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Actually, this was the first episode I enjoyed the most so far. And no, not because Barrowman had more screentime although you can check out my screencaps here.

Mostly, I think I liked that things are moving forward and that the show acknowledged some major plot holes. I Did Not Like spoilers ) And I'm discovering a fondness for all of Ollie's family, stepdad included.

I want to like Laurel's dad. He's justified in his feelings and he's right all the time. But...I can't. I dunno, I just don't really like him. :/

We did make fun of how poor Green Arrow is just following in Batman's footsteps AGAIN. Oh, Ollie.

I DO want an animated gif icon of Ollie, Bruce and Tony with his quote: "Well you know us billionaire vigilantes. We do love our toys." :D
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I have engaged in my first successful tumblr conversations! One involved me reccing a [livejournal.com profile] heddychaa fic and the other one was all LOOK AT GARETH'S FAKE CHEST SCAR so fun times all around.

But I also had lots of important shows to catch up on.

GDL in Holby City )

John Barrowman in Arrow )

ETA: I forgot that AfterElton recaps are the reason for television.
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Well, LOTS happened this year. I went to the George Perez panel. I met a ton of awesome online people. I went to the Nichelle Nichols panel! I got a picture of Haldir in a muscle shirt. I very nearly ran into Felicia Day. (Literally. I wasn't watching where I was going, she was rushing towards a panel.) I had a totally different sleep schedule than most of my room, but I had one fabulous night chatting with [personal profile] pocky_slash, [personal profile] pressdbtwnpages and [personal profile] chiasmus until I fell asleep. (I kept doing that. Oops.)
But, well, I very nearly cancelled this year until the Torchwood guests were announced, so it isn't hard to figure out which panels I planned my schedule around.

OVERALL it was amazing. Too short, too fast and slightly too sleep-deprived, but amazing. Already bought my ticket for next year. :)
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I'm fiercely holding on until Dragon*Con. I'm even working my way through the Barrowman sibling YA novel in anticipation of getting JB to sign it. (I though I would ask him a question about the book to be clever. But instead I'm going to ask about his role on Arrow.)


Should I buy one of the audiobooks he read on CD? Or, um, ???

Also, I am packing. And while I don't think all women pack the same, THIS IS HOW I PACK:

Listen, if there is any weekend the Zombie Apocalypse is going to show up in Atlanta, it will be Dragon*Con weekend.
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John Barrowman is going to be in the new Green Arrow show! The one that I've been kinda LOLing about since the trailer came out because it looks like the creative team was basically told that Ollie is Batman, with arrows. (Which he was, sure, but he isn't now!)


THANK YOU FOR THE NEWS [personal profile] iceshade

Ok, bedtime now.
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Buying John Barrowman's YA fantasy novel from the Book Depository because it's not being released in the US officially until October. Which is a month too late to get him to sign it at Dragon*Con.

I really like having people sign things that mean something to them. [personal profile] ilizze probably remembers, but I asked GDL to sign his comic (or, really, Torchwood comic issues #2 and #3) and I'm planning to ask Barrowman to sign issue #1 (with a story he wrote) and his book. I'm mildly considering buying his second autobiography to have him sign that too. I do have the first one in ebook edition, but he can't exactly sign that. The first one was a welcome hilarious relief during a really bad time last semester, so I'm definitely planning on reading the second at some point.

I don't know if I want a picture with him, though. I imagine he's going to be charging plenty for both of these, and I still have to figure out pics/signatures/squee for Eve Myles and Kai Owen. Plus, time. I'm super awkward when meeting celebrities, so it's not something I'm dying to spend hours and hours waiting to do. I'd mostly rather have signatures than pictures. Overall I'm a much bigger fan of panels.

Too bad I can't get Kai to sign his twitter feed. Hey, he writes it! THAT would be hilarious.
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(Note: I'm still one episode behind.)

Finally watched the valentines episode of Glee, thus FOREVER CRUSHING my secret hope that John Barrowman would play Rachel's white dad. BECAUSE HOW PERFECT WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN? SO PERFECT.

I decided that it would obviously be way too perfect, leaving nothing for the other dad. John would already be able to belt it out, spazz over-the-top, be irrational and flash that ridiculous smile everywhere.

So I'm totally over it. Her dads were hilarious, if weirdly subdued compared to Rachel. It's ok. And we finally got more acknowledgment of Santana/Brittany, which has been a little underrepresented IMO.

And while I'm rambling; the Rachel/Finn relationship. I happen to know a pair of high school sweethearts that are now happily and adorably married. But in reality, few people make it that far with the person they dated in high school. Teenagers have a limited dating pool and they tend to make a lot changes as they move to adulthood. Out of all of the couples we have in Glee, I'd buy one making it, maybe. And I'd put money on that one being Kurt and Blaine, because Kurt (at the very least) has been through most of his formative experiences, honestly. I'm not saying college might not change him, but he's confronted many of the larger issues in his life already, and he's the one who has matured most as a character. And he and Blaine are already confronting a lot of issues together. Even Blaine's school transfer, which I think was a terrible idea, even managed to happen fairly smoothly. (Plus, we know that Ryan Murphy is a huge fan of them.)

Rachel has grown as a character, as evidenced most obviously by her relationship with Sunshine. But honestly, she's not very far from where she was in her first scene, putting little stars after she signed her name. I'm curious to see if she makes it into NYADA and where she'll go from there. But her moving to NY will be a HUGE CHANGE for her and her dynamic with Finn. And I understand why she wants to stay with him. But I think it's ultimately not the greatest idea.

(Artie isn't forming any lasting connections now, I want Mercedes to stay with Shane, who seems to be the first guy in this show to really respect what she wants and deserves and I think Tina and Mike are going to go to two different colleges and will ultimately break up amicably. They might be my favorite relationship, actually. They're sappy and they support each other but they're not ridiculous about it.)

Huh. Who knew I had so many feelings for a show I'm typically 2-3 weeks behind on?

(BUT HOW PERFECT WOULD JOHN BARROWMAN HAVE BEEN? It would have explained a billion things about Rachel's INSANE personality. There would have been at least eight songs, possibly all Broadway showtunes. And her black dad could have been the Jewish one, which would have been a sadly surprising twist (yay media stereotypes /sarcasm). I'm convinced it would have been SO PERFECT. What has he been doing recently anyway?)
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I have a twitter, for the curious. I'm not sure why I have it, because even when I make an effort, I don't use it.

But it sends the Torchwood tweets to my phone, so I can get random text messages that are basically ads for every upcoming episode and get IRRATIONALLY EXCITED whenever I see them anyway!

And now that Kai Owen tweeted THIS, his texts are getting sent to my phone! I added Gareth's as well, even though he's a rubbish tweeter. THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO AMERICA!

(I should add John Barrowman's because he's occasionally fantastic and hilarious. First, he carries a toy Captain Jack around for scenic photo opps. Second, he clearly made Scott tweet this. TO TOY WITH US. REALLY.)

So, Kai and Gareth are on their way Wizard World Chicago this weekend, and my tentative plans to go with some friends fell through despite everything, so I'm missing it. *sigh*


First, someone get him to talk about filming the radio plays and the ending. I'm pretty sure this is the first thing he's done since they aired, and besides for some offhand comments on his site, he hasn't said anything. And I'm a little curious about the experience of taping them.


And then, um, report back to the internet?

Some lovely people have posted his appearances in Sydney and Perth Supanova.

He's a Star Trek TNG geek, everybody. One. Of. Us.

(Oh, and I'm writing the drabbles! The ones on DW got requested first, so they'll be posted first at this rate. And so far it seems that my brain reads "100 words" and spits out 300 automatically. Drabble x3?)

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