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I stumbled on a quote [livejournal.com profile] nandamai posted posted on LJ:

"I can't complain when the free work of someone's unpaid imagination is rough around the edges, because they are still doing it for love and I still love that they are doing it, misplaced commas and all."

Biggest reason this quote is inspirational is I always feel like I'm walking the line between "decent" and "crappy" in my writing. I've been really struggling with this recently and it's probably one of the reasons none of my writing has been getting posted recently. I know full well my grammar usage is not fabulous (every semicolon you see in a fic has been put there by a beta. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.) and I have some problems with showing/telling. Also, commas are like fairy lights, sprinkled through ever story.

And sometimes I get back beta comments and I just don't know how to fix the story problems or I'm just too ashamed to send it to a beta in the first place and I psych myself out of writing things in the first place. And this happens all the time.

I sit on fic for months trying to go over it and fix it and then I just...do something else instead.

And when I think my fic has too much id? Don't even get me started.

And I know I can be wildly picky as a reader and I trip around fandoms that are FULL of these amazing, amazing, brilliant writers and I know I'm not putting in that kind of time/effort and I theoretically could/should and…

And reminding myself that the fanfic bar is kinda low helps.

Of course, then I found the original post and it's not as encouraging? But I think I'll take this one out of context, just this once.

[Also, posts like this are encouraging, but there's this thread of "write crap, and then you'll be better later!" I'm not saying it's not true, but it's still a form of pressure. I want to remind myself that even if I never get better, that's ok too.]
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