Mar. 13th, 2016

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So, spring break is here!

This means I have one week to catch up on homework, outlining, clerkship panicking, etc.

So...I started Jessica Jones. It's amazeballs. A little dark for my personal tastes, but done so, so well. I love the stylized look of everything, and I love Luke Cage (Sweet Christmas!), and I love that 2/3 of the cast is women. This is gonna be a binge. Still not planning on watching Daredevil, though. I'll google if something comes up.

I also want to finish Worm, a superhero web serial recommended by a fellow law student a year ago that I have not finished. He's not a superhero fan, and I decidedly am, so whenever I got the chance to read it, I would send him exclamation-point-laden squees about the Teen Titans and Young Justice.

And...maybe fanfic? Maybe.

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