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So, my roommate, [personal profile] batyatoon and [personal profile] sdelmonte have all heard my excited rambles about how I would really love to run or help organize a fandom convention dedicated to the back-end of the fandom, i.e. fanworks, forums, fan discussion, fans etc.

And I haven't really seen anything like that* so I was super excited today when I heard about KudosCon, which is a fanworks convention. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(*Last year there was a idea floated about doing a fan-track at Dragon*con. I would have totally loved to help, but D*C shot it down. Boooo.)

Now, there is no way in heck I can make it to Bloomington, MN, especially considering I am blowing all of my con-energy this year into a last Dragon*con hurrah, but I'm hoping it starts a trend and it goes well and stuff gets recorded to put online. And I'll even scroll through tumblr for con reports when I feel up to it!

Lookit!. It's so shiny and fannish! Their "about" sidebar is all "and this person did THIS fannish thing!" :D Tickets start at $40, and you can purchase them on Kickstarter.

Addendum: They don't EXIST yet, and they already have some form of a diversity statement and a harassment policy. And a privacy policy! Which is SO SMART for a fanworks con.


It's not quite what I wanted, which was a fandom convention. Not that a fanworks con won't include a solid 75%-90% of the stuff I was interested in running, but the fans as a group interests me just as much as their work. Why do certain fandoms take off? Why do some last so long? What kinds of people become fans of certain things?

For an example of stuff I would like to discuss that probably won't be at a fanworks con, check out the first six paragraphs or so of this article. It's a quick analysis of the different level of comic books fans, pointing out that by and large, most don't engage on the "digital discussion" level. (Hilariously, I ONLY engage in mainstream comics these days on the discussion level. I read very, very little of what comes out.) But they are still fans! They are spending the time, energy and money to engage in their fandom. The discussion of THAT is something I would love to have, to define only one aspect of a potential con.

I also don't think the top-level membership bracket should be called "BNF level." For better or worse, being a BNF isn't exactly something you can buy and honestly, I would save that term for guests or panelists if I didn't avoid it all together. (Loaded!)


All that junk said, I would seriously love to attend every. single. panel at this con. For serious. Gah, I want fandom meta.

Date: Aug. 13th, 2013 02:21 (UTC)
batyatoon: (double facepalm all the way across skaia)
From: [personal profile] batyatoon
My guess is they're using BNF sort of tongue-in-cheek as the fannish equivalent of VIP -- and "VIP-level" is often a thing you can buy.

I agree with you that it's kind of in poor taste, though.

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