJ/DW/etc.

But the thing is, the ideal place for fanfiction is still going to be archive sites. )
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Actually, this was the first episode I enjoyed the most so far. And no, not because Barrowman had more screentime although you can check out my screencaps here.

Mostly, I think I liked that things are moving forward and that the show acknowledged some major plot holes. I Did Not Like spoilers ) And I'm discovering a fondness for all of Ollie's family, stepdad included.

I want to like Laurel's dad. He's justified in his feelings and he's right all the time. But...I can't. I dunno, I just don't really like him. :/

We did make fun of how poor Green Arrow is just following in Batman's footsteps AGAIN. Oh, Ollie.

I DO want an animated gif icon of Ollie, Bruce and Tony with his quote: "Well you know us billionaire vigilantes. We do love our toys." :D
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Week II of tumbr! I have decided to use it in a non-traditional way to frustrate everyone including myself. Let's see if I can stand it! (Thank you, L, who suggested I try this. Sorry for ranting about my Hatred of The Tumblr to you for nearly nine days. I'm trying to stop. Really.)

This week's plan: Use it to inspire posts I actually want to make. Cross-post everything.


So, here is a gif-set that manages to neatly encapsulate why I don't like movie!Loki.

His motivation makes no sense. I mean, it was bad enough in Thor where they clearly thought if they throw in enough family angst and confusion we'll forget how much it doesn't make sense, but it's just awful in The Avengers. He's working for someone sometimes for something and maybe he's supposed to be making the Avengers work against each other except he ends up making them even more united and at some point he shoots Coulson?

I don't get it. I don't get it and I don't like it. Listen, finding villain motivations is surprisingly difficult. It's hard to wrap your mind around, and especially once you leave the Big Three of power, money and sex (I'm getting this from half-remembered research into cultists) there's not an awful lot left that makes enough sense to ring true to most watchers. I get it. I have a hard time writing bad guys with sensical motivations as well.

But watching Thor and The Avengers, Loki seems to motivate by nothing more than making the plot go forward. Which is unbelievably meta for a supervillain who shows no signs of awareness that he's in a fictional story.*

It's nonsensical and annoying. Tom Hiddleston's fandom seems to not like talking about it, which is fine. Far be it from me to criticize fans for irrational behavior.

I think it was [livejournal.com profile] rexluscus who gave the reason as simple malicious trickster games. Which is...an interesting motivation, at least. Although it doesn't quite jive with the aaaaangst of Thor, or even parts of Avengers. But it's rationale for the irrational, at least, which fits with everything he does in lack of clearness.

My last, smaller complaint about Loki is that we are told his great power is his speech, his ability to manipulate with words. In all of his appearances, it's an informed power, at best. The only time he tries to turn on the charm, Natasha walks all over him. It would be a million times more impressive if we ever saw him do it successfully.

It's a power that could have been amazing to see on screen vs. reading in a comic. Tom Hiddleston could have injected the inflection and body movement no static page can sell. Instead, well, he managed to distract from Loki's lack of direction extremely well, which was extremely impressive. As it stood, I had to explain to my friends why his mouth was covered in the end of the film.


*This would make an interesting fic, but I'm offering it to the world. I'm not going to write it.


Nov. 2nd, 2012 09:55
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Well, tumblr does not email you when someone comments on your post through a reblog.

Meaning the only way to see if a conversation is happening is to constantly check your feed for reblogs.

It has officially failed ME as a communication platform.

*unhappy noises*

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