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I know it's not AO3's fault that I haven't been able to load a page in three weeks without constantly refreshing, but it's certainly not endearing them to me. This may sound harsh, but if your site cannot handle the load, SLOW DOWN YOUR GROWTH. Limit how many fics a person can upload a day. Slow up on the invite codes. (Limit each person to two Avengers fics an hour/snark) They've said it's not a money issue, so they need to find other ways to limit traffic. *sigh*

So I'm back to browsing fic on LJ-only because if I get more than two 502 errors in a row, I give up. I just have no idea where the reams of sappy Coulon fix-its are outside of AO3. Lucky I've got a few hundred Torchwood fics saved in my rec list. *opens*

It's one of the reasons I keep cross-posting to LJ/DW and AO3, even though the Archive is much neater and prettier. I like it in so many ways, but ARGH. *headdesk*

(It is a good motivator for me to finally finish my master post! Should get on that.)
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I've finally started backing up my fics on AO3. Right now I'm just digging up older drabbles on livejournal, because those are the ones I'm most afraid of misplacing and forgetting, but I'll probably start on my BigBang and my Torchwood stuff soon. I've been musing about the posting format on AO3, and it's a little bit lengthier than I'm used to, but I like it. You can check out my posted fics so far here.

I never did compile a fanfiction masterlist, but being able to link to all of them on the Archive will make my life so much easier. Of course, I should also link to the LJ posts as well. People comment more on livejournal, I don't know why. (Although being able to see hit counts is cool. 31 people have looked at my Jim+Bones friendship fic, probably thinking it's slash. Which it's not, but you can feel free to read it however you choose.)

Cut for emo. Feel free to ignore. )
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I don't know about you guys, but livejournal is being horribly wonky for me. Which is especially frustrating, as I was reading a multi-part fic over there.

But I checked Archive of our Own, and the author has also posted it there! Celebration!

I should probably get on that, backing up all of my fics on AO3. They're promoting that this month. But I'm unsure of what I should put there. My Torchwood stuff and my Harry Potter stuff are all things I'm decently proud of. My unbetaed feel-good drabbles will probably be put up as well, with some minor edits.

My one longer Outsiders fic is weirdly popular on ff.net, but it's over-the-top angsty and I don't even know if I can reread it at this point. And I could just melt under the desk in embarrassment from my Lord of the Rings fanfiction. Written when I was about fourteen. Oh god.

But they are my fics, and I probably should back them up, as a personal history of my time in fandom.


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