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(Fair notice: I will probably be posting about Dragon*con nearly non-stop until after Labor Day. It's better than posting about unpacking, trust me.)

So, the D*C schedule has been posted.

And Blue Gillespie is performing Saturday morning at 1:30 in the morning.



(I knoooow I'm a boring-pants at cons, but I do prefer to go to sleep earlier [read: midnight] and wake up earlier so I can maximize my con time. ALSO SO I DO NOT GET SICK. THAT IS A MAJOR PRIORITY AT CONS.)

AND Burn Gorman is only doing TWO panels, one of which is Game of Thrones. I didn't even know he was in GoT.

Now I need to weight my crazy desire to see Burn Gorman against the fact that there is no way I'm interested in spending an hour at a Game of Thrones panel. (Although Red Wedding reactions are LOLarious, no lie.)
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As of ten minutes ago, I have downloaded the entirety of Blue Gillespe's Synesthesia album using nothing but the free Amazon MP3 credits I get with large textbook orders or the occasional promo.

That only took me about three years.



Before [livejournal.com profile] sariagray says anything, sometimes you just want to listen to bad, angry, Welsh music, ok?

And it does bring back some really fond memories! ♥♥♥ [livejournal.com profile] ilizze
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1 - Gareth David-Lloyd was not on this week's episode of Holby City. I watched the whole thing JUST SO I COULD LET Y'ALL KNOW. (There's an awful lot of confusing NHS politics, though, if you're into that.) But he filmed four episodes, so he'll be back.

2 - Here are adorable pictures ever of Gareth, Gemma and Lily that I somehow missed in July. They're publicity photos NOT paparazzi creepers so I feel no guilt in making squee noises at them. (Also, I make those same noises at all babies. I LOVE babies. I am a sap.)

3. His band, Blue Gillespie, is going to Australia for his latest round of Supanova con trips. I find this hilarious. HAVE FUN AUSTRALIA. :D

4. Completely unrelated, but the second series of Husbands, Jane Espenson's online web series, guest-stars Joss Whedon which is relevant to someone's interests. And there is a FABULOUS Felicia Day parody short at the end of the third episode.
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I have engaged in my first successful tumblr conversations! One involved me reccing a [livejournal.com profile] heddychaa fic and the other one was all LOOK AT GARETH'S FAKE CHEST SCAR so fun times all around.

But I also had lots of important shows to catch up on.

GDL in Holby City )

John Barrowman in Arrow )

ETA: I forgot that AfterElton recaps are the reason for television.
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First, does anyone want to do a really quick brit-pick? The fic is around 1,000 words, but I think I might have thrown all the British words I know at the screen. (When I first wrote it, I had been in the UK for about four months.) You don't need to edit, just make sure I didn't misuse a word...

On that note. Have you ever felt like you failed to get your point across in a fic? It's a perfectly fine story, but I've clearly not captured the feeling I want to get across, and I'm not sure if I can. And I'm proud of what I did create, and I would have to utterly destroy it to get to my original point, I think. Maybe if I play more with format, or cut some of the fluff? It's not plot I'm trying to convey, it's a feeling.

(It's like how I write poetry. No one gets what I was thinking but me. It's also possible I'm a terrible writer, so it's good that I decided to give up on my author dream in tenth grade.)

This is not the longest time I have spent completing fic. (I wrote it last May.) But it is the longest time I have actively agonized over a story. I've come back to edit it over and over again, debating myself over word choice and imagery and order.

And while I'm on it, I have to stop reading fanfiction on campus. Really. There are some things poeple shouldn't be able to read over your shoulder.


Also, I now want GDL as a medieval fantasy hit-man. I'll have to read the rest of the series and pick someone for him to play. (I think the super-loyal dude in Dany's storyline has already been cast, but he did have a broadsword.)

AND YES TORCHWOOD BELONGS IN CARDIFF. I wonder if he knows that he has hoards of fans ready to follow him anywhere. Vive la revolution?
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I'm going to have a more extended con report with all sorts of stuff, but I know what you REALLY WANT. You don't care about William Shatner or Wil Wheaton. You just want me to tell you that Gareth looked great and was hilarious. Right? I KNOW YOU DO. So here's the details on his panels. The bit about me meeting him will be in the longer write-up, probably.

Friday panel

My Flip ran out of battery a minute in, which is why there is an awkward break, but I got the vast majority of the panel. Vimeo limits uploads, so here's the first part now and I'll put up the second part when I can!

Gareth David-Lloyd at Dragon*Con '11 from Eldarwannabe on Vimeo.

Saturday panel

I hope someone else uploads a video or pics, because I've not got a thing from it. Link me if you see something?

Instead, highlights! )


This wasn't a typical panel, but rather a live audio commentary given by Gareth on Countrycide, which he has claimed as his favorite episode since forever. I'm not a bit horror fan, actually. I'm fairly neutral on the genre as a whole. *shrug*

I've got a few video clips on my camera which will be hopefully uploaded at some point after the rest of the Friday post. BUT I do have a complete audio file of the whole thing that I recorded to my phone. I'm not the first one, someone beat me to it, but I'm willing to figure out how to upload it if people still want me too?

(WARNINGS, guys, for anti-Gwen and anti-Jack comments. He even says something mildly disparaging about Tosh. It's fairly obvious Gareth's pandering to the crowd, but I was surprised at one or two things. (He compliments Burn Gorman at one point, though! Ha!) How did fandom's negativity about Gwen get prevalent enough for that? *is distressed*)

No matter how much Gareth makes fun of Wales in the commentary, I WANT TO GO TO THERE AGAIN. (Actually, now I want to drive out to some pub in the middle of nowhere and take off my shoes and curl up with a beer, which he talks about. And I think beer tastes like pee. Apparently I'm up for anything if someone talks about it fondly in a Welsh accent.)

Before he started, he auctioned off the defaced Children of Earth poster from Wizard World Chicago to raise money for his band's new CD, and I managed to record that as well. As he was planning to toss it, I think he might be surprised by how much it went for.

He ALSO mentioned that he'd love to bring the band over to the states, and specifically asked us to politely pressure Dragon*Con for next year.



IF THIS HAPPENS, WE'RE ALL GOING TO D*CON NEXT YEAR, OK? I can attempt to show that they are weirdly better in RL than they are in video, and [personal profile] pocky_slash can make fun of them anyway!


This post will be updated with the rest of the video for Friday, and possibly pictures at some point. If you want to link to any video/pics/etc. of the three panels that you find online, I'll link to them here for posterity. I like saving links. :)
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Someone on tumblr linked to one of my Wales Comic Con videos, and the hitcount MORE THAN DOUBLED.


I should probably have posted them on some sort of community, like [community profile] torch_wood or something. Should I do that now, or is it just too late?

Also, Kai Owen has crushed my secret fantasy that he would show up at D*Con with Gareth so I can stalk them together for a weekend. I suppose sports can be an acceptable excuse. Someone want to go to this and tell me all about it? Or...explain the rules of rugby?
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Two seconds of googling got me the email address to the Syfy programming department.


It is to be used "If you have suggestions or comments for our Programming Department about Syfy or any of its shows" and you know what? I DO.

I was considering doing it before, but [personal profile] aviv_b_artwork mentioned on [personal profile] xtricks's post that this would be a good idea, and I realized that a few minutes of my time would be totally worth this show happening.

So, guys, wanna help? I would just send a quick email to them, with the basic idea that you enjoyed the section of the show, heard there was an opportunity for a spin-off, and would like to voice your support. Be SURE to mention that you enjoyed Gareth David-Lloyd's performance and his rapport with Jaime Murray, if you enjoyed it, because there is always the possibility that they could make a spin-off without him.

I even watched the latest episode of Warehouse 13, and while it still hasn't grabbed with the same iron grip of Torchwood, I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the B-plot and the Eureka references were actually pretty fun, even though I haven't watched the show. I want more Jinks screentime.

ETA: Email has been sent! I wonder if they have a snail mail address I can send to now...
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I'm mostly putting all these links up for posterity, but you should probably watch them anyway, because they are pretty hilarious. Torchwood panel at Chicago Comic Con: One Two Three Four. And Kai and Gareth sell hugs kisses for beer. (First half of the video.)

ETA: Adding more vidoes. For, um, the angles? The boys demand beer. And the whole panel in itty pieces: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen

I do want to make a comment about Gareth's loose and open attitude towards answering questions. I saw a theory that he might have signed a contract to not bad-mouth the show or something while there was a chance that he could get back on, and it sounds suspicious to me.

Because in the media industry, you need to be very careful what you share with the public all the time. If you develop a reputation as someone who airs all the dirty laundry and complains about all the people you work with, then you can potentially have a harder time finding a job. A professional attitude in this industry is all about maintaining the positive to the public. There's a reason John Barrowman and Eve Myles and Kai Owen are relentlessly positive about the show. They might really beleive what they say, they might not. We may never find out, we might find out one day. (Of course, overall I don't think Gareth is angry about Torchwood for the reasons we're angry, but there is certainly stuff he has been more political about in the past.)

Seeing GDL actually make all these cynical comments is a little weird to me, because it's never a good idea to be that negative while you're still looking for a job. He's focusing on the music right now, so his head might be in a different place, or maybe, maybe he has that job with the H.G. Wells Warehouse 13 spin-off lined up (PLEEEEAAAASEE!) but still. I was shocked when Eccleston came out with all those comments about working on Who. I'm sure Tennant experienced a lot of the same problems, but he has been silent about them, from what I can tell. And that's normal, that amount of not-sharing is expected.

Added bonus: Felicia Day and Jeff Lewis panel!
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Clearly Gareth David-Lloyd has the only response to Miracle Day with any weight. Work that hair, Ianto.

(Haven't seen the latest MD episode yet. Not checking my flist for at least another hour. STILL LOVE YOU AND ALL.)
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I have a twitter, for the curious. I'm not sure why I have it, because even when I make an effort, I don't use it.

But it sends the Torchwood tweets to my phone, so I can get random text messages that are basically ads for every upcoming episode and get IRRATIONALLY EXCITED whenever I see them anyway!

And now that Kai Owen tweeted THIS, his texts are getting sent to my phone! I added Gareth's as well, even though he's a rubbish tweeter. THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY TO AMERICA!

(I should add John Barrowman's because he's occasionally fantastic and hilarious. First, he carries a toy Captain Jack around for scenic photo opps. Second, he clearly made Scott tweet this. TO TOY WITH US. REALLY.)

So, Kai and Gareth are on their way Wizard World Chicago this weekend, and my tentative plans to go with some friends fell through despite everything, so I'm missing it. *sigh*


First, someone get him to talk about filming the radio plays and the ending. I'm pretty sure this is the first thing he's done since they aired, and besides for some offhand comments on his site, he hasn't said anything. And I'm a little curious about the experience of taping them.


And then, um, report back to the internet?

Some lovely people have posted his appearances in Sydney and Perth Supanova.

He's a Star Trek TNG geek, everybody. One. Of. Us.

(Oh, and I'm writing the drabbles! The ones on DW got requested first, so they'll be posted first at this rate. And so far it seems that my brain reads "100 words" and spits out 300 automatically. Drabble x3?)
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Saw Gareth David-Lloyd in Warehouse 13! *dances*

I want the spin-off show with H.G. Wells sooo baaaad. First of all, we can have GDL is a slightly amusing steampunk suit EVERY WEEK. He's also adorable. I would even backtrack and watch all of the old Warehouse 13 episodes with HG, just to be ready for it.

Actually, I've really liked this season of Warehouse 13 so far. It's not great at the angsty bits, but when Abby Claudia dressed as a Southern belle in the Civil War reenactment, Roommate and I LOLed.

Roommate also cracked up when I SHRIEKED at GDL's first on-screen moment. IT WAS GARETH. WITH HIS WELSH ACCENT. OK?

And his big eager eyes. And his adorable embarrassment when HG was all "I'm gonna strip now, k?"

I recommend this review highly. Mostly for these two lines:

"The whole thing stays just this side of the line from "too campy to live," thanks to some fun writing and Gareth David Lloyd's brilliance as a (so to speak) straight man. After John Barrowman, one would imagine that Lloyd can keep a straight face playing opposite anybody."

"Actually, let's hope it's just H.G. and Ianto having the greatest buddy comedy and steampunk adventures of all time!"

I'm going to describe things as "too campy to live" from now on.


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I've been trying to get into Warehouse 13, but I think I'm going to give up and skip right to season 3. The whole "old-timey inventions" don't appeal to me half as much as aliens did. Steampunk looks pretty, but I don't think it makes for compelling television. *shrug*
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NOTE: I wrote this up anticipating that I would have the videos of the Torchwood panel uploaded to my Vimeo account already. Unfortunately, I can't seem to split the video to upload without loosing the sound. So you can see the videos...but you can't hear anything. I'll update this post when I can finally get the videos uploaded properly, but for now I just typed up whole quotes for this post

To sum up: EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!! \o/ \o\ /o/ \o\ /o/ \o/

I'm not sure how else to fully articulate how awesome it was. But I'll try.

Cut for length and extensive rambling and abuse of exclamation points everywhere. )

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